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5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

Every time I go to the barbershop, all I hear is “Your generation just doesn’t know how easy you have it in these days. Back in my day (because oldheads ALWAYS have a ‘back in my day’ story), we didn’t have all that technology you have today. We had to learn it the hard way,” blah blah blah. It never fails. Hearing that for the last 23 years of your life will definitely leave an everlasting mental impression on the way your mind works.
And although it’s mad annoying hearing it time and time again, he’s right. With the weight of the world in the palm of our hands, we can literally learn about any and everything we’re interested in, just with a few clicks on our phone. Just think about it: rather than scrolling through social media, you could make money in that same amount of time you’ve spent on IG. If you still aren’t a believer, here’s five proven ways to change your mind.

1. Stocks/Forex

Okay, maybe I should have started off the bat with this one because most people are either skeptical and or generally afraid of getting into the stock or foreign exchange market. Most times skeptical, but I’m here to tell you they are legit.
Although they can be, they typically aren’t get-rich-quick schemes or those “turn your $20 into $200” type of ordeals, so if that’s what you were thinking, don’t believe it. The truth is, with just a few YouTube videos and the download of a couple apps like Robinhood and Meta Trader 4, you’ll soon become familiar with the freedom to make money before hopping out of bed in the morning.
5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

2. YouTube

With the longevity and overall success of YouTube, this one should almost go without saying, but we had to mention it. If you haven’t noticed by now, you can definitely make money with a YouTube channel. Most people are hesitant because they feel as if they don’t have the personality to thrive, or that they won’t be able to accurately display their personality on camera, but trust me when I say that someone out there will relate in one way or another. There’s no easier way to make money than simply talking into your phone, so give it a try!
5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

3. Ibotta

Regardless of how you twist or turn it, you’re going to eventually have to go a store and buy the necessities of life, like groceries, bathroom needs, etc. The idea here is to make money from the purchases you’ve already made.
Before you hit the store, download the app and view the offers they have available. See what product align with what you need, select them in the app and head to buy them. Afterwards, scan your receipt and boom. You’ve just made money. (Or saves money, however, you want to look at it)
5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

4. Writing Services

If you’re a proficient writer, there’s a plethora of ways you can make money with nothing but the phone in your hands. From reaching out to students on social networks offering to write papers, to official freelance writing platforms where you can charge clients a fee to write just about anything imaginable. There’s tons of people who hate writing period, so if you find no issue with it, you can definitely turn that into monetary gain.
5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone

5. Swagbucks

Though this method isn’t fast money by any means, it is a way to make money. Basically, all you’re doing is completing surveys. Once you’re done, you get points, or SP, which don’t directly translate into USD, but they offer a range of different gift cards to choose from. Visa gift cards are an option, too, so you can basically use those as cash.
5 Different Ways To Make Money With Nothing But An iPhone
Technically, these ways to make money isn’t without any initial investment. The commonality between all of the methods involve require time, and time is money. So if you have that, and you’re willing to dedicate it toward making money, you’re set!

How do you make money off your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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