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10 Different Nail Ideas For This Summer

10 Different Nail Ideas For This Summer

10 Different Nail Ideas For This Summer

Lets face it–everyone has at some point or another wanted to try a different nail style of design, you just have not had the courage or willpower to. The “well what if it doesn’t match my outfit” or “what if I don’t like it” are done after this article. Seriously.

With summer upon us and not a worry in the world, there is no other perfect time than to try out some of those designs you’ve been wanting to. And I don’t just mean designs or colors, shapes too. Here are 10 nail ideas you have to try this summer because…why not?

1. All different colors

My friend had this done for spring break, and it looked SO cute with her coffin nails. It would be cute on anyone, but this is for the bolder girl who isn’t afraid to have all different colored nails (I couldn’t do it for sure). Pastels look great if you decide to do this nail idea–light pink, light blue, light green, etc.


2. Little stars

I saw this on Pinterest and I loved it so much I’m going to copy it myself. Adding little stars to your ring finger or pointer finger (not all fingers), is such a cute and fun way to make your nails pop without being super over the top. White stars on any nail color would be perfect!

3. Mini hearts

Same idea, just hearts. The hearts look super cute especially if you plan to go on a vacation anytime soon.

4. Chrome nails

I love, love, (and I can’t stress this enough) LOVE chrome nails! Every nail salon calls them something different, but they are so cute and so trendy. I did them for a festival two years ago and I loved them. While they can be more on the expensive side, they are totally worth the money and time. The best thing about chrome is that they work with almost any nail color you can imagine, and any length.


5. Pinky and thumb design, others solid

I also saw this idea on Pinterest, and there is so much room for interpretation for these nails. The ones pictured below are different fingers, but still super summery and are so cute! It gives your nails just a little bit of wow factor, while still not being a solid boring color.

6. Marble

The marble can be hard to achieve, but if you trust your nail technician enough, go for it! If done correctly, the marble looks super nice and compliments almost anything well. If you’re someone who wears a lot of basic or plain colors, I would highly recommend doing the marble.

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7. Cheetah accent nail

If you didn’t already know, animal print is so in! Whether it’s cheetah, zebra, or something else, you can’t go wrong. While I realize you may not want your entire nails to be cheetah, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cheetah–for that matter, just pick an accent finger and put it on there. You don’t even have to stick to the basic colors of cheetah print, you can do whatever you feel like!

8. Almond nail shape

A nail shape that I’ve always wanted to try is almond. The coffin seems very overrated and almost everyone at some point or another has had it. Try the almond shape with one of the designs, it’s super cute and compliments everyone.

9. Sunset nails

Another picture I saw on Instagram and instantly fell in love with–sunset nails! They are definitely out there, but there’s no other perfect time to try these other than summer. You can use any color you think would look good as ombre, but these are killer and cute!


10. Cow print

Shout out Kendall Jenner–I can’t take credit for these nails, but I will tell you the Jenner sisters know their nails. These cow print nails are so different, and you are guaranteed to get compliments on them left and right.

Try one, or try them all–summer is super long for a reason!

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