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10 Different Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

10 Different Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the perfect way to spice up your makeup. Whether you like to keep it simple and natural or spunky and fun, eyeliner is a game-changer when it comes to completing your look. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 different eyeliner styles to give you some inspiration for your next night out!

1. Floating

Floating liner is perfect for those who want to give their eyes a three-dimensional look! With floating liner, simply take your pencil or brush of choice and create an outward line, tracing it above your eyelid. This look would pair perfectly with flare pants and a fun crop top. Add some mascara and pull your hair into a ponytail to complete this distinctive look. Copying this look will give you an air of originality while making your eyes pop!


2. Graphic

Graphic liner is somewhat similar to the floating eyeliner style, yet it adds more creativity! If you are someone who enjoys eccentricity, this look is perfect for you. Create multiple different lines under the eye, giving your look a unique edge that is sure to make you stand out. You can even add a second floating line above the line you’ve already created. Complete this look with sparkly eyeshadow and a gorgeous bodycon dress to really make it pop.

3. Colorful

If you are the type of person who likes to add a lot of color to your look, using a colorful eyeliner may be the right choice for you! Pair the color with your outfit theme to sync the whole look together. You could also go with a bright color to contrast more of a monochrome outfit so that your makeup stands out even more! If you don’t have a colorful liner on hand, you could achieve this look by using a thin brush and dipping it into a pigmented eyeshadow of any color. This is a super easy way to make your eyeliner look fun without having to create different shapes.


4. Natural

If you’re planning on going to a job interview or a classy event and you want to keep it simple, natural eyeliner may be the way to go. This eyeliner style consists of a simple line that elevates slightly above the outer corner of your lid. With this look, you can amplify your eyes in a less obvious way than the other contenders in this article. You could even just use the eyeliner by applying it to the waterline for more subtlety. Pair this liner look with matte lipstick and a bit of concealer and highlight. Keep it straightforward, yet interesting!


5. Smudged

If you’re looking to add a deep, sexy edge to your eyeliner, the smudged look is the perfect way to accomplish this. Pair this with some doc martens or even a bright, colorful dress to add some mystery to your makeup. The smudged eyeliner look is the perfect way to emphasize the color of your eyes. Using this in conjunction with a dark brown eyeshadow will give your makeup more dimension. The darkness of the liner compared to the lightness of your eyes is a great way to make them stand out.

6. Cat

Eyeliner is a great way to lift your eyes, especially if they have a downturned shape. The cat eyeliner style achieves that natural-looking lift. To do this look, use your brush to extend the liner outwards and slightly up. You can also add depth to the look by dragging the line out of your inner corner! This look is a great way to complement any outfit and can be worn as an everyday makeup staple. Complete the look by adding some lashes.


7. Framed

The framed eyeliner look is a sure way to make your eyes pop. If your eyes are rounded and big, this look is a great way to emphasize them even more! Or, if you’re looking to give your eyes that round shape, this liner style is the perfect way to mimic it. To achieve this look, start by copying the cat liner on your top lid. The catch to this is that you are going to do the cat liner on your bottom lid as well! Use the liner on the bottom by closely paralleling the top. This look is anything but ordinary in the best way possible.

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8. Sparkly

Going for a girls’ night out? Searching for an eyeliner look that will amplify your makeup to the max? Go for sparkly eyeliner! This look is often completed by taking a thin brush and dipping it into a deeply pigmented, sparkly eyeshadow. Use this brush like you would use your eyeliner – take it across the line of your lid to give it that fun sparkly effect. You could even use a highlight palette or body glitter! If you want to add more to the look, add a layer of your normal liner to spice it up.


9. Thick

If you are looking to make a bold statement, go for a thick-liner look! This look consists of a dark, black eyeshadow and your regular liner. Cover your lid with the dark eyeshadow, taking the edge of it all the way out to the space surrounding your outer lid. Use your regular eyeliner to shape the direction in which you would like it to go. You can opt for that dark look, or you can even use a colorful eyeshadow instead if you’re looking to add some spunk!

10. Rhinestones

Adding rhinestones to your eyeliner look is a simple yet effective way to make it stand out. You could use the rhinestones in place of the regular liner by following the line that your eyeliner would typically make, or you can place the rhinestones around your eye in any unique shape! This look can be used in conjunction with any normal liner to make your face look distinctive and sharp. Pair this look with a sparkly top and some platforms to elevate it.


Which of these eyeliner looks was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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