10 Different Pieces Of Wall Art To Replace Your Tapestry

Finding pieces of wall art can be frustrating and time-consuming. Chances are you bought a tapestry and called it a day. Luckily, there are 10 different pieces of wall art to replace your tapestry listed down below.

Even if you’re into the idea of tapestries, there are plenty of options that will change your mind and opt for a different approach to the complicated world of home decor.

1. Painted Tarp

If you’re too afraid to let that tapestry go, then this is the perfect choice for you. If you lack all artistic integrity then ask your artist friend to come over and paint whatever their heart desires.


Even if you don’t have a tarp, an old bed sheet will do the trick just as nice. Nail that sucker to the wall and let the magic happen.

2. Shoeboxes

If only I didn’t toss out all of my Jordan shoe boxes, I could’ve cleared some clutter and really improve my home decor. You can easily convert these into rectangular shelves by painting them or cut some colored paper and glue it inside and around the box.

Once you’re done, fill them with vases, picture frames, or flowers that will add texture to your dull white walls.┬áThis different piece of wall art will replace your tapestry and give you an excuse to splurge on some new sneakers. I’d say it’s a win-win.


3. Popsicle Sticks

This is a great replacement for one reason: It gives you the chance to indulge in eating popsicles again. Or you can buy them in bulk at Walmart or something.

Just glue them together and paint a colorful design to match the aesthetics of your bedroom. The colors will pop and add dimension to your decor that is much more intimate than purchasing a tapestry at your local smoke shop.

4. Colored Tape

More specifically, washi tape is a Japanese decorative tape designed to add some flavor to the normal adhesive. If you’re in an apartment and can’t put holes in the wall, this is a phenomenal alternative. Form simple shapes like dots, and crosses for a great minimalist look.


If you’re more of an emotionless blob of mush then you can even opt for an all-black aesthetic, or go with glow in the dark the tape. I’m not sure that actually exists so don’t fact check me on that.

5. Frame Vintage Memories

Remember that concert flier you’ve had since junior high? Frame it and throw it up on your wall. I did this with a few newspaper clippings of my first concert, Watch the Throne, and it really looks fantastic.

It’s a vintage look that will really make your wall stand out and strike up interesting conversations. Nothing like a little personality in your pieces of wall art.


6. Vinyl Records

I had an ex once and the best gift I had gotten her, was a framed vinyl of an XX and while she didn’t appreciate it, I sure did. Just go to your local record store and find yourself some cheap records to prop up on your wall.

It should be noted that you don’t have to frame them either. When my grandmother died, we found dozens of the 7-inch single records without a case that I plan to hang on the wall of my new apartment.

Not only will you show your guests that you have great taste, but you’ll also show them you can be creative as well. The best part about using vinyl records is that even if they’re scratched you can still recycle and repurpose them as pieces of wall art.


7. Board Games

If you’re not using that old beat up monopoly game, then boy do I got an idea for you. Simply glue your favorite game pieces on the board and nail it to the wall.

Don’t limit yourself to games like scrabble either, remember that checkers case you’ve kept hidden in your closet? Break that sucker out to add some class to your room.

If you really want to get sophisticated, chess and shogi boards would go great with the next few items on the list.

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8. Greenery

Remember those shelves I spoke of? Well, add some small plants to show your commitment to nature. An itty-bitty cactus would do the trick.

If you have an abundance of blank wall space, then a tall potted plant will fill just as much as your tapestry. These pieces of wall art will create a calm, serene setting for your place of peace.


9. Choose Your Artist

Recently, a girl asked if I was into art. I couldn’t help but think of the movie Velvet Buzzsaw for some reason. Anyway, the point is that instead of a tapestry, why not purchase a large print of your favorite artist?

There are plenty to choose from, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Picasso, but if you have no idea who those people are, that’s ok because I have one word for you: Instagram.

Instagram is a great visual medium, and at your fingertips are a plethora of digital artists that produce amazing content!


Bosslogic is a guy who uses photoshop to fan-cast actors in superhero roles. He’s even done some of your favorite movie posters, but he has some really great designs that would make wonderful pieces of wall art.

10. Oversized Black And White Photo

If you’re like me and dabble in photography, then why not?

If you’re set on the idea of a tapestry, but what something a little more nuanced, then take a photo or pick something from your photography friend’s portfolio and print it out on an oversized sheet and hang it up.


You can get really creative and set up your own photoshoot, in your house, and use that photo for your piece of wall art.

A large space can be intimidating, but instead of pinning a tapestry to the wall, try these alternatives instead. If you’re thinking of replacing your tapestry, comment below and let us know which one interests you the most! And don’t forget to share with others who are in need of change!