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Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

Disney doesn’t stop to amaze us with its magic! It doesn’t matter how old you become; you always will find something from the franchise that you feel the need to have. This time we bring you some Disney inspired bags that will not only be super functional but will become your favorite since they look super classy, elegant, plus they are inspired by some of the most lovely characters Disney has created for us. Definitely a good bag is the perfect way to upgrade any look you throw on doesn’t matter how basic you think it is and these bags are no exception to the book. Be sure to prepare your wardrobe and money because you will want to buy them all!

1. Beauty And The Beast Rose Crossbody Bag

There is nothing as symbolic as the rose from one of our favorite princess’s movies as the rose from Beauty and the Beast and this time you can carry it around with this extra gorgeous bag. Made out of linen to evoke the rustic charm of the French countryside from which belle is from the small crossbody bag features a delicate rose on the front part, with two golden leaves to surround it, a zip closure that goes around the bag with a gold metallic leaf puller. It also has a beautiful metallic chain in golden tones to carry your rose around, and on the back part it has the phrase “beautiful as a rose” scribbled on gold thread.Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

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2. Mulan And Ping Crossbody Bag

Mulan is one of the most powerful women characters Disney has created for us, a true inspiration nevertheless with her unforgettable adventures and strength. With this crossbody bag, you will carry as if you were carrying a few Mulan’s values with you. In this bag made out of leather in shades of red and bottle green, you will find a fun surprise! When the bag is closed it will feature the eyes of Mulan as if she was spying from a window, but when you open it you will find Ping’s face in the same posture. The bag also features a magnetic snap closure, a gold metallic chain and an interior front wall card slot that comes very handy when you don’t want to carry that much stuff inside.Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

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3. The Lion King Cub Belt Bag

Belt bags have become a huge trend in the last couple of seasons and we couldn’t stop from including one that was Disney inspired. This little belt bag will help you stay hands-free which is super useful when you have errands to run or are going to a crowded place. The Disney inspired belt bag features an applique of Simba when he was a baby, pretty much the same as we see Rafiki drawing when the lion is born, in gold and shimmery metallic leather laying. The background of the front part of the belt bag remains in a unique African print combined with the rest of the bag in blue faux leather. The Lion King cub belt bag also has an adjustable strap for you to stay comfortable and a front zip expandable gusset.Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

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4. Dumbo Die Cut Bag

Our favorite flying elephant has been transformed into a super cute bag for us to carry around on our adventures. This bag seems more like a collectible than a bag which will draw tons of attention when you use it and probably make you want to have it as a decoration. The Dumbo die cut bag is a representation of three-dimensional spherical body shape of little Dumbo, including his elephant trunk, huge ears, and circus gold hat. This cut bag is made put of grey leather mostly, with the exception of its face features with his white and blue playful eyes, pinky ears and a red and yellow collar. It also has a top zip-around closure which will help you keep all your belongings inside and avoid them flying away just like Dumbo does!Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

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5. Aladdin Drawstring Bag

Straight from the Arabian city of Agrabah, this drawstring bag is full of surprises! Is not only a super classy bag with its gold and black sparkly tones, but you can also find a different applique on each side of the bag. One of the sides we can find the pretty Jasmine with red bold lips against a gold background, on the second side we have her best friend, Rajah, the tiger with a surprised face and his unique stripes. Then you can also turn the bag around and find the blue and full of glitter Genie with his never-ending smile, turn it around again and find Aladdin’s best pal, Abu, the little monkey comes with a golden background and sparkly eyes, just like the ones he gets when he sees tons of money. The bag also has a chunky gold chain crossbody strap, golden cinch top closure and a black tassel hanging from the bottom of the bag.Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

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6. Cinderella Tote Bag

You will surely have to run a little too fast before your friends want to borrow this beautiful Cinderella tote bag just be sure not to lose any shoes on the run! This black saffiano textured base bag is super useful because it has wide dimensions that will help you carry everything you need for school, work or a trip in style. But not only that, it also has an amazing art of Cinderella leaving the castle as she flees the ball to avoid transforming again after midnight with metallic gold accents and silver glitter that makes this tote bag super elegant yet remaining subtle. The Cinderella tote bag also includes a magnetic snap closure and gold hardware. A really sophisticated addition to your wardrobe!Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

Shop the item now: Disney Inspired Bags To Upgrade Your Looks

We want to have all of these bags magically added to our wardrobes, don’t you? Let us know in the comments which Disney inspired bag was your favorite!

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