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5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

From gluten-free diet to keto, and more. Dieting has been a common practicing for several years. There are people who wish to be fit, lose a couple pounds, or blend with the trend. Just how healthy these diet trends are isn’t being questioned. For years, there have been trials and errors around the world. If you have been keeping up with diet trends yourself, you may find that social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram do not shy away from the craze. Because there are hundreds of tips and tricks, hacks, and how-to’s out there, dieting comes and goes. There are however, 5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today.

1. Gluten-free

Gluten-free dieting is less of a diet trend, but more of a necessity. If you are someone who was born or has grown up too sensitive to the protein gluten or similar, then this diet is said to be essential for your health. The simple action is to avoid all things glutenous such as wheat, barley, and rye. Individuals allergic or sensitive to such may find that they have try this gluten-free diet. It has become a diet trend in the recent years when weight-loss was a universal topic given the many steps and solutions for it. Nowadays, food that is sold in stores have been labeled gluten-free when appropriate. Many restaurants have also added gluten-free diets on their menu, or at least low-calorie meals.

5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

2. Ketogenic

The Ketogenic or Keto diet trend is awfully familiar in the year 2019 and perhaps beyond that. This diet consists of utilizing healthy ingredients for food in your diet. As there are different types of keto diets, you will want to use which is best for your body and overall health. For example, in general, keto diet trends suggest to eat normally fulfilling meats, poultry, and fish because you need calories somehow. Although, carbs and fats are taken in moderation. You must manage how much carbs and fats will be in your meals based on the goals you want to achieve. As such, there will be standard or high-protein meals.

5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

3. Paleo

The Paleo diet, also known as the Paleothic diet or “hunter-gatherer” diet has people trying out seven-day diet meal plans. Such diet trend typically encourages smaller portions in meals. You must balance how much fat and carbs are consumed on a daily basis. For plenty of people, the diet works when they keep cravings to a minimum. By eliminating grains and dairy, you will be removing some portions of fats. This is a good diet for those who have consumed too much fats within their lifetime. Modern amounts of meat is still consumed giving the protein they need.

5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

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If you are someone who has medical problems, or trouble with hypertension, the DASH Mediterranean diet is for you. This diet trend enforces the lack of sodium in one’s diet. Sodium or salt is what mainly causes high blood pressure among adults. This diet may also help with low blood pressure if necessary. It will specifically help manage what types of foods have salt and what doesn’t. Everything else is of course, consumed in moderation. The DASH diet can assist with lowering calories since meals would also be smaller. As with any diet, exercise should be added to daily activities to balance health.

5 Diet Trends People Are Following Today

5. Mindful Eating

Relatively new, mindful eating allows people to stop and think about their food choices. How would certain meals benefit you mindfully and physically? Often times, not eating enough will weaken the body, hindering daily activities. On the other hand, over-eating may stop normal activities altogether. The key to mindful eating is to use food as a positive resource for overall health. If you think positively about yourself and what you eat, you may overindulge less or eliminate that desire. Mindful eating also helps with thinking clearly. Most of the time, people would force themselves to eat and then, obsessively do so. Ask yourself, why do I like eating? What foods do I enjoy? Too much of anything could be bad, but not difficult to manage.

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