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Different Types of Art You Should Try

The most beautiful thing about art is that it’s subjective. It doesn’t have to make sense, ever. Experimenting with different types of art is a whole other world you must experience. It taps in to a side of your mind that you might not use often. You can be as creative or simple as you choose. You can take 15 minutes or three days to complete one piece. As long as your mind is occupied with the medium of art you’re using then you can be taken anywhere. It’s also a great way to relax. One of the best ways to unwind is turning on a movie or a show and losing yourself on a piece of paper or canvas. Sometimes the most mindless types of art are the most beautiful.

1. Water Color

While water color seems so elementary, have you ever tried it during your adult life? It’s hard. You can’t take a piece of paper out of a coloring book and put green, brown, and blue all on the same spot anymore. It takes practice and patience to get where you want with a piece of water color art. But boy when you get there, it’s a euphoric feeling. Water color can tell a story in the most simplistic way. The beauty of it is that the color can be as light or deep as you want it. It’s an art that needs to be practiced more by people because the outcomes of it are truly fantastic.

2. Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal drawings give off emotions. It’s hard to explain but when you look at a piece of charcoal art it draws emotion out of you. Especially if it’s a portrait piece. Using charcoal is also quite the experimental task. Because of the many ways that charcoal art can be used and modified, it takes practice to find what works best for you. It’s one of the messier types of art but it’s beautiful and worth it. It provokes something out of people that some colorful pieces can’t.

3. Acrylic

This is for the abstract lovers. Don’t tell me you haven’t been on your Instagram explore page or scrolling through Facebook and haven’t seen someone pouring multiple colors of paint in to a plastic cup. Acrylic art is mesmerizing and it has a side of unknown to it. While you do know the size of your canvas and the colors of paint you pouring in the cup, once you dump that cup out you don’t know which way those colors are flowing. Each piece is incredibly unique which is what makes it so special. While you can try to manipulate it and try to make a scene out of acrylic paint, it can never be recreated the exact same. That’s what makes this art so special, each piece you make will always be one of one.

4. Wood Burning

This is an amazing way to create a piece of art. Woof burning is one of the types of art that look naturally beautiful. Your art journey begins as soon as you start looking for the perfect slice of wood that will serve as your canvas. Wood burning takes patience because it’s not as smooth as a paint brush on canvas. It takes time but the outcome is so worth it. Wood burning art can be as intricate or simple as you want too. This is what makes this type of art so cool because it will still look complex no matter what route you go.

5. Oil Painting

Oil painting is so fun. This also requires a lot of patience because of how long it takes for these to dry. While oil painting can seem challenging all at the same time because you don’t want to mess up and want to ensure before you keep going it’s fully dry, it gives off a veteran artist vibe. You need to at least have some knowledge before using oil paints because it is slightly more difficult than acrylic or water color painting. A really cool thing that you can do with oil paints is make your painting 3D. Oil paint is entirely buildable, you just have to wait that dry time. You can literally make your art pop by using this technique and giving you art some dimension.

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6. Collage

For the pop art lovers. This is a way to truly express yourself. Taking magazines, newspapers, pictures you printed online and strategically placing them on a canvas or board is sometimes a daunting task. With the different images you can bring in to play here, your mind and view of the art piece will constantly be evolving. When you think of collages, bright images come to mind. So, take this time to fully express what’s going on inside your brain. This could be images, colors you like, or even words. The best part about this piece of art is that it doesn’t have to make sense. If you want, it can be cohesive and look carefully thought out. Or, you could have a general theme and place your pictures wherever you want. It is solely up to you.

7. Sculpting

We have all been bred to have sculpting coursing through our veins thanks to our dear friend Play Doh. But why not bring it up a notch? Sculpting is one of the types of art that’s therapeutic and fun because if you don’t like it, you can mash it all together and fully start again. There is no right or wrong here. Let your hands guide where your brain goes and just play. You could go in to your sculpting with somewhat of an idea of what to make or you could take a big chunk of clay and just start making shapes till you create something.

8. Glass Blowing

While this isn’t something you could really do on your own unless you have some experience, I fully recommend taking the opportunity if it presents itself. Glass blowing is a beautiful art process because you get to watch the colors grow and see a glob of melted glass turn out to be something beautiful. This is one of the most elegant pieces of art someone could make.

What types of art do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Comment bellow!
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