7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

At some point in our life, we are all Disney fans, doesn’t matter if its Star Wars you like or Winnie the Pooh we can’t resist the Disney magic and its classic stories and fairytales Also most of us are cake fans! So, why not combine both of these whimsical elements and have amazing creations? Honestly, you won’t really know if you should frame or eat this amazing Disney inspired cakes!

1. Gift me a Minnie Mouse

Let’s start with a classic Disney character that can never be forgotten Minnie Mouse! This super cute mouse is on top of this three-layer cake smiling brightly as she comes out of a gift box.

We also have small gift boxes on the bottom of the cake, daisies and of course, the cake is red, white and black, Minnie’s typical colors. This cake was created by Patricia the owner of Dolcideacreazioni a business in Pescara, Italy and it’s so pretty it would be a sin to eat it!

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

2. Cook it tender

When it comes to cooking let’s just say Remy knows best! But if you are not yet convinced just check out this outstanding cake made by Richard’s cakes.

On this high cake, you can find boxes of goods and some of Remy’s rat friends including the funny Emile who’s munching on some of the food that’s all over the cake. We still can’t decide if this is an edible cake or a work that should be preserved in a museum.

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

3. Deliciously scary

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Disney’s classic Christmas movies. It’s supposed to be kind of scary, but trust us, this cake can’t be cuter! This three-square layer cake features a beautiful Sally looking back to her adored Jack the Skeleton with Zero, his ghost dog.

We also have the devilish Oogie Boogie with its trio of little henchmen, Lock, Shock, and Barrel ready for any tricky adventure. And the Mayor of Halloween Town in the last tire smiling beside a duck and a striped snake. The cake is so beautifully detailed we bet it tastes delicious!

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

4. It’s moving day!

Toys, toys and more toys it’s what we have in this animated movie! This sweet Disney theme cake was inspired by. Straight out of the Royal Bakery we have the gang, including Woody, Jesses, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head and even a cute alien hiding behind a box ready to move to Sunnyside Daycare.

The boxes in this cake look so realistic you would almost think Woody and its friends are about to come to life!

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

5. Sweeter than honey

Winnie the Pooh is one of Disney’s oldest classics yet is never out of trend. Pooh and friends are always on the look for adventures and in this cake, they are literally coming out of the book. But wait, if you thought these characters were cute just check their baby versions, they are to die from an overdose of cuteness!

You are definitely going to want a cake like this for your next birthday. Even though eating these little characters is going to be a sweet sin you’ll have to commit.7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

6. Beach mode on

Lilo and Stitch showed us that Ohana is forever with this cake you’ll make sure you keep your family happier than ever. Featuring a two-tier cake full of colorful flowers, sand and even a tiny surfboard we have a super cute Stitch with a baker’s hat.

Stitch also has a spatula dripping chocolate just as if he had finished baking the cake. We can’t decide what’s better in this cake if the realistic detailing or the cuteness of our favorite character.

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

7. Sugar flight

We can all agree that Dumbo is one of Disney’s most adorable characters, but this baker capture all his playfulness in an amazing cake that looks more like a sculpture than something to eat.

In this work of art, we have Dumbo taking a bubble bath on his own barrel and practicing one of his water tricks. This cake was made by Le delizie di Kicca a baker from Italy. This Disney inspired cake is an absolute wonder you will like to have at your next party!

7 Disney Cakes That Would Make You Wanna Be Six Again

After all these wonders there’s no doubt you’ll want to be six again to ask for this Disney inspired cakes for your birthday party! Let us know which one you liked best!

Featured Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQWvIXH9xQ/


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