Dishes You NEED At Your Vampire Themed Halloween Party

From Dracula to Claudia to the Salvatore Brothers we all have our favorite vampire! And let’s be honest, how many times haven’t we wished to be one? Or getting a vampire boyfriend? Look no more! Halloween is around the corner and throwing a vampire theme party sounds like the perfect way of becoming a vampire at least for a day. Plus, you won’t be growing big fangs forever or have to feed on human or animal blood, which is definitely a perk of just being a vampire for a day! If you have decided to throw a Halloween party with the main theme of vampires, we are here to help you get the perfect spooky menu to stay in theme the whole time. Just make sure you make plenty of each because your guests are going to go mad over these awesome looking and deliciously tasting treats.

1. Blood Bag Cocktail

If you are going to be dancing till dawn at your Halloween party, your guests are definitely going to get thirsty and will need a very refreshing drink! And what better way to keep them satisfy than blood bags? Don’t worry, these bags are not fill with real blood, but a delicious two ingredient cocktail made out of vodka and cherry liqueur. If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, you can also fill your blood bags with cranberry juice. You can even label each bag with the name of your friend vampire, the type of fake blood they are having and how old he or she is!

2. Red Velvet Cake Coffin

No party is complete without a cake! But for a vampire theme Halloween party you can’t have a traditional or simple cake. Instead try a coffin shaped cake in red velvet flavor with a dripping of bloody red ganache or melted chocolate. The cake can also be topped with red and black flowers to give it a spookier yet elegant look, as if a very rich and old vampire was sleeping there. You don’t even have to cut the cake, using it as a centerpiece decoration for a sweets table is also a great idea! You can place the cake on a bases surrounded by plastic toy spiders or spider web’s to make it really look as if it was an old coffin.

3. DracuDonuts With Strawberry Drips

If you have a sweet tooth these donuts are just for you! These donuts are super simple to make, you can even buy them at the store and add the details to make them unique. To make this DracuDonuts that might be as spooky as sweet just add little fake fangs to the center of your donuts, top them with black fondant to create the hair and add two drips of strawberry syrup to simulate blood. Don’t forget to add some wide looking eyes to finish this treat that will make your Halloween party memorable!

4. Bloody Severed Finger Hot Dogs

You know vampires sometimes loose parts of their bodies will fighting for their territory some might end on your plate with this severed finger hot dogs on your Halloween party. Don’t worry you won’t be eating any real vampire body parts, just get a few sausages and carved them out to make them look like fingers adding details like nails or wrinkles. You will also need to get some hot dog buns to place your sausage fingers on, you can even add some ketchup to simulate blood around the finger as if it has just been caught off!

5. Dracula Cookie Dentures

This Dracula dentures are a promising treat to make an unforgettable vampire theme Halloween party and the best thing is they are really easy to make also! If you want you can bake your chocolate chip cookies from scratch, if not just buy some from the store. Take the chocolate chip cookies, cover them with red frosting and use mini marshmallows to create the teeth. Add two slice almonds in the middle of the marshmallows to make the fangs, top them with another cookie and there you go!

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6. Staked To The Heart Strawberry Pies

We know that sometimes vampires might end with a staked heart that’s why this element couldn’t be missing from your Halloween party. With these strawberry pies you’ll definitely nail it, not only on presentation but with an amazing flavor too. For these little hearts you will just need to make pie crust, cut them in heart shapes and filled them up with your favorite strawberry jam. Bake them until they are deliciously gold and stake them with chocolate wafer rolls to simulate a sharp stake that just crossed your vampire’s heart.

7. Blood Orange Punch With Lost Fangs

Create a perfect blood punch to keep your vampire guests satisfy while they dance the night away. To create this drink, you will just be needing orange juice, lime juice, natural orange soda and a little bit of red food coloring to give the mixture its intense bloody tone. Mix them all together, serve the mixture in a big bowl with plenty of ice and add a few fake plastic fang dentures to give it a spookier look. Just be aware that the fangs are decorations and your guests shouldn’t eat them!

8. Rest In Peace Coffin Brownies

You can’t forget your vampire’s resting place! And what better that making this rich and chocolate full brownies in coffin shaped? Grab your coffin molds and your favorite brownie recipe to get these delicious treats done. When they have baked and cooled down cover them up with candy sprinkles, crosses made out of candy or white chocolate, you can also add some rest in peace signatures to the top of your brownies with white melted chocolate or royal icing or any inscription you find spooky enough. Your guests are going to go made over this delicious treats!

Are you already planning your vampire theme Halloween party after seeing this treats? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to invite us!

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