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Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

If you're looking for some date night ideas to do this holiday season, then we've got you covered. Christmas markets, movies, and more! Your SO will love these dates.

As the festive season is approaching, this is the time we get to spend quality time with our loved ones. The time where love and happiness is spread all around the world and is encouraged by all (maybe not all). As they say, it’s the season to be jolly and bright, so why not make memories that will last a lifetime? Here’s the festive season low-down – different date night ideas perfect for the festive season.

1. Christmas Market

If a good old Christmas market doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, then I don’t know what will! A visit to a Christmas market is the ultimate festive outing. Wrap up warm and grab a hot chocolate while taking a stroll around the grounds. From Christmas decorations to snack stalls – there’s nothing you can’t get your hands on at a top Christmas market! Feeling super festive? Grab yourselves a comforting creamy hot chocolate (mini marshmallows go without saying. Oh, and I don’t have to remind you about cream and a chocolate flake, do I?), or why not opt for a hot spiced mulled wine to really get the taste buds going. Take a romantic stroll around the market and take in the magical festive atmosphere.

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

2. Ice Skating

Opt for something a little bit more adventurous this festive season. Why not take a trip to the ice skating rink? Whether you are both beginners or pros – ice skating is a fun and festive way to kick start the holiday season. Perfect for a first date, it’s the ultimate ‘icebreaker’… Ice skating is an ideal opportunity to be silly and have lots of fun with your loved one. An exciting and enjoyable date night, a guaranteed ‘laugh until your face hurts’ evening with your partner.

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

3. Netflix And Chill

Sometimes, all we want is a chill night and some quality time with the one we love. We want cuddles, laughs and endless amount of chocolate (and Doritos, Haribos, ice cream Рwell, anything will do). Get warm and cosy with your favourite blanket and settle down to watch your favourite festive film. Go for a Christmas classic; The Grinch, The Santa Clause or what about A Christmas Carol? Go all out and have a festive flavoured hot chocolate, while being snug with your loved one. Why not be relationship goals and wear matching pyjamas? (Totally unnecessary, but totally, necessary?)

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

4. Concert

Plan your date night in advance, so you have something to look forward to over the festive season. Something exciting, where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. Get tickets to your favourite singer and dance all night to your favourite songs, what better date night than an entertaining one? Sing and dance until your hearts are content.

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

5. Cinema

Some may say the cinema is a boring way to spend your night, a mediocre way to treat your date. But, correct me if I’m wrong – what better way to avoid actually talking to your partner? Two hours of peace and harmony, just you and the oh-so-gorgeous Bradley Cooper. But apparently, some people actually like talking to their loved one (I mean, really?). If that’s the case (I’m sure it is) why not go early and grab something to eat on the way? Fill up on an all you can eat buffet, or go all out and book a table at your favourite restaurant.

 Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

6. A Night At The Theatre

Treat yourselves and get yourselves to the theatre for a night of charm and elegance. A magical night at the theatre is a delightful way to spend a well over-due date night with your partner. Whether you opt to see a musical or a Christmas classic, an entertaining and memorable night is ahead of you. Why not get in the festive spirit and be merry with a glass of red wine (or five), and if the night’s still young, take a visit to the local bar and make it a night out to remember.

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Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

7. Christmas Lights Switch On

Something a little different to get you and your loved one into the festive spirit, what about taking a trip to your local switch on and throw a cheer for the upcoming holiday season? Get involved and start the celebrations early. Although it’s never too early, after all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

8. A Meal For Two

Cook your loved one their favourite meal and have a romantic dinner for two, opt for a proper winter warmer or a festive feast – a well thought through (3 course I might add) dinner date will guarantee huge appreciation and gratitude from your partner. Light some candles and completely set the mood, why not play some relaxing music while you’re at it? ¬†Keep it as a surprise for an idyllic and meaningful night, a perfect date for a low-key evening with your loved one.

Different Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Festive Season

Have you got any date night ideas that are perfect for the festive season? We’d love to know! Share your ideas in the comments below.
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