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Disney Characters That Solidified Our Sexual Awakening

Have you ever wondered what characters and people sparked your sexual awakening early on? Did it happen while you were sitting around watching late-night tv with your family (if Fran Fine from “The Nanny” didn’t make you just a little bit gay, were you even paying attention?)? Or did it happen while you were watching your favorite Disney movie for the 500th time, wondering why you found Jasmine just a little too pretty? Here’s our list of the top Disney characters that solidified our sexual awakening!

1. Kovu from “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride”

For anyone who watched the second Lion King, Kovu played an absolutely major part in your sexual awakening. Whether your gay, straight, bisexual – doesn’t matter. This brooding bad-boy-turned-good lion stole our hearts the minute he came onscreen. Simba who? It’s Kovu for me, any day. I mean, he essentially fulfills all the boxes we didn’t know we wanted: charming, mysterious, and just a little bit dangerous.

2. Prince Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog”

Before I get into the whole spiel for Prince Naveen’s part in our sexual awakening, I have two words for you: the DIMPLES. God, those dimples. Not to mention, the whole playboy turned loyal loverboy is a trope we can all get behind – who didn’t want to be the one who caught the attention of the hot, popular guy? I mean, it’s literally all our favorite One Direction, boy band fanfiction come to life. Plus, he was a real-life prince. What more do you need?

3. Flynn Rider from “Tangled”

Nothing played quite the impact on our sexual awakening that the Flynn Rider smolder did. Honestly, there’s a reason all my boyfriends looked like real-world versions of Eugene. Plus, it’s another player turned infatuated boyfriend, and that’s just the all-time goal, right? The way he looks at Rapunzel during the movie is the only way I ever want to be looked at again.

4. Jasmine and Aladdin from “Aladdin”

For all my bisexual babes, it was the combination of Jasmine’s confident sensuality and Aladdin’s rugged charisma that served as your sexual awakening. It’s the “Beck and Jade” of the Disney universe, and you could never decide which one you wanted more (spoiler: it’s both). Plus, their singing voices could melt hearts and produce cartoon heart eyes on any occasion. And the aspect of being friends with a genie was way more of a bonus than anything your high school boyfriend could offer you.

5. Tarzan from “Tarzan”

This sexual awakening was the beginning of pining for rugged mountain men. Tarzan is a himbo through and through: he’s fit and strong, kind, and just a little bit dumb. And I mean, again, two words: those abs. This man’s shoulders and abs are prime time, top dollar, perfectly cultivated from his years of swinging on vines and playing with monkeys. And don’t even lie, you definitely wanted a man to swing you through the forest at least once.

6. Megara from “Hercules”

Meg is a definite for “characters that caused our sexual awakening.” She was sassy, funny, beautiful, and loyal. I mean, she did have the little flaw of being forced to work for Hades, but who doesn’t make mistakes? Also, she spoke volumes for spurned women everywhere because she quite literally sold her soul for her terrible ex which, though not literally, haven’t we all at some point. You wanted to be her, you wanted to date her, and you definitely found her relatable in every conceivable way.

7. Chel and Tulio / Miguel from “The Road to El Dorado”

Another sexual awakening that definitely brought about your underlying bisexuality was the El Dorado trio. If you said you only crushed on one of these three, you’re absolutely lying: Chel was strong and beautiful, Tulio was witty and intelligent, and Miguel was funny and kind. They were the holy trinity of everything you ever wanted in a significant other, and you’re still not really sure who’s your favorite.

8. Shego from “Kim Possible”

One of the most popular examples of a sexual awakening was Shego from “Kim Possible.” This sassy villainess with an attitude was confident, cool, and beautiful, and you definitely had some complicated feelings about her. Shego is still personal goals (except maybe without all the “bad guy” vibes). You wish you oozed the unadulterated confidence of Shego (and you SHOULD – you need to believe in yourself completely and DGAF to be a true Shego).

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9. Kida and Milo from “Atlantis”

This absolute power couple was absolutely a sexual awakening for many of us – whether you liked the cool, spirited Kida or the nerdy, cute Milo, this couple and their willingness to sacrifice everything for each other and the people around them were so amazing and the ideal relationship that you always wanted. These two were so cute together and absolutely amazing individually and completely worth every minute of simping.

10. Roxanne from “A Goofy Movie”

Another popular sexual awakening was Roxanne from “A Goofy Movie,” and I absolutely agree. The “girl next door vibes” are always a classic aesthetic, and her beauty mark made her look both sweet and beautiful. I also had a major crush on Max, though, so this one also definitely plays into bisexual awakenings. However else you felt about Disney’s mickey mouse films, Roxanne was an absolute goddess.

11. Dimitri and Anastasia from “Anastasia”

Anastasia was one of my favorite animated films growing up, and also a major part of the zillenial sexual awakening. The brave missing princess and the rugged rogue? Sign me up any day. Plus, the looks in this movie were absolutely stunning – I wanted to wear literally everything Anastasia wore because she was drop-dead gorgeous (although that was also just her).

12. Mulan from “Mulan”

Whether your sexual awakening was gay, lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, or even straight, Mulan played a major part in that. Her gender fluidity was revolutionary, and her fearlessness and loyalty were everything we ever wanted in a significant other. You wanted to be her, you wanted to date her, she’s everything you ever dreamed of and more. She’s the perfect warrior, and we all kind of wanted a warrior in our lives.

What Disney character solidified your sexual awakening? Tell us in the comments!

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