Diamond Glasses Frames: Fashion Staple Or Myth

Pulling off diamond glasses frames; definitely an interesting topic. For starters I think the answer is, you can’t. Not because you aren’t cool enough – I just don’t think I have ever encountered anybody wearing diamond glasses frames. Do they even make diamond glasses frames? You’d have to be one seriously classy MO-FO to have access to these shades. However, jeweled glasses frames… that’s something we can talk about. In light of keeping everything aesthetically pleasing, we’ll keep the name diamond glasses frames. Sounds like something Audrey Hepburn would appreciate so why not. Here are some ways to pull of diamond glasses frames.

Dolce and Gabbana did sport this look back during 2016 Spring Fashion Week. Since D&G usually owns the runway, here are a few diamond glasses frames to get inspired by. Obviously we can’t go splurging on $4,995 diamond glasses frames so we’ll just find faux pairs. These faux diamond glasses frames will have us feeling like we’re runway ready. No need for Bergdorfs or Saks. What I’d truly love to get my hands on are those Dolce and Gabbana jeweled headphones Rihanna wore. Too bad I’m broke.

Daisy Jeweled Frames

These aren’t bad. Kind of dig these.

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Colorful Jeweled Frames

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Floral Trimmed Frames

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Gold Toned Frames

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Gold Floral Embellished Frames

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More Floral Trimmed Frames And Then Some

If you look really closely, it looks like the center of the glasses is a woman making a kissy face. I think this activity is better than making shapes out of clouds. It also kind of looks like the golden snitch.

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And Then Some Frames And A Side Of Extra

I think the angels are a bit extra. I feel like I’m in the Sistine Chapel. Look at that little angel in the middle chillin on a little ruby. I see you angel.

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Subtle Extra Frames

Supposedly these are butterfly inspired.

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Emo Extra Frames

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Frida Kahlo Inspired Frames

C’mon Dolce, you were totally inspired by Frida Kahlo here.

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Chinese Dragon Inspired Frames


See … the resemblance is uncanny. I think I’m getting pretty good at determining Dolce’s sunglasses inspiration.

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Do you think you could rock diamond glasses frames? Comment below!
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