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8 Dining Hall Hacks You Need To Know

8 Dining Hall Hacks You Need To Know

Food in high schools is often overly expensive and sometimes not that great. Stepping into a university dining hall for the first time can be overwhelming. More and more young individuals are health-conscious coming into university. However, that choice to be healthy is often thrown out the window. College is fast food galore. Pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and lots of ice cream are staples in a college student’s diet. They taste good and are quick to eat. You can also end up spending lots of money buying these cheap and tasty foods. This is great for a while, but bodies need sustenance and healthy food.

Here are 8 Dining Hall hacks you need to know. These are hacks providing you with a sweet but healthy choice. Being at college, you often get cravings for something sweet. With a limited skill set and equipment to work with, these hacks are recipes and ways to help you save money. If you hate dining hall meals, you may never need to have one again!

1. Apple Bites

Apple slices are great snacks when you’re studying. They are healthy but can get boring fast. Elevate and never get tired of them by adding some extras – peanut butter, granola, chocolate chips or chocolate spread! They become a sweet and energising bite!


Take apples from the dining hall. All you need to buy is a jar of spread or whatever toppings you choose. One packet can last you forever!

2. Banana Boats

Bananas are a great food for sustenance. They are extremely satisfying and fulfilling. When you are craving a delicious dessert, using bananas is great because they provide a creamy element. Microwave the banana and add any toppings you want, from chocolate chips to nuts or M&Ms. A great dessert is ready for you in a matter of minutes!


Take bananas from the dining hall. All you need to buy or maybe take from the dining hall are the toppings!

3. Banana Breakfasts

A healthy breakfast is key to starting a great day. Bananas are great for breakfast because they are high in potassium, by itself it can get a little boring. By adding toppings such as yoghurt, peanut butter or granola, you’ve got a complete meal high in protein! This meal gives you the energy to start off the day! You can always add fruit or chocolate chips to make it a little more interesting!


Take the fruit from the dining hall. Either buy the toppings or see if you can get it from the dining hall!

4. The Dining Hall is Your Supermarket

The dining hall can be your supermarket! Before heading to a class or back to your room, go to the dining hall and take some packets of condiments such as ketchup or spreads. Fill up your water bottle and grab some juice, pieces of fruit or milk if you can!


5. Mug Cake

Ever need a sweet craving such as a cookie or brownie but can’t find anything nice in the dining hall. Mug cakes are perfect for dessert or a study snack. They can satisfy your cravings and are the ideal serving size! All you need a few ingredients, a mug and a microwave!

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6. Bake Oatmeal in Bulk

Breakfast is important and a college student often doesn’t have time to have breakfast. Rather than always making breakfast every morning, make oatmeal in bulk on a Sunday night. Add spices and even fruit. All you need to do in the morning is to scoop some out of a container!

Buy a big container of oats and spices. Fruits you can take from the dining hall!


7. Apple Desserts

Apples are great, they are cheap and you can take them from the dining hall. As the weather gets colder or you want something comforting, baked apples are the way to go. You don’t need to break the bank with this. All you need is an apple, some spices and a microwave!

8. Snacks

College is a time where snacks are important in your life. Before you head out to class or before you go to bed, remember to go to the dining hall and take some snacks! That way, you will always be in great supply.


College is a great time and you have the freedom to eat what you want. These hacks will help you save money and create healthy options. Let us know whether you’ve tried any of these dining hall hacks! Share with us in the comments below!

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