10 Diet Plans That Match Your Lifestyle

Trying to lose a bit of weight? Or just tone up your bod in time for this summer but you just cannot seem to pin down and commit to one diet plan? There are many different styles of diet plans out there for people to choose from and individual people have their own particular ways of choosing to live their lives so I want to highlight 10 different diet plans that match different types of lifestyles.

1. Weight Watchers

Probably one of the most popular and well-known dieting options, this powerhouse weight loss company is renowned worldwide for their classes that are put on each week globally as well as their extensive range of low-calorie snacks and meals that are made to taste the exact same as the original full-fat version. Weight Watchers is great for people trying to ease their way into a diet as you do not have to completely cut out treats and fatty foods, you just need to learn self-control and not go crazy!

2. Meal Replacement

This diet plan can be dangerous if not carried out with extensive knowledge on what you are putting into your body/what you are depriving your body of. Popular meal replacement diets include protein and slimming shakes and replacing meals and snacks with smoothies and juices.

3. Atkins

The Atkins diet is a balance of carbs and high proteins and fats. This diet too can be dangerous if not executed accurately and can lead to negative side effects such as diabetes and can even go on to be factors in cancer diagnosis due to the body not receiving the right fuel to run smoothly.


A trend nowadays amongst diet plans is to go completely vegan. Going vegan means you do not consume any product that has come from an animal or is meat and this diet can be beneficial as you would have to block out dairy, meats, fish and all chocolate and a majority of sweets!

5. Vegetarian

Similar to Step 4, another diet that could suit your lifestyle is going veggie! Pretty much the same a going vegan but just being vegetarian is a good halfway meeting point for those of you who like me would not be able to give up dairy!

6. Zone Diet

Another popular diet plan that might be for you is the Zone Diet. This diet plan is known as splitting your food take into 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats which causes a slower release of sugar into the blood thus keeping you feeling fuller for longer. This might be a good diet plan for those of you who cannot resist picking at food all the time!

7. South Beach

A plan very similar to the Atkins diet, you will be losing weight a lot quicker with this one. You have to increase your intake of carbs, protein, and fat in order to keep yourself feeling fuller for longer.

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8.  Green Tea Diet Plan

One particular diet plan I felt needed a mention in this list was the Green Tea plan. You are meant to drink a cup in the morning as well as a cup before every meal you eat as it is low in calories and also the ingredients in the tea help reduce fat absorption.

9. Low Carb Diet Plan

A low card diet plan is said to one of the most beneficial diet plans out there as long as people stick to health and safety guidelines put into place by nutritionists and health experts. It is said to help you shed the pounds quickly but that a person should still have some kind of regular intake of carbs in their diet to maintain a healthier lifestyle

10. Gluten-Free Diet

A controversial one, that is commonly only done by people who suffer from allergies to Gluten or are celiac, but some people believe that cutting out gluten from your diet can be beneficial towards losing weight and staying healthy. Without gluten, a lot of bread, pasta and meats are off the table for you.

Which of these diets would work best for you? Does hearing about these different diet plans inspire you to want to get more fit and healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.lifehack.org/374907/how-start-eating-healthy-today-and-turn-your-life-around
Sidney Stanford

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