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Different Ways You Can Style a Little Black Dress

Whether you are going out for a day of shopping or a night of clubbing, you will want to look your absolute best. However, buying several cute outfits is not cheap. Looking stylish should not break the bank. How do you avoid a maxed out credit card while still looking great? The key is accessorizing. Let’s take a look at the little black dress. A classic dress that looks great on anybody. You can buy it at any clothing store, and a particularly great one can be found at Old Navy . The little black dress serves as a base for your outfit, and then you can have fun by working around. Most accessories go with the little black dress, but the important part is to make sure the accessories you pick go with each other. A variety of different looks can be made with these accessories, so you theoretically only have to rely on one dress. This is shopping economically, while still serving many looks.

1. Like A Boss

The secret to being a girlboss is confidence. The best way to get confidence is to have a sharp outfit. You should be able to command that conference table with all eyes on you. If everyone is looking at you, your outfit should show how confident you are. The black dress can help with that. Once you have that, you put on the girlboss of jackets, a blazer . A blazer shows control. If you are wearing a black dress, a blazer of a bold color would bring a lot of style, like royal blue or bright red. Then add some black high heels black high heels that give a poised look. Add a nice statement necklace  that does not clash with the blazer, and you are set to run that meeting.

2. Geek Chic

We got to school to learn, but that does not mean we can’t look cute while doing it. A lot of people see you at school so you should dress with intent. Show everyone that you are a serious student that is also serious about her wardrobe. A nice button up sweater can do the trick. The sweater gives the look of someone who spends their days at the library, cozying up to a good book. A pair of low top Converse will add to a comfy study look, a look of someone whose feet want to be comfortable while they read. A pair of black glasses  will elevate that geek chic look, even if you don’t wear glasses. Study hard and look hot!

3. Badass Biker Chick

If you are out for a night clubbing, you have to look your best. You should try to own the room, stand out, and end the night with a couple of phone numbers. With your little black dress, you can put on a rocking leather jacket . Whether it’s a matching black jacket or a fun pink, the leather will be sexy as hell. Then put on some fishnet stockings for the sexual allure. Some cute booties will tie that look together, along with some funky bracelets. No one will be able to keep their eyes off you.

4. First Date

Nothing like the rush of a first date. Meeting a cute stranger for the first time and hoping they like you back. First impressions are critical in this situation. When they see you for the first time, you want their jaw to drop, at least metaphorically. Let’s say you’re meeting at a restaurant for this date. A jacket is not necessary for this look, as the classic black dress can work as a date look on its own. If it is really cold, a fitted denim jacket can pull off an approachable attractive look. Some strappy heels  will create a look that is not too elegant, but just elegant enough. Nothing too tall, don’t want to intimidate your date. A simple necklace , no statements or anything overly bedazzled, will tie the look together. This outfit should lead to a rendezvous at your place and a date two.

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5. Casual Hang Out

Some days, all you may be doing is chilling with some friends. It could be at one of their houses, maybe at a park, or getting some ice cream. Even though this is not an elaborate event where you are trying to impress people, it does not mean you shouldn’t put some thought into your outfit. Throw on a stylish hoodie over your dress. Not a ratty old hootie that you might wear to work out. Something that is in one of your favorite colors and makes you feel fashionable and comfy. For your feet, a great pair of slip ons in a color that does not clash with your hoodie will tie your outfit together. This is an effortless casual look, and you will still be a stunner. 

6. Resort Vacation

There is nothing as relaxing as a nice vacation, especially at a resort. From sitting by the pool to walking across the beach to drinking margaritas at the bar. The possibilities are endless and you should look fantastic doing all of those fun activities. Since resort usually means hot summer days, a jacket is not necessary for the little black dress. What is necessary is some fierce sandals to go with the relaxation theme. Specifically, a pair of black espadrilles sandals will make for a terrific look. A nice beaded necklace and a wide brimmed hat will complete that beach babe look.

7. Costume Party

Yes, the little black dress really does work for everything. It can even help you make a Halloween costume that is simple yet classic. This costume is the black cat. Of course you need the obligatory cat ears, which should come cheap at your local dollar store. Then some black tights that are always reliable. No need to go crazy with the shoes, black flats  will do the trick. For a special touch, black fingerless gloves  will make your outfit paw-some. Draw whiskers on your face with eyeliner, and you will be the cutest kitten in town.

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