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5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room

University halls are not the most exciting of places and sometimes you need to liven them up a little bit. This is easily done by adding a few home touches to your room and putting your personal stamp on it. Print off some pictures, add some fairy lights, add a few ornaments or flowers and most importantly, pick one of these blankets to make your room feel all cozy and welcoming.

Also, there is now an extra layer of warmth for you when your ancient heating doesn’t work, or you just feel hungover and want to cuddle up on your bed and watch a trashy teen movie. Either way, your blanket won’t only make your room feel a lot cozier and home-like, but it will come in more handy than you think. Time to snuggle up and get some ultimate blanket inspiration. 

Chunky Knit

The most modern of the bunch – the chunky knit blanket. It is so cozy and warm and the fabric is amazingly soft. The blankets themselves are really in at the moment so are really easy to find online and on the high street. They come in all types of colors, patterns, and designs so you will be able to find one that suits your rooms’ vibes perfectly. It will sit lovely on a chair or as a throw on top of your bed. Perfect for those mornings that you just want to snuggle and watch a film with a fresh cup of coffee. Chunky knit blankets are the most trendy blankets of all. If 2019 was a blanket – this would be it! 

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room


A faux fur blanket will be all you need to get cozy in your dorm room in the winter. In the summer months, it can make a great bed throw or it can double up as a rug (if your room has that much floor space of course). They are the perfect blanket if you like to get cozy and you can deal with the warmth. It is also the perfect thing to give some life to your tiny little university room. You can get one that matches the tones of your room or a funky one which gives some life to your room. Either way, a fur blanket will be the next purchase you make for your dorm room! This one, unfortunately, will be slightly more expensive and you won’t be able to make this one yourself but if you like the simple route and are opting for a cute buy, this is the blanket for you. Plus, they last for a really long time so you will get your money’s worth and are super soft! 

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room


A patchwork blanket can be a really personal and cute thing to give some life to your dorm room. You can collect the scraps yourself and make it or you can get someone to stitch it together for you. It can be made from old t-shirts, blankets, odd materials and stuff that makes you think of home. What is also great is that you can wash it all at home before you sew it together so when you smell it (obviously before washing again) it will smell like home. It would be a great comfort blanket and what is great about a patchwork blanket is that you can decorate it however you like. Those cozy nights will be a dream when you are getting slightly homesick. You can even get pieces from relatives and friends who you would like to take with you to uni so you can sit and cuddle them. A great piece of home to bring to university with you. A home from home. 

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room

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Pompom blankets are going to be the next big trend. They are super cute and also they are one of the more affordable on this list. They can also be premade so buying them will be a breeze, but if you like the personalization of a blanket and don’t have the most creative hands, buy a normal blanket and create your own pompoms and stick them on with a hot glue gun and some extra wool. They can look great as a bed throw on the end of the bed or they can look cute draped over the corner of a bed. Or decorate a chair with the blanket or place it in an open shelf or on top of a stool. Basically, wherever you put this blanket it will make your dorm room look adorable. They come in so many colors so you can match the theme you are going for. You may have to excuse the horrible patterned uni curtains, however. But besides that, anyone who goes into your room will notice your lovely blanket. Pompoms are the nest best thing and they’re also very fun – what more could you want?

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room

Colourful Knit

Knitted blankets are something that will never die out. If you know someone in the family who can knit and has the time to knit you a blanket that is even better. You can even pick the wool you want and the colors to go in it and go from there. The great thing about knitted blankets is they can stay with you for years and years. You may even have one spare from when you were little. Adding a bit of color in there will inject a dash of color into your room and what’s more is that it will look amazing and you will want to use it all the time. If there is someone you know who knits it would also be a great way to remember that person, such as your grandmother or your mother, take a bit of them with you to uni. A colorful and traditional way to use a blanket to brighten up your dorm room!

5 Different Blankets That Will Liven Up Your Dorm Room

Comment below your favorite way to decorate your dorm room with your favourite type of blanket. Or share with someone you know who is off to university and needs some decoration inspiration. 

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