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Dirty Questions To Ask Your SO

Dirty Questions To Ask Your SO

Dirty questions is one way to add a little bit of spice to your relationship. It’s also a great way to learn more about what they like and what they want you to start doing more. If you’re looking for the perfect dirty questions to ask your partner, check out this list for some ideas.

1. Do you like watching me touch myself?

Are you looking for a way to turn both you and your partner on? Ask them if they like watching you touch yourself. If the answer is yes (which it likely will be), then you both can have some fun. Knowing that your partner enjoys watching you touch yourself is also convenient for them because they can see what feels good for you. Dirty questions like this are both exciting and informative.

2. Would you rather see me in lingerie or nothing at all?

Some guys have their preferences of what they think is sexier, to see you in lingerie or completely nude. If you ask your significant other this dirty question, it will likely fill his mind with images of you in some skimpy lingerie or naked. That’ll definitely turn him on, and based on his answer, you’ll know what to surprise him with next time you take off your dress in front of him.

3. What’s something new you’d like to try in bed?

Trying new things in bed can be exciting for both you and your significant other. Ask them what they’d like to try, and plan to make it happen soon. You never know. You might discover your new favorite sex position by asking this dirty question. It’s also a quick way to get your partner in the mood, giving you guys a chance to try out those new moves sooner than later.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do to me?

Don’t you love knowing what your significant other enjoys doing to you to turn them on? If you’re in the mood, a great follow up to that dirty question could be, “do you want to do it right now?” Of course, that’ll work best if you guys home, depending on what your partner likes doing to you. Knowing this information, you could ask your significant other to do what they enjoy doing to you more to turn them on. You might even come to enjoy letting them do this thing to you.

5. When is your favorite time of day to have sex?

Does your significant other want to be all over you first thing in the morning? Do they prefer getting freaky in the late-night hours before bed? Or perhaps they might enjoy some afternoon delight. Knowing your partner’s preferred time of day to have sex can give you a better idea of when they’re feeling their best, which will make the sex even more amazing. Asking your significant other dirty questions like this can also give you a chance to plan. For example, if they enjoy end-of-day sex, you can send them naughty messages or photos throughout the day to get them in the mood.

6. What is your favorite sex toy?

You might learn a lot about your partner by knowing what their favorite sex toy is, so let this be on your list of dirty questions to ask them. Knowing this information, you can surprise them one day before you begin making love. Bringing different sex toys to the bedroom is also a guaranteed way to add some spice to your relationship. And don’t knock it until you try it. Your significant other’s favorite sex toy could very well end up being your favorite, too. Then you’ll both be excited when it’s time to use it!

7. What was your dirtiest fantasy?

People love it when their partners ask them about their fantasies. It means that there’s a chance that they could finally get to live it! If you really want to get your significant other excited with some dirty questions, make sure to ask them this one. You’ll get an idea of what they enjoy and what they’ve always wanted to do. Once you are aware of your partner’s dirtiest fantasy, work on making it into a reality. We’re sure that it will make them feel loved and satisfied when you ask them about their fantasies.

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8. If you could pick one famous person could join us in bed for a night, who would it be?

Have you wondered what it would be like if a certain celebrity joined you and your partner in bed? If having threesomes and orgies are what you and your partner are into, we’re sure this dirty question will intrigue them quite a lot. If you haven’t tried anything like that yet, it’ll be sexy to think about it with your partner. It’ll be even more fun thinking about having a famous person in bed with you and your partner. How exciting would that be!

9. Which sexy movie scene would you recreate with me?

Have you or your partner ever watched a steamy scene in a movie and wanted to recreate it with each other? This is another great dirty question you’ll want to ask your significant other because it’ll give you guys some new things to try in bed. It’s also a way to fulfill any fantasies either of you might have. We’re sure your partner would love to recreate a sexy scene from a movie with you. It’s going to be fun, different, and it might bring you guys even closer together.

10. Where do you want me to kiss you?

You might already know how much your significant other enjoys kissing you, but have you ever asked them where they enjoy being kissed? After they give their answer, kiss them there. Your partner will always love it when you ask them what you can do to make them feel good, so make sure this is on your list of dirty questions to ask them. You can also begin kissing them where they want whenever you want to turn them on.

Which of these dirty questions do you think would turn your significant other on the most? Comment below!