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20 Discontinued Foods We Want Back In Our Lives

You’ve probably felt the pain before. The shock, sadness, and utter disgust that happens when you find out one of your favorite foods has been discontinued. If you could have one wish in the world it would be to just bring that one food back for good! But, alas, companies are stubborn and rarely choose to bring back a lot of beloved foods just for nostalgia’s sake. Here are twenty discontinued foods that gave us that same feeling.

1. Planters Cheez Balls

No brand of cheese balls was ever as perfect as these were. They were really the best balls of cheese, and no one will make any that compare ever again.

2. Fruit-Shaped Trix

I remember eating these semi-fruit shaped Trix as a child. I was at my happiest then… but in 2006 they discontinued them forever in favor of a boring, “puff-“shaped cereal. I’ll never be the same.

3. Butterfinger BBs

Apparently there was a Great Food Discontinuation in 2006 (yeah, I’m working on trademarking that one) because Butterfinger BBs also stopped being in production that year. These were like high quality versions of a Whopper, with all the elements of Butterfingers that we LOVE.

4. Reese’s Swoops

These were basically chocolate Pringles (and much more delicious than they might sound). There were so many flavors, too! Apparently promo was bad and not a lot of people knew about them so they were ALSO added to the discontinued foods list in 2006!

5. Keebler Pizzarias

Pizza-flavored and even pizza-shaped chips. I don’t know how they managed to fail.

6. P.B. Crisps

Another one from Planters, these were peanut-shaped and had peanut butter in the middle. What more could you need?

7. Hershey’s Bar None

Chocolate cream, crushed peanuts, milk chocolate coating, and a wafer in the middle? These sound HEAVENLY. I can’t imagine why this would go out of style.

8. Hostess TMNT Pies

You either loved them or hated them (who am I kidding, you definitely loved them). These pudding pies may have looked a little… different with their green “turtle” coating, but they were such delicious snacks.

9. McSalad Shakers

It might seem like a silly idea, but it was cute nonetheless. Plus, less than $2 for a salad isn’t a bad price.

10. Doritos 3D

Basically small Doritos chips that have been puffed up. They looked a little like Bugles if you ask me. I’d kill to get my hands on some.

11. Keebler Magic Middle Cookies

All I need to say is: FUDGE in the center of a shortbread cookie! How could that have gone wrong? That’s the dream team!

12. Heinz Multi-Colored Ketchup

While some of the more prudish people might not agree with this one, everyone who likes a little color and uniqueness in our lives all agree: this one was a pure masterpiece.

13. Snapple Mint Iced Tea

It’s not just discontinued foods–drinks need to come back too! Mint and iced tea are honestly the perfect combination, so I seriously can’t believe this one didn’t catch on. They recently brought this flavor back for a limited time, but ultimately it has been discontinued forever.

14. Jell-O Pudding Bites

These pudding-flavored gummies were the bomb! Seems like the type of thing that would sell really well, but apparently there wasn’t enough consumer support, and they dropped the product for good.

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15. Dr. Pepper Gum

It was gum that tasted like Dr. Pepper and had a liquidy center. That is the BEST type of gum out there! RIP Dr. Pepper gum. You deserved better.

16. Sprite Remix

Caffeine-free soda AND flavoring packets with tropical, berry and jam flavors! Not sure how this one didn’t stand the test of time.

17. Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop-Tarts

It’s hard to believe that they would discontinue such a good flavor as this one, especially seeing some of the weird flavors they produce today (I’m looking at you, Jolly-Rancher flavor). It does look pretty similar to the cookies and creme flavor they have today, though, so maybe it tastes similar, too.

18. Nabisco Giggles

Simple chocolate and vanilla cookies with cream inside, but they also had cute little smiling, giggling faces on them! Adorable!

19. Reese’s Elvis Cups

Peanut butter banana Reese’s cups. They were introduced for a limited time in honor of Elvis Presley only to be yanked away from us when we had grown fond of them. Just like the King himself.

20. Altoids Sour

Chances are, one or both of your grandparents always kept some of these somewhere around the house, and we all grew to love them.

What are your favorite discontinued foods? Tell us in the comments below!


Kassidy Barber

My name is Kassidy Barber, I'm 20 years old, and I'm currently working on my B.A. in English with a minor in web communications at the University of Alabama in Huntsville! I love video games, lots of T.V. shows, dogs, and especially food (both cooking and eating)!

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