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10 Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

10 Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

10 Destinations That Won't Break The Bank

When the travel bug hits, you must choose destinations that won’t break the bank. If you do your research you can travel almost anywhere on a budget, but some places cater towards those on a tighter one. Here are 10 destinations that are enjoyable, informative, and fairly inexpensive.

San Antonio, Texas, USA

If you’re already located inside the U.S., a bundle flight and hotel stay in San Antonio will only cost roughly $600. That’s assuming you aren’t close enough to drive there. San Antonio is home to the infamous Alamo, a fantastic river walk, and a great zoo for the kids, there is no shortage of things to do while you’re there. Sometimes Airbnb is the better way to go when traveling on a budget, and Airbnb’s around San Antonio cost only around $45. If you happen to drive or can rent a car, it may benefit you to check those out instead of the traditional hotel.


Koh Lanta, Thailand

Thailand is a great destination for those who are wanting to enjoy the beach for a low price. One Thai Baht, the currency of Thailand, is equal to only 30 cents in U.S. dollars, making it an extremely cheap destination for those citizens. There are hundreds of sea tours and animal encounters available in Thailand and you will surely be able to jam pack your days with them.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A flight to Buenos Aires is only around $700 roundtrip from the Los Angeles Airport, and compared to many other international destinations this is fairly cheap. Buenos Aires is full of tourable cities and places to sightsee in. The majority of these sightseeing tours are under $30 and will take up the days you plan to spend in this city.

Montreal, Canada

TripAdvisor offers hotel and flight packages for a vacation to Montreal that cost under $1,000. There are plenty of parks to stroll in and neighborhoods to visit in this quaint city. They house a large immigrant culture, making the food scene extremely multicultural. For just a few dollars you can enjoy the famous Portuguese chicken on a fresh bun with mayo, tomato, and lettuce.


Moab, Utah, USA

Moab, Utah is home to two of the five national parks located in Utah. It is a city where the options are endless. You can save a lot of money by checking out the campsites or spend a little more in one of their top-notch resorts. Besides the national parks, there are endless hiking trails, river adventures, and the first Dinosaur park of this kind available to you in Moab.

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is often seen as a transit hub to other Moroccan cities but the lack of tourists make this city truly Moroccan. The Hassan II Mosque is one of the few actually open to the public outside of prayer time and is free to tour. It sits on the shore of the Atlantic and is, therefore, a beautiful place to spend the day at. The flight to Casablanca will cost a little over $1,000 for the States, but the majority of the activities you will enjoy will not cost you anything.


Nadi, Fiji

A lot of available residences in Nadi are actually apartments that can be rented out by the week so you will have a kitchen to cook your own dinners at night and save a ton of your budget for activities. Fiji is known for its breathtaking beaches and beautiful gardens, so it’s a great destination if you’re looking to really relax.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a gorgeous city with a lot of history to learn and artifacts to see, but it is also cheap. Flying in from JFK and a 6-night stay will cost you about $1,500 but the overall cost of staying and enjoying Cairo is fairly inexpensive. Expedia also offers various vacation packages that can also keep the costs down and save a significant amount of money as opposed to booking things on your own.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The best part about traveling to Puerto Rico is that if you’re from the states, you do not need a passport and that itself saves you $150. San Juan is a colonial town with cobblestone streets, scenic waterfronts and bright colored homes. This city gives you both the city life and a tropical escape. You will also have the opportunity to explore their nightlife, so make sure to budget money for that as well.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Most likely you will be able to drive Atlanta, but it’s also an easy flight in if you’re a little farther. Atlanta is home to one of the greatest aquariums in the whole U.S. and also houses many civil rights museums. These attractions do cost money so it would be best to research an Airbnb and pay a little less to stay there.


Which of these destinations is first on your bucket list? Comment below!

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