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Different Toast Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Morning

Different Toast Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Morning

Different Toast Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Morning

As a college student, I am always looking for fun new recipes that are quick and easy, yet still satisfying, and I think I have finally found the solution. TOAST.

Waking up in the morning can be such a drag, but knowing that I can easily make one of my creative new toast recipes definitely helps spice up my morning and motivate me for my busy day. These toast recipes are DEFINITELY the toasts with the most, so let’s check them out!

1. Avocado Toast

Okay sure, everyone on Earth either raves about avocado toast or turns away in disgust because it is just too mainstream for their hipster aesthetic. I’m not here to discriminate, I think avocado toast is ABSOLUTELY delicious, so I will continue encouraging its consumption.


Two of my favorite avocado toast recipes to spice up your classic smashed avocado toast is with a bit of lemon, salt, and pepper and by adding a sliced up boiled egg to the top of it. Why stop there? I then add a bit of sriracha over top or spoon on a bit of salsa! Regardless of the additional toppings you choose to add to the avocado, if you make it your own then it cannot possibly be “too basic” for you.

2. Yogurt Toast

This is one of the toast recipes that requires absolutely no effort, which makes it all that much better. The specific bread that I recommend before slathering greek yogurt on top is Ekezial Bread (that you can buy at your local Trader Joe’s or basically any grocery store). You can definitely apply the recipe to any bread of your choosing, but I find that this sprouted bread is the least likely to become too soggy to enjoy, which is why I recommend it.

Choosing your choice of yogurt is completely up to you as well! Being lactose intolerant, I typically choose a coconut milk based yogurt, but the options are endless (whether you choose classic greek yogurt, soy yogurt, etc.)! After toasting your bread, just spoon some yogurt over the top, spread it around and then comes the fun part. My FAVORITE way to enjoy this toast is with a combination of strawberries or raspberries on top. You could also add thin slices of kiwi, pomegranate seeds, or nearly any fruit of your choosing! If you aren’t in a fruit mood, either stick just with the yogurt and some chia seeds or add something like slivered almonds or walnuts! Have fun with this one, and don’t hold back!


3. Mediterranean Toast

This recipe is a deliciously savory way to spice up your morning (or you could even spice up any part of the day as your lunch or dinner)! As with most toast recipes, all you need is a few different ingredients! Head to your nearest grocery store and grab your choice of bread, hummus, tomatoes, feta, and olives. This is all you need for a quick, decadent meal!

After toasting your bread, spread a generous layer of hummus to the top and start with your toppings! I encourage slicing your tomato slices into extremely thin slices and adding those to the toast first! Then sprinkle on some sliced olives and a little bit of feta! After doing this, I like to add a dash of salt and pepper before consuming my meal! While the ingredients may be incredibly simple, the flavor is sure not to disappoint your taste buds.


4. Scrambled Egg Toast

We all know the classic Denny’s-style breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, so why don’t we just add the eggs to the top of the bread and enjoy it as a delicious and trendy toast? Sounds like a great way to spice up the morning if you ask me!

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For this particular recipe, I recommend classic sourdough bread, and then the only other ingredient required is eggs. For two slices, I would scramble up three eggs in order to fully cover the slices! Toast your bread, scramble your eggs, and pile the egg to the top! That’s basically it! From there, you can get creative with condiments. My personal favorite is adding a bit of Cholula over the eggs, but you can choose any hot sauce or seasoning of your choosing! Don’t underestimate how delicious this toast recipe is despite how simple it sounds!

5. Almond Butter and Jam Toast

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Is it really necessary to add this to the list? I think YES. Sometimes we try to get too creative and out of the box with our toast recipes that we often forget about the classics. There is a reason that kids are raised on PB&J sandwiches; something about the flavors is just so comforting and satisfying. So, why not revisit them to spice up your morning!?


In this recipe, I recommend Ezekial bread once again. From there, pick your choice of natural jam (my favorites are apricot jam or blackberry jam). I like to toast two slices of bread and spread jam on one slice and almond butter on the other. From there, I get a spoonful of almond butter and drizzle it over the jam slice and do the reverse for the other slice! This keeps your ratio of jam to almond butter in check and makes each slice slightly different in its own right! I hope you take this classic recipe into account when thinking of how you would like to top your toast tomorrow morning!

These five different toast recipes are all wonderful ways to healthily and easily spice up your morning! Do you have a favorite recipe that you feel was left out of this short little list? Let us know down below in the comments!

Now, get toasting!!

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