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DIY American Flag Shorts

It’s nearing the Fourth of July, and having a pair of American Flag shorts are a great way to show your pride. You can go buy a pair at your favorite store, but why not make your own? That way you’ll have a unique pair and you won’t have to spend as much money. Here’s a really easy way to make your own pair from Free People.

You’ll need a pair of denim cutoffs (or you can make your own if you’re crafty), painters tape, star stencil, fabric stencil spray paint (in red and white), foam brushes and a small paintbrush, and scrap cardboard.


The cardboard will go inside of your shorts as you paint each side, so that it won’t bleed onto the back. It’s also recommended that you test your paint on a fabric so you can see if you like the colors before you permanently paint your shorts.

Now spray! Use the small paintbrush to help with the finish touches, and the foam brush helps to even out the paint. If you want to have all the stars aligned and straight you can do that but it doesn’t also look bad to just eyeball it.



Once you’ve finished with your stars, turn to the other half of your shorts. Put down painters tape for your “white” stripes. You can have vertical or horizontal stripes; I’ve seen it both ways and they both look good.

Spray the red paint! If you’re afraid of getting pant all over your shorts you can also put tape along the seams and waistband or any other place you think may get paint on it to be extra careful. But that isn’t necessary.

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Now you just have to let them dry, and they’re ready to wear! I love how worn in this pair looks, and just pair with a plain t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or flip-flops and you have the perfect Fourth of July outfit.


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