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12 Different Nail Shapes You Have To Try

12 Different Nail Shapes You Have To Try

I am a firm believer that a nice nail moment will add to any look you try to pull off but the problem is, nails are like boyfriends, you have to look around and find the one that will work with you or else your relationship won’t end well and they’ll drive you absolutely crazy. That’s why you need to find a nail shape that matches who you are and what you want to be. If you want to be the baddest bleep on the block, go for a pointed tip so everyone knows you’ll claw their eyes out if need be. No matter what you choose just know its never too late to switch it up and go for a new look. Nails come in and out of style but if they’re on you, they’ll always look good. I’ve curated a list involving lots of research to help you find the best possible options for nail shapes so that you go out feeling good and looking even better. With twelve options to choose from, you’re bound to find your soulmate, the nails you match with perfectly sooner or later. Oh, and dont forget, all nails can be adjusted by your nail tech however you’d like, so add your own flare! 

1. Square Nails

A square nail is a classic look and will elevate any look. Naturally, our nails will aim on a more square side when growing out so depending on how sharp you have them go with the edges, they can either look super natural or like the corners could kill. Square nails look especially good with designs on them but you have to be careful not to scratch yourself, trust me. 


2. Rounded Nails

A rounded nail is harder to pull off than others, in my opinion. Rounded nails can look super natural or blunt depending on how they’re shaped but overall they give a very effortless, “I don’t get my nails done, but I totally do get my nails done.” kind of way. Depending on your fingers shape, I’ve noticed they can make your hands and fingers look a little bit shorter than normal. If you can pull off a rounded nail, by all means, rock it girl.

3. Oval Nails

Don’t worry, I’m not repeating myself, rounded nails and oval nails are not the same thing. Oval nails are a bit straighter on the sides which helps avoid that shorter chunkier finger look that rounded nails can bring out. Oval shape does a great job elongating your fingers and makes any design look totally elevated.


4. Almond Nails

Now picture Oval Nails mixed with Rounded nails with a teeny tiny rounded out point on the top, that’s almond shape. Almond is a perfect shape for people who can’t commit to the really pointy nails but want a little more definition on the tip. 

5. Stiletto Nails

These bad boys are the pointy babes you see on Instagram that make you wonder how nobody has poked their eyeball out yet. Don’t worry, they’re not nearly as sharp as they look and are an incredible addition to any look. Stiletto nails look incredible with any color or style nails and can make a classic french manicure look next level.

6. Ballerina Nails

These nails can either be called Coffin or Ballerina Nails, but I prefer ballerina. These nails are exactly like the almond shape, they seem to come in towards a point on the sides but instead are flattened out on the tip. They are a super popular nail look right now, in fact, they’re often rocked by Kylie Jenner herself. 


7. Flare Nails

Flare Nails are similar to squares but have more of a V shape to them. The tip corners come out further than the sides which leads to the “flare” look. These are a great go to nail shape when you like to switch up nail color and design. I personally have yet to see someone rock them in person so I know they’re a unique and trendy shape to make a statement. 

8. Edge Nails

Edge Nails are hollowed out more than a stiletto nail so they aren’t as sharp and pointy. They can pull off a similar look though, without the pain of stiletto nail scratches. 

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9. Squoval Nails

Squoval nails look like round, oval nails but are flattened out on the top. There is no harsh edge to these nails and they are a very natural looking nail shape. Plus, no need to worry about getting scratched with the point from a classic square nail. 

10. Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain Peak Nails are similar to almond or stiletto nails but come to a peak shorter and faster than the rest. Their point is more harsh from the rounded out sides but totally capture the image that comes with a classic almond shaped nail. These nails are a super trendy look right now and make any super special nail designs look incredible.


11. Arrowhead Nails

Arrowheads are again another option of a shorter and less pointy version of stiletto that still packs the punch a stiletto nail does. For the most part, Arrowhead and Mountain Peak nails are interchangeable and some nail studios may not be familiar with the terms so be sure to have a photo example on hand. 

12. Lipstick Nails

Lipstick Nails are probably the least functional nail shape of all the options above but are for sure a statement look that will get you some compliments. Lipstick nails have a slight slant on the tip that is similar to the shape of a lipstick with the top off it. 


Let me know in the comments below if you try out any of these nail shapes. I’m obsessed with all of them and think each shape is an iconic statement that will add to all of your outfit choices each week. Find what nail shape fits for you and love it, baby! Comment nail inspo down below too, please. I am always looking for new styles to try.