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8 Dirty Hair Hacks When You Have No Time To Wash

8 Dirty Hair Hacks When You Have No Time To Wash

8 Dirty Hair Hacks When You Have No Time To Wash

We’ve all had days when we’re in desperate need of some dirty hair hacks. Oftentimes, we just don’t have time to wash even though our hair feels greasy and filthy. However, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to have a rain check and cancel plans. Any of these 8 dirty hair hacks can come to your rescue when you can’t or simply don’t want to shampoo your hair.

1. Dry shampoo or baby powder

Dry shampoo is your best friend on days when you have no time to wash with your regular shampoo. Although, make sure you use it in the right amount and the right way. Take a little on your hand and rub within your scalp through your fingers. Wait a few minutes before brushing or styling in your hair. Give at least two-three days before using again.

If you’re at your worst and even your dry shampoo is finished, use baby powder instead. You’ll be surprised how amazing your hair becomes after applying even a little bit of it. This dirty hair hack is a life-saver. Literally.


2. Braids and Buns

I honestly find reasons to tie my hair into a pretty-looking braid. It’s super easy and camouflages the dirty hair extremely well. Therefore, it’s my personal favourite dirty hair hack ever. If you’re not a huge fan of braids or find them too confusing or time-consuming, you can always go for easy-to-do messy buns. They give your whole outfit a style-statement and conveniently hide the otherwise-visible oil in your hair.

3. Headbands and clips

Another one of my most-favoured dirty hair hacks is styling them with colourful headbands or clips. People who say not every girl can pull off headbands, are soooo wrong! I think headbands look cute on everyone, irrespective of your age. You should just know how to carry it with grace. After all, it skins the dirt in your hair so well.


4. Wash only the front portion

Well honestly, it’s only the front partition of your hair that actually gets attention. I understand that washing just a part of your hair can also be a task in itself but trust me, it’s totally worth it. Especially if you have thick hair and it takes forever for them to dry, washing just a little part and styling them after blow-dry can save you from a lot of trouble. Blow-drying gives you such a gorgeous finish that you will definitely fall in love with this dirty hair hacks.

5. Change your partition

This is one of those dirty hair hacks that you can do within no time at all. If you normally part your hair to the right, flip them to the left, if you the left, put them on the right and if you part them from the centre, pick your side! It’s just that oil is most visible on your roots. If you’re shifting the partition, a lot of it will be hidden immediately. If that still doesn’t work for you, try combining it with my first hack and apply a spray a little bit of dry shampoo and you’re good to go.

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6. Use a shower cap if you’re not washing your hair

If you’re not washing your hair for sure, put on a shower cap. There’s nothing worse than going out with your damp-oily hair. You either need to keep your hair absolutely dry or wash them properly. There’s no in between. Well, actually, there is. All these dirty hair hacks are what it is in between.

7. Use Velcro-rollers

You might think how does applying Velcro rollers save you time? Well, it doesn’t. It’s for days when you just don’t feel like washing your hair but have a few extra minutes to spear them. In fact, it doesn’t take very long anyway. Let the rollers sit until you do your make up and eat breakfast. You will be surprised at the magic they create to your otherwise boring-looking hair.


8. Wear a nice hat

Well, what better dirty hair hacks will there be besides covering them up real nice. If you don’t have time to wash and style your hair, the best thing to do is hide them anyhow. Just make sure you use an appropriate summer or winter protection matching with your outfit.

Are there any other dirty hair hacks that we missed out, but you swear by? Tell us in the comments section below. Let’s save each other some complications!

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