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Different Clothing Aesthetics Any Man Can Achieve

Different Clothing Aesthetics Any Man Can Achieve

Sometimes men feel like they can’t experiment when it comes to fashion but 2020 is a new time. Men are feeling more comfortable to have fun experimenting with their fashion and looks. There are so many different men’s aesthetics that any man could try and do. It’s all about finding the aesthetic you are most comfortable in and you can’t do that without giving some new aesthetics a try.

Gothic Aesthetic

This aesthetic is a little out there but it’s a great style to try out for any guy. For this aesthetic, it’s not as simple as just wearing all black. It’s all about layers and accessorizing. Layer on a mesh shirt over a plain black one or layering a tee shirt over a turtleneck. You can add chains around your neck or along your belt and pants. This look is all about the layers, the way you were those layers, and deep dark colors. The gothic look obviously isn’t for everyone but I think it’s a great aesthetic for everyone to try once. You never know, you might find pieces that you’ll end up adding to your regular aesthetic.


Cottagecore Aesthetic

This one is for my soft boys who are looking for a cute outdoorsy aesthetic. This look is for someone who is into the softer looks that have a bit of an old-timey vibe to them. For this look, you wear loose-fitting corduroys and a loose button-up. You could also wear some overalls with a basic tee. One really cute cottagecore outfit is wearing some plaid brown paints, a button-up shirt, and some suspenders. This aesthetic is just really cute and great for someone to experiment with their fashion without being too out there. 

Streetwear Aesthetic

This is an aesthetic that almost every guy already does. Streetwear is super simple to follow. You just need to wear a hoodie and some looser fitting jeans. Add some layers to the look by adding a belt and putting on a denim jacket. Streetwear is just such a simple aesthetic that every single guy is able to achieve. It’s hard not to look great in streetwear. 


Skater Boy Aesthetic

This aesthetic may seem similar to streetwear but is actually a move chiller version. Get a basic graphic tee shirt, cargo shorts or pants, and a dad cap. It’s all about a relaxed fit that is easy to move in. The obvious move is to wear classic skate shoes like Vans or even Converse. The skater boy aesthetic is what every guy in the early 2000s was trying to achieve because who didn’t love Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boy? You don’t have to be a skater to rock this aesthetic but who knows, you might pick up a new hobby with your new outfit.

Monochromatic Aesthetic

I love this aesthetic on men because it’s such a classic and sleek look. Just making a whole outfit that is a single color. The single colored outfit is not only a great aesthetic but they are also super aesthetically pleasing to look at. You can get this look by getting clothing pieces that are the same color or resemble the same color. Sometimes it’s really hard to find clothes that all match so people usually just wear all black to achieve this aesthetic. You could also do this look by wearing the same color but in different shades. This way you’ve got the monochromatic aesthetic and you don’t have to stress about making sure the shades are all exact. Although now there are some brands that do sell all outfits that are monochromatic.


Athletic Aesthetic

This is a really comfy aesthetic that is really attractive to guys. It’s super easy to do because you’ve probably got everything you need in your closet for this. You just need some athletic clothes and sweatpants. Top off the look with a beanie and either a varsity jacket or a bomber jacket. You can wear a branded crewneck like Champion or Nike. You could also go for a basic tee from Adidas and some grey sweatpants. Don’t forget to get some classic branded shoes like New Balance or Fila. This aesthetic is really comfortable and great for any guy who wants to try something new or add some cozy pieces to their wardrobe.

Vibrant Aesthetic 

The vibrant aesthetic is really just adding some bright colors to your looks. If you really wanna be out there try making a whole outfit using bright clothing pieces. It’s not too difficult to achieve this look because a lot of clothing brands are releasing clothing pieces that are bright neon. If you don’t want to wear a full neon look then just grab some smaller pieces to add to your looks like a neon beanie or a neon tee shirt. Maybe even accessorize with neon socks or a neon belt. The vibrant aesthetic is super fun to see and is a great way to add color to your outfits.


Business Casual Aesthetic

More guys should feel comfortable to dress business casual on a regular day. A simple colored pant and a button-up shirt and you could never go wrong. Add on some oxfords and maybe even a sweater vest to complete that bookworm look. You will always look work-ready in this kind of aesthetic. Sometimes this look can be a little uncomfortable for guys that aren’t used to it. You could make it even more casual by wearing a crewneck over the button up with the collar sticking out. This will make the outfit more casual and maybe help you feel more comfortable wearing it. 

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Classy Casual

The classy casual look is a more elevated version of the business casual. This guy is the guy who is prepared to do a business deal, close that business deal, then takes his girlfriend out on a nice date. Outfit ready to take on the world. This look is sleek, slim, and sexy. It’s perfect for any guy that wants to look and feel confident. Achieve this aesthetic by wearing a tight-fitting turtleneck sweater with a simple chain and dress pants in the turtleneck tucked in. Don’t forget the classy belt around the waist to cinch it and give you that slim and sleek look.


Lumberjack Aesthetic

You can’t go wrong with this outdoorsy aesthetic. A simple oversized plaid shirt and some blue jeans with some combat boots. It’s so comfortable and you’re just ready for a casual day out. This aesthetic is so comfy looking and every girlfriend knows they want to borrow those flannels from their boyfriends.

Biker Aesthetic 

The final aesthetic is the biker aesthetic. This outfit is for the guy that wants to look rugged and ready for a day out. It is a tougher look that is also now being turned into a fashion-forward one. Wear some tight-fitting black ripped jeans, chains on the jeans, a basic tee shirt, and of course the leather jacket. No biker aesthetic is complete without a leather jacket. 


Which of these aesthetics are you going to try? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can find the perfect aesthetic for them to try.