10 Disney Princess Inspired Outfits Guaranteed To Bring Out Your Inner Queen

We grew up watching our favorite Disney princesses slay the game when it came to fashion but what if I told you we could dress like them IRL? *Cue Disney music playing softly in the background.* What would Belle wear if she wasn’t stuck in a provincial French town? Would Snow White still wear a cape? How would Ariel dress if she wasn’t a mermaid and more importantly what kind of hairspray does she use? – kidding!

We have looked up to these characters from the time we were little girls and I would be lying if I said that I sometimes I still wish I could end up in a castle, with a dreamy prince, and an epic ballgown- sigh. Prom doesn’t have to be the only time you get to dress like a princess and it shouldn’t be! Here are 10 Disney Princess outfits guaranteed to bring out your inner queen.

1. Snow White

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fiercest of them all? Step aside Queen Grimhilde because you will be when you rock these adorable Snow White inspired outfits. From deep yellows to royal blues, from a heart of gold to the perfect cherry-colored lipstick snow-white has one of the best princess outfits that is just as worthy of everyone’s attention.


Try incorporating these fun colors into one of your inspired princess outfits. Pair yellow jeans with a blue top and bright red heels. We also love the yellow Dior top with a colorful and funky skirt. The outfit is up to you, but you should always finish the look with Snow White’s iconic red lipstick. Pucker up queen, because these princess outfits are fire!


2. Belle 

You don’t have to go full blowout ballgown to channel your inner Belle, but if you want to, be our guest! Belle is anything but ordinary which is why we think you should choose one of her many princess outfits for your next Disney inspired look. Feel like staying casual? No problem.

Style a pair of denim with an off the shoulder, ruffle, yellow top. Feel like being a bit more fancy? Wearing a midi buttercup dress is perfect for the romantic occasions that come up such as a wedding. Add rose accessories to either outfit for a romantic flare and you will resemble a tale as old as time. Talking candelabra optional!


3. Moana

Trust us, we would much rather be on an island like Moana right now covered with flowers and sailing around the sea. Let’s channel her boho vibes with a princess outfit resembling this tropical chief. Wear this beautiful Solana rust and ruffle floral print crop top with your favorite pair of denim shorts.

You can also try wearing this look with a tan skirt or beige footwear. Accessorize your look with a sea glass necklace and natural beach wave hair. You may not have the heart of Tafiti but you sure will win the hearts of everyone around you. 


4. Pocahontas 

Earthy. Adventurous. Colorful. What’s not to love about Pocahontas’s wardrobe? This spiritual queen wears gorgeous neutrals with minimal pops of color. For this modern and native princess-inspired outfit try wearing colors inspired by nature.


We paired a brown swayed top with our favorite denim. Add accessories such as knee-high suede boots and a turquoise necklace. Inspired by all the colors of the wind, this is an outfit even Pochanatas would love. 


5. Jasmine 

Aladin may be able to show you the world, but Jasmine can show you what it means to be dressed like a queen. From beautiful shades of turquoise to the gold earrings we all dreamed of having, from perfectly winged eyeliner to practical flats, Jasmine is definitely one of the more fashion-forward princesses.

We love her style which is why we decided to include this stunning bohemian chic crop top and skirt set. Pair this outfit with the kate spade camel bag and gold-toned flats. Another great choice for this bohemian princess inspired look is a turquoise dress paired with gold bracelets and earrings. Grab your magic carpet because this look will take you to a whole new world of fashion. 


6. Rapunzel

Trapped in a tower, rebellious but yet extraordinarily girly, Rapunzel’s wardrobe is unique just like her long blonde hair. Fushia mixed with a bit of feisty will land you right in the middle of a princess outfit inspired by Rapunzel. Pair this sheer, purple, off the shoulder top with your favorite pair of denim or a fuchsia-colored skirt.

Add a flower crown and pops of yellow for an uncanny resemblance of Rapunzel with the good hair. If flower crowns aren’t really your thing you can always try and accessorize with a frying pan-kidding!


7. Aurora 

Beautiful, kindhearted sleeping beauty is a classic tale we all have grown to love. This beautiful princess has a style that is as timeless as herself.


Which is why we thought this chic pink blazer with a matching pink skirt was perfect for a chic and modern Aurora inspired look. Pair this outfit with gold jewelry and charms for a timeless look that would be hard for anyone to forget. 

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8. Cinderella

Cinderella. The epitome of a perfect fairytale, a gorgeous blue ballgown, and even her own castle in Walt Disney World, does it get any better than this? Glitter pumps are trending right now, and we couldn’t think of a better Disney Princess to model an outfit around with them than our beloved princess, Cinderella.

Pair the glitter SJP pumps with a light blue jumper and a black choker for a modern Cinderella look. This outfit will capture the very essence of our favorite princess and the best part is it won’t disappear at midnight!


9. Tiana

Tiana is an inspiration when it comes to pretty much anything. On top of her perseverance and intelligence, Tiana also has a fabulous sense of fashion. From dashing balls to powdering beignets in the kitchen, Tiana is always dressed to the T. We loved the Roaring 20’s and the fashion trends seen in The Princess and the Frog, so we whipped up our own vintage-style outfits that we think Tiana might just wear herself.

Sophisticated and sweet, this vintage olive skirt paired with a beige top adds a touch of sophistication, just like Tiana. For a night out on the town, wear an olive dress paired with a vintage hat and close-toed shoes. Tiana is one of a kind and with these princess-inspired outfits, you will be too. 


10. Merida

Merida is brave and bold. When it comes to this Scottish princess Merida, her wardrobe is inspired by dark greens, golds, and browns making her wardrobe the perfect inspiration for a gorgeous fall look.


Since long sweater dusters are a must-own for any fall wardrobe, we’ve paired this green one and an orange skirt, inspired by Merida’s curly locks! Accessorize this outfit with a bow and arrow necklace and brown suede boots. This princess outfit screams Merida in a way that is fabulous for the fall. 


Spice up your wardrobe with one of these princess outfits honoring your favorite Disney princess. Which outfit are you going to wear? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/419327415303994349/