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25 Different Accessories To Spice Up Any Outfit

Purses, belts, jewelry, oh my! There are so many choices when it comes to accessories. Here are 25 different accessories that will help you spice up all of your outfits.

1. Amazon’s Tiny Gold Hoops

These earrings are my absolute fave. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. You can wear them with pretty much any outfit. They are perfect for a night out, or even with just casual wear.

Get them here:

2. Vintage Sunglasses

Tiny vintage sunglasses have become super popular over the past few years. You can find them at a ton of different stores, and they are not too expensive!

Get them here:

3. Classic Black Purse

Whether you are going out for the night or running errands, this black baguette bag is a perfect choice. It goes well with any type of outfit, and although it is small, it can hold a good amount of stuff.

Get it here:

4. Butterfly Hair Clips

I am OBSESSED with these. If your style tends to follow the Y2K trends, these would look amazing. The colors stand out in your hair, and they are super easy to put in. You don’t even need to do an actual hairstyle when you wear them too. Just clip them in your hair wherever you want!

Get them here:

5. Patterned Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, face masks have become a staple item. We have to wear them to stay safe, so why not have some fun and match them to our outfits? Also, reusable masks are more eco-friendly than disposable ones!

Get them here:

6. Colorful Scrunchies

Scrunchies have totally made a comeback within the last few years. I don’t even remember the last time I used a regular hair tie. They add so much flair to a simple ponytail or bun. You can even wear a scrunchie around your wrist as a bracelet!

Get them here:

7. A Black Belt To Match Almost Anything

A black belt is a staple piece that you need to have. Throw it on with some black jeans to add something a little bit extra to the fit, or put it on with a dress to snatch up your waist. Black belts with gold hardware look super classy.

Get it here:

8. Fuzzy Purse

These bags have been all over Pinterest recently. You can find all different colors, sizes, prints, materials, etc. You can find them on Amazon (click the photo below for that one!), several retail stores, and on Depop, where a lot of sellers hand-make theirs. If you know how to sew, try to make one!

Get it here:

9. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are not only good for bad hair days, but they are sure to add some spice to your outfits. Princess Polly has a TON (my favorite is linked below) so you can find all different colors and patterns.

Get them here:

10. Funky Phone Cases

Although this is not something you wear on your body, phone cases can spruce up your outfits as well. Getting a case with cool patterns is a great way to add pops of color, too. Also, they make your mirror selfies that much better!

Get them here:

11. Chunky Rings

I’m telling y’all, Y2K fashion is coming in hard! Chunky rings are all the rage recently, and they have been all over my Pinterest board.

Get them here:

12. Claw Clips

These are my latest obsession. As someone who has been trying to limit the heat on my hair, I have been opting for claw clips most days. It is an easy hairstyle and gives off that “model-off-duty” look.

Get them here:

13. Layered Necklaces

Wearing layered necklaces is a great way to mix and match all of your different pieces. Pair chokers with necklaces of different lengths, or purchase a set of necklaces like the one down below.

Get them here:

14. Colorful Shoulder Bags

I do love a good plain black purse, but colorful ones are so fun too! If you tend to stick to wearing neutral colors, using a colorful bag will help bring a nice pop of color to your fit.

Get them here:

15. Beaded Bracelets

This is another item that has been making a comeback. What’s great about these is not only can you purchase them from stores, but you can also make your own.

Get them here:

16. Funky Socks

My favorite way to wear funky socks is to buy ankle socks and wear them with sneakers and high tops. You can see the detailing or pattern peeking through, and it isn’t too over the top.

Get them here:

17. Crystal Necklace

Not only are these adorable, but you can reap the benefits of the crystal. Find a crystal that has properties you like!

See Also

Get them here:

18. Pearl Barrettes

Does anyone else remember wearing barrettes every day in elementary school? Here we are several years later wearing them again. So cute!

Get them here:

19. Butterfly Earrings

I have seen earrings like these all over Instagram and Pinterest. They are dainty, lightweight, and adorable.

Get them here:

20. Oversized Sunglasses

Although tiny sunglasses are the newest sunglasses trend, I do not think oversized ones will ever go out of style.

Get them here:

21. Mini Backpack Purse

I know I’m not the only one who gets a sore arm from carrying a purse around all day. These are comfortable and cute!

Get it here:

22. Dainty Anklet

Whether you are wearing a dress, a skirt, shorts, or cropped pants, a dainty anklet will be a nice touch.

Get it here:

23. Birthstone Bracelet

Get your own birthstone or the stones of some of your loved ones!

Get it here:

24. Plaid Headband

Blair Waldorf is that you? Get Blair’s look with this adorable plaid headband!

Get it here:

25. Hair Scarf

Who needs hair ties anymore? Hair scarves are the newest trend in accessories, and you need to hop on the train ASAP!

Get it here:

Have fun accessorizing! Which one of these accessories is your fave? We are looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments down below!

Baylie Panattoni

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