Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Every avid beauty lover knows that the cat-eye winged liner is a staple for any glam look. But for how long will this last? The cat-eye liner has been popular for years now. There isn’t any other liner look that’s as popular as it. Honestly, we’re getting antsy. We’re bored with the same old routine of taking a black matte liquid liner and flicking it across our lids. We want new ideas to try out! Maybe we should take a look below. We heard Society19 made a list of different eyeliner looks to switch up our makeup routine.

We’re Blue and We Love it

For those of us who are easing into a transition away from a basic cat-eye, we recommend a dark blue eyeliner. It’s not too far from a black eyeliner but when a person gets close to you, they’ll definitely notice. Blue eyeliner is a good way to dip your feet into the end before jumping in headfirst. This look is subtle yet stunning. It’s perfect for a day or nighttime event. Keep the rest of your makeup natural for a daytime look or find some matching lipstick for a nighttime look that will kick it up a notch!

Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Dotted Eyeliner

This is one of the more basic eyeliner looks. Putting small dots underneath the eyes takes the focus and puts it on your iris’. This look is simple, easy, and time-saving. Forget the liner on the top lid altogether and go out with just some dots! The look is youthful and fun. Do a row of small dots to give the illusion of a thicker lower lash line! This look is simple and modern so it would be perfect for a daytime look or paired with a minimalistic outfit.

Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Negative Space Liner

This is one of the more bold eyeliner looks. This look plays with negative space. It has an artsy feel and although it may take you some time to perfect it, we believe it will be worth it. Pop a pastel color on the lid to fill in the blank space or keep it empty to show off what your momma gave ya! This look is show-stopping and definitely different than your average makeup routine. This look says “I have arrived.”. The look is bold so we suggest keeping the rest of your makeup natural and simple so that the eyes can be the focus of the look.

Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Glitter Liner

Who doesn’t love glitter are we right? Glitter is the essence of our very souls so why not express that by putting it on our face? Gold is a metallic shade that’s really in right now, so a gold glitter would definitely be a winner. If gold isn’t your fave, try silver! It matches with any outfit. Glitter is definitely a glam look as managing it can be a hard task but it’s a small price to pay to get glittery eyes. This look is very bold so it’s perfect for special occasions or anytime you feel like eyes should be on you.

Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

White Eyeliner

This juicy eyeliner looks like it might be your new favorite. Run to your local drugstore or makeup counter and get yourself a white liner pencil. Line your lower waterline and voila! Something new! Lining your lower waterline helps to open up your eyes and make them seem bigger than they are. So if you’ve ever envied pretty dolls or any girl in an anime, this look is for you. This is a cute and adorable look so it’s perfect for daytime and hanging out with friends.

Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Inner Corner Eyeliner

Consider this: just adding liner to the inner corners of your eyes. That’s it. That’s the whole look. Now, I know sometimes in makeup, more is more but trust us on this one. This eyeliner looks like you’ve done a cat eye when you really haven’t. You have cut the time it takes to do it in half though. This is a sexy and grown look so it’s perfect for a date night or special occasion.

The great thing about makeup is that it’s a form of self-expression. And while having favourite eyeliner looks is great, why not switch it up every once in a while and try something a little more daring? Life is short! Tell us how you’ve switched up your eyeliner game lately in the comments below!

Featured image source: beautytrendstoday.com
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