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10 Disney Villainous Puzzles You Need In Your Life

10 Disney Villainous Puzzles You Need In Your Life

The latest thing that I’ve absolutely been obsessing over is how the company Ravensburger decided to start making puzzles featuring some of our all-time favorite Disney villains. I first stumbled across these Disney puzzles while my husband and I were at our local Target, and with us being big fans of puzzles, we decided to buy the one featuring Captain Hook. After finishing that puzzle, I became preoccupied with getting my hands on every single one of these Disney puzzles. What I later found out is that these puzzles are based off of a board game called Disney Villainous. I’m absolutely in love with these Disney puzzles as they bring me so much joy, and help me to unwind after a stressful day. My husband will sometimes surprise me with one, or sometimes two, of these Disney puzzles if he sees them at Target. Let me tell you, I believe that to be more romantic than receiving flowers. So, for all those hardcore Disney fans out there, like myself, here are 10 Disney puzzles that you absolutely need in your life! 

1. Evil Queen 

I may not be the biggest fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but I did enjoy the Evil Queen as a character; she was dark, mysterious and confident in herself. This Disney puzzle consists of many different portraits featuring all of the beloved characters from Disney’s first animated movie on a gradient purple background. Naturally, the Evil Queen is the main focal point of the puzzle as she is featured in the largest picture frame looking menacing as ever. The cool thing about these puzzles is that they also come with a game piece in the shape of the character that’s used for the Disney Villainous board game; naturally this one includes the Evil Queen game piece. This is one classic Disney puzzle that you must have!


2. Prince John 

Now, who could forget the bumbling Prince John from Robin Hood? Honestly, after Sir Hiss of course, he was one of the best characters. As a kid, I thought he was hilarious for resorting to acting like a baby when he didn’t get his way. This Disney puzzle features our beloved Prince John standing in his own grand portrait while surrounded by all the other main characters of the movie. They even have one picture of him where he’s sucking his thumb; classic Prince John. What I also realized about this puzzle, is that there really aren’t a lot of Disney puzzles out there that have Prince John in them. It’s about time this character got some love! This Disney puzzle also includes the Disney Villainous game piece in the shape of an abstract gold crown. I can guarantee that you’ll have endless hours of fun with this puzzle. 

3. Yzma 

The Emperor’s New Groove is one of my favorite Disney movies that I feel is super underrated. It’s still amazing even 20 years later, and somehow even funnier as a grown adult. This Disney puzzle features our favorite scary beyond all reason villain Yzma sitting on the throne in her own impressive golden portrait. She’s surrounded by other Incan empire-inspired portraits featuring Kronk, Kuzco, Pacha, and more. My favorite picture frame is the one where the squirrel is going to pop the red balloon animal; that’s probably the best scene hands down. There’s also a Villainous game piece mimicking Yzma included in this puzzle. Celebrate your love of all things Disney with this awesome Villainous puzzle. 


4. Scar

Who doesn’t love The Lion King? It’s one of the best animated Disney movies made in the past 30 years! I remember adoring this movie when I was growing up, and would watch it often. I even had a matching purple Nala outfit when I was three or four years old. Also, Scar is one of my favorite Disney villains with his uncaring attitude, and scathing sense of humor. This Disney puzzle naturally has a fierce-looking Scar as the main focus, who is surrounded by portraits that include Mufasa, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, along with some other lovable characters as well. Just like with all the other Disney puzzles, this one also include a Scar game piece for the Villainous board game. Let your inner animal out with this super fun puzzle. 


5. Dr. Facilier 

Seeing as this was the last movie that Disney animated using their hand-drawn animation techniques, the Princess and the Frog holds a special place in my heart. I loved this movie, and thought the storyline was very sweet. I also thought the villain of this movie was one who’s both mysterious and flamboyant. This Disney puzzle features Dr. Facilier in a creepy voodoo-inspired portrait; the flaming skulls beneath are a nice touch. His portrait is, of course, surrounded by other character’s portraits from the movie including, Tiana, Naveen and the ever-loveable Ray. This puzzle also includes a pink Dr. Facilier game piece for the Villainous board game. Relive the Louisiana Bayou magic with this awesome puzzle.  

6. Jafar 

I grew up in the world of dance, and at the end of every dance year, we would put on a Disney recital. Meaning that we would choose a Disney movie like Sleeping Beauty or The Jungle Book, and our whole studio would choreograph dances to tell the story. My favorite recital by far was Aladdin due to the awesome costumes we got to wear. I believe I still have them in my basement somewhere. I remember watching Aladdin on repeat in the weeks leading up to our opening night. It’s such an amazing movie made even more so with this Disney puzzle featuring our favorite pompous villain, Jafar. His portrait is the grandest, compared to the other characters, which shows him standing arrogantly holding his cobra head staff. Poor Iago didn’t even get the pleasure of being in his portrait! This Disney puzzle, of course, also comes with a black Jafar game piece. Bring a little bit of Agrabah home with this entertaining puzzle!


7. Captain Hook 

Peter Pan was yet another one of my favorite Disney movies growing up. I thought the aspect of never growing up, and staying a kid forever was so cool. I kind of still do as an adult; things were just so much less complicated as a kid. My favorite character was Tinkerbell, where her spunky confident attitude spoke to me as a child. This Disney puzzle features the ever-bad perm wearing Captain Hook, who stands tall on the deck of the Jolly Roger holding his Rapier by his side. Captain Hook’s grand portrait is surrounded by other various characters from the movie, including Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy and the Lost Boys. This Disney puzzle does include a dark red Captain Hook Villainous game piece. With this intricate puzzle, you’ll be soring off to Neverland in no time! 

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8. Hades 

Surprisingly, Hercules was one movie that I didn’t get to watch very often growing up, considering we didn’t even own it. Thinking about it now, I’m not really sure as to why I never asked my parents for this movie as a gift for Christmas? Perhaps I never asked just in case I ever got sick of watching the movie over and over again? Anyways, this Disney puzzle features supremely sarcastic god of the underworld, Hades, with one of his signature sassy looks on his face. His portrait is surrounded by other characters like Hercules, Pain, Panic and Megara, among many other recognizable characters from the 1997 Disney hit. I do love how they made this puzzle look distressed, so as mimic it being ancient. This Disney puzzle also includes a blue Hades game piece that’s reminiscent of the color of his ‘hair.’ You’ll definitely be racing to get this amusing puzzle done. 


9. Maleficent 

I feel like Sleeping Beauty is one of those movies where a lot of people didn’t like it either due to the somewhat boring storyline, or the scary dragon form Maleficent takes on in the end. I liked it a lot growing up because I found the fairies to be very kind and funny. I also really liked Maleficent as a villain; she was so cold, and not to mention, downright scary. She’d be the last Disney villain I’d want to mess with to be honest. Naturally, this Disney puzzle focuses on Maleficent who’s standing in front of what looks to be her castle while holding her staff with Diablo perched on top. At least she gave Diablo the courtesy of being in her portrait (looking as you Jafar). Her extravagant portrait is also surrounded by other familiar faces from the movie including, Aurora and King Stefan, along with the three fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.  This Disney puzzle also includes a bright green Maleficent game piece. A most classic Disney puzzle perfect for those who love Sleeping Beauty! 

10. Ursula 

I saved the best for last with this under the sea puzzle! It’s no secret that The Little Mermaid is my all-time favorite Disney movie; nothing will ever trump it in my book. Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid. At six years old, I would always be singing all the songs from the movie as I drove in my Barbie Jeep running over my dad’s newly planted pine trees (I thought they were weeds, and decided to help him out). The point being, is that I simply adore this movie! This Disney puzzle features our favorite sea witch, Ursula, who’s looking fabulous as ever in her large portrait. She is surrounded by many other lovable characters from the movie like, Ariel, Sebastian, Scuttle and Flounder. This puzzle, of course, comes with a dark purple Disney Villainous game piece in the shape of Ursula. I can say with confidence that you’ll love making this puzzle a part of your world. 


Which of theses Disney puzzles are you absolutely going to buy? Are there any other Disney puzzles that should be added to this list? Which Disney villain would you like to see featured next? Drop your comments below! 

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