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Different Additions To Try In Your Coffee This Morning

Different Additions To Try In Your Coffee This Morning

Different Additions To Try In Your Coffee This Morning

So, you’re looking for different additions to try in your coffee this morning? If you’re an avid coffee lover and regular drinker like me, you’re often looking for new ways to experience coffee and different flavors to try to change up this beloved beverage. Especially if you drink coffee every or nearly every day, the same flavors and ways of serving something like this can get old and tired. 

Try these additions to try in your coffee, there are also numerous combinations possible you can try depending on your likes and taste. See which you really enjoy, you may find yourself with some new favorites!


One thing that has come up recently this winter that I’ve tried and really enjoyed a change in is eggnog. It’s festive and provides an interesting contrast to the coffee itself. This like other suggestions can be done in numerous ways and with endless combinations depending on how you like your coffee in general, including with ice, milk, creamer, or just black. All are good choices merely based on preference. Nutmeg and/or cinnamon is also a great topper to this.


The eggnog was especially good iced with some milk in my own experience, to thin out the eggnog a little and make it more easily mixable. Per the winter season when eggnog is more available anyway, this addition is also great hot to warm you by the frosted window or when outdoors. This and future additions to try in your coffee mentioned are also great with a whipped cream topping, which is always fun in this as with hot chocolate, which coincidentally is also great in coffee!

Orange Juice

Another great addition to try in your coffee is freshly squeezed orange juice. You could probably use just a small bit of orange juice out of the carton, but I recommend some freshly squeezed from the fruit itself. This provides a fresher citrus flavor, that’s a lighter and easier addition to the coffee without extra ingredients or added sugar. I liked the stronger flavor of the orange as well. 

This addition is a great try for citrus lovers, and there are other fruits you can similarly try. You might also enjoy a small spoon of raspberry syrup or raspberry jam as well. They are a touch of sweetness and tart in delightful contrast to the coffee. What fruits have you enjoyed on your own?


Peanut Butter

If you are more of a sweet, dessert lover, you can try a little peanut butter in your coffee today. If you like a touch of savory, with the added benefit of some protein and body to your morning beverage, this addition may be for you. The nuttiness is a great different addition to the coffee flavor.

Peanut butter can also be tried in combination with things like chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, and other spices such as hazelnut or cinnamon among others. Chocolate shavings can be done with any type of chocolate bar, and type of chocolate depending on preference, and a knife, grater, or even vegetable peeler handily available. Other kinds of butter, including nut butters, are also nice in similar ways here too, such as sunflower butter or sun butter, cookie butter, almond butter, and cashew butter.



Another festive and/or sweet addition to coffee is marshmallows. This is good with small marshmallows, jumbo, or just a dollop of marshmallow fluff, which can be more easily and quickly mixed in. This choice, like many of the others listed, is also delicious with numerous other add-ins or combinations. This coffee is good with peanut butter, other nut products, and/or chocolate products. 

If you like minty, this also pairs really well with peppermint in syrup form or in a cute candy cane. At holiday gatherings or with family and friends, coffee with marshmallows and peppermint sticks or canes are a cute beverage to serve. 

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Curry Powder

If you like a little kick in your coffee, an interesting addition I have really enjoyed is curry powder. This gave a wholly new flavor to the drink and was a nice change. If you like spicy seasonings like this, you can also try chili powder. I also really enjoy Mexican chocolate as an addition to coffee, which often contains chili powder and gives a nice kick and contrast to sweeter foods.

More intense spices such as these also add a nice warmth to the beverage as you drink it, warming and invigorating your throat and senses delightfully. While I first experienced curry powder in coffee at one of my favorite coffee places, it was a new flavor I personally never would have thought of and have greatly enjoyed as one of my current favorite ways to have coffee.

Maple Syrup

As someone who typically drinks coffee exclusively to wake up first thing in the morning and with breakfast, a great way to view coffee, especially with consideration to how it’s served, is as a pairing to this first meal of the day. Maple syrup is an interesting pairing you can try which goes naturally well with most typical breakfast foods, a lot of which are served explicitly with this syrup. 


If you are a bacon and/or pork lover in general, this coffee addition can be especially delightful when served with bacon strips or ham slices at breakfast. The maple flavor is a nice compliment to the coffee taste, and sweet, unusual addition. This coffee goes great with any sweet or breakfast food you may enjoy. 


Many of these additions to try in your coffee your morning cup of coffee will simply depend on your own personal preference of sweet, savory, spicy, nutty, fruity and/or natural. There are innumerous pairings and combinations here you can try among any other these might bring to mind. Mixing up your daily food and drink experiences is a great way to continue to widen your tastes and desires, giving you continuously new things to try and recommend to others who may be looking to change things up.

New things to try are especially nice with something you taste and experience often, or daily like me. Hopefully, some of these suggestions give you ways to make an old favorite feel like a new, exciting drink to start your day and inspire you. Let us know in the comments what other coffee additions to try in your coffee you have tried and loved, and what your experiences were with some of these!