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13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

There is nothing better than rocking a leopard print dress and channeling our inner Lisa Rinna. 

Animal prints aren’t scary so stop thinking that way! They are fun and can really make a statement on anybody. And I’m not saying to go deep into your closet and drag out that old zebra shirt with splattered paint marks on it, that can just get thrown away for good. 

But there is a time and a place when animal print is appropriate. Just a few years ago, wearing animal print was almost embarrassing. Recent trends have brought it back and we are more than excited. 

You can definitely over-do the animal print look too. Pairing different patterns isn’t always the cutest look and nobody wants to walk around looking like a cheetah just threw up on them. However, you’re more likely to see someone wearing animal print than you are not seeing it. 

Almost every store has their own version of animal print and you will most likely to find it anywhere. If you love fashion, you should incorporate some animal print into your wardrobe. It’s trendy and cute. It’s one of those trends that you fit in with everyone else but you also stand out in the best way possible. 

If you’re in the market for some animal print keep these few tips in mind. Stick to simple patterns. When they get too busy it can really draw your outfit in the wrong direction and give you the wrong attention. Pair your prints with solid colors. A pop or fucsica  or red always looks great with animal print but adding another pattern can really ruin the outfit. 

Ready for ways to style your favorite animal print pieces? Well, here are 13 you are going to love!

1. Silk Dresses

Cheetah print silk dresses are a major trend! If you are going out for drinks at the bar, getting ready to go on a date or maybe you have an event coming up, a silk dress is always key to have. They are timeless and they make animal print less intimidating. Almost every store has their own version. They’re even cuter paired with a leather jacket or some chunky gold hoops. 

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

2. Zebra heels 

Zebra heels is a great way to bring a little fun to your outfit. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of zebra heels that shouldn’t see the day of light but there are some out there that really make a statement. Pairing these heels with some skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt is a quick and easy outfit that anyone will look good in. 

3. Bodysuits 

Bodysuits are a statement on their own. They are comfortable and easy and don’t take much effort. When you put together a boring pair of denim shorts with a animal print bodysuit, it takes the outfit to a whole other level. You can even throw a blazer on and make it more business casual. 

4. Scarfs

Adding an animal print scarf to any outfit is a good way for people who aren’t used to animal print to get more comfortable. You can wear the scarf around your head which has become very popular this past year or you can even tie it around your waist or through belt hoops for an edgy look. Every time I do this, I channeling Pitch Perfect because of the paisley scarf they all rock. 

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

5. Snake Skin Clutch 

A clutch is a great accessory to any outfit. But a way to spice up an outfit that doesn’t have much spunk can be to add a snake skin clutch. It doesn’t even have to have any color to it. It could simply be the impression of snake skin on a black or white clutch but it will bring so much more attention to your outfit. It’s also another good way for people who don’t love intense patterns to incorporate a little bit. 

6. Leopard Skirt

Flowly long skirts are such an easy outfit idea. Leopard skirts look much more higher-end and they can be from Forever 21. They are classy and will make you look that way. You can dress them down with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt or pair with a lace tank and some heels. These outfits are classics and you really can’t go wrong with either!

7. Cheetah Blouse

Blouses make an outfit look more dressed up than they are. You can pair them with jeans, dress pants or if you really want a pair of leggings! They are a classic in the fashion world and something that won’t ever go out of style. Putting together a cheetah print blouse with black jeans and a belt is such a cute yet simple outfit. 

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

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8. Velvet Pants

Velvet pants are a blast from the past that have gotten a lot of attention lately. The ones that turn into bell bottoms and make your legs look long and slim no matter what. They really flattering and I promise you won’t regret purchasing a pair. They are even better when they have a form of animal print of them! You can wear them for work or to the bar so they are super versatile.

9. Snakeskin Mules

 Gucci really turned on everyone to mules and now you don’t have to spend $600+ on them because almost every single brand carries their own version. And I’ll tell you, snakeskin ones are cute af. They can even be paired with anything and I mean everything. You can wear mules with joggers, leggings, work pants, whatever. 

10. Snakeskin Pants

These are the best pants to make a statement. You can pair them with a chunky sweater, regular t-shirt or a tank with a blazer. Either way, snakeskin pants are more so for my people who are really to take a dive into the deep end with animal prints. They make a statement and you’ll definitely be the attention holder in the room, all in a good way of course. 

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

11. Trench Coat 

The thing thats good about wearing an animal print trench coat, is you can take it off at anytime and have a completely different outfit underneath. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with an entire coat made with animal print, you can easily slip out of it. However, they definitely make an outfit so if you are feeling devilish, buy yourself a trench coat. 

12. Nails

Getting animal print on your nails is such a sublet way to incorporate it into your style. It will also show you if you enjoy the style or not, like a little test run. You’ll get so many compliments and it’s just a little and simple way to show off your love for animal prints. 

13. Bathing Suits 

If you are going on a baecation or just a vacation with your girlfriends, an animal print bathing suit is a great thing to have in your bag. You can pair it with a pair of strappy sandals and gold jewelry just in case you guys hit the tiki bar! You’ll be looking just as cute tanning on the sand as you would after getting ready for a night out. 

13 Different Ways To Style Animal Print

Don’t be scared of animal print. There are so many different ways to style it and these were just a few examples. Take a walk on the wild side and give these tips a try. Leave a comment telling us your favorite way to style animal prints!

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