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15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation

Going on vacation is sometimes stressful. You have to pick the place, find a place to stay, find the things to do, etc….But going on a vacation as a couple is even harder. Its a balance of finding a place that will accommodate you and your partner versus finding the right feel to a place. You don’t want somewhere to romantic but you also don’t want somewhere that’s not romantic enough. Its a give and take…..but what if there was a list to help you figure out where you and your partner could possibly go…….

1.  Park City, Utah

Home of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…….Park City, Utah is just a little over 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s home to the countries largest independent film festival and part of the 2002 Olympic Park. The former mining town is the perfect mountain getaway. It’s become a celebrity hot spot during the winter as well. You can shop on Main Street at the quaint shops. Eat at the High West Distillery or Grappa. Visit the Park City Museum to learn about the history of the area. And walk along the hiking trails! 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation

2.Napa Valley

For the love of Wine Country! Napa Valley is home to dozens of vineyards in the small town of Napa, California. You can kayak on the Napa River. Have lunch at the Napa General Store and participate in the “blind” wine tasting. Visit the artworks of Gordon Huether. Go to as many wine tastings as possible and explore the vineyards. And stay at one of the many resorts and spas that Napa has to offer. 

3. Sedona, Arizona

The perfect setting for the perfect picturesque Instagram photo! Just a short distance away from both Phoenix and Scottsdale. Take a hike in the state park for just $7 and enjoy the beautiful scenery and walk across the Devil’s Bridge. If you don’t want to go to the Devil’s Bridge, then visit the West Fork Trail and enjoy the amazing canyons. Eat at the Desert Flour Bakery for a pre-hike snack or enjoy lunch at the legendary Tortas de Fuego. Shop in central Sedona and visit the small shops. Get a spiritual reading or healing as well. And if you don’t feel like walking then take advantage of the jeep tours! 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


4. Paris 

The city of love! A Parisian getaway is the perfect couple’s trip. Stay at the Intercontinental Le Grand in central Paris. Visit the Eiffel tower and have a romantic picnic on the lawn and also visit the tower at night as well to see the lights shine on the tower. Take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and ride the rowboat along the grand canal. Also, explore the garden at the palace as well. See a show at the Opera Garnier. Take a walk along the Seine River and see the Mona Lisa at the Lourve during the night. Cement your love by putting a lock with both of your names on the Pont de Arts and throw it into the Seine. 

5. Greek Islands

When I was a teenager I loved the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Mainly because I wanted to have a summer romance with a cute Greek boy on a beautiful island. The Greek Islands is the perfect romantic backdrop. The beautiful blue seas and history alone add to the mystique. Santorini and Milos are known for amazing food, structures that are carved atop the volcanic landscapes. Folegandros is home to white sandy beaches and clear blue water.  Astypalea is the first smoke-free island and is worlds away from modern technology and life. Amagros is also more of the traditional greek island and doesn’t focus on the luxuries of the other islands. The islands not only mix luxury but the traditions and beauty of Greece. 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


6. Maldives 

A place in the middle of nowhere. This island vacation is home to one of the most beautiful resorts. The private villas in the middle of the ocean. With private pools and slides. Ride the bikes in between the private villas among the resorts. There’s an onsite garden that offers fresh food on the island. Scuba dive and explore the ocean. And take a romantic boat trip at sunset.

7. Big Sur, California

Located on the Monterey Peninsula. Big Sur is the idyllic beachside town located near Monterey, CA. The ocean side town is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. Hike or backpack on the Skyes trail and camp along the Big Sur River. Visit the Mcway Waterfall in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and also explore the “purple sand” on the beach. You can even go glamping at one of the various resorts along the coast. 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


8. Cape Cod

The perfect New England getaway. Located on the Massachusetts coast, this is the perfect summer or weekend getaway. This small town encapsulates the feel of New England. Eat a bowl of clam chowder or eat a Lobster Roll at one the beachside restaurants in the marina. Hunt ghosts that inhabit the island. Visit the JFK Museum and learn about the legendary US president. Go whale watching in Provincetown and explore the lighthouses. And take a ferry ride to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. 

9. Niagara Falls

The honeymoon capital of the world! The falls is the perfect couple’s destination. Ride along one of the seven wonders of the world on the maid of the mist. Visit both the Canadian and American sides of the falls. On the American side, eat at the various restaurants and walk the state park along the falls. On the Canadian side, visit the various wax museums. Or go go-kart racing at the Mario Kart-style go-kart track (only open during the summer). Have a romantic dinner at the various casino/spa’s overlooking the falls. 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


10. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A quiet place away from civilization. Jackson Hole is famous for its scenic mountain views and resorts. Ski or snowboard at one of the various resorts in the snow-covered mountains. During the winter the town transforms into a winter wonderland covered in white lights. Take a tour on the snowmobile’s and even take one into Yellowstone National Park. Or take a swim at the hot springs at Yellowstone. 

11. Savannah, Georgia

A southern touch. This small town, located in the heart of Georgia, is famous for its weeping willow trees and beautiful attractions. Take a tour of the various plantations and learn about some of Georgia’s history. Visit the historical center and walk along with the mansions and town square. Enjoy some of the South’s best food even try the Alligator! Take a tour of one of the haunted sites and ghost hunt! Visit Forsyth Park and the famous fountain. And take a cruise along the river!

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15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


12. Cabo

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This resort getaway is the perfect Mexican getaway. Stay at the Solaz Resort and book a room with a private pool. Take a sailboat with Cabo Adventure and watch a beautiful sunset. Visit lovers beach and go snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. 

13. Portland 

Keep Portland weird! This Pacific Northwest town is known as the weirdest town in America. Stay in downtown Portland or the pearl district. Visit the Chinese Garden in China Town. Eat at Voodoo Doghnuts. Drink a cappuccino at Presso. Hike at Multnomah Falls and enjoy the waterfall. 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation


14. Aspen

This celeb winter getaway is the perfect winter stay. Ski at one of the various resorts. Shop at the small-town shops. Hike along the mountains and trail. Take a fishing trip and look at the scenic views.  

15. Hawaii

Who wouldn’t love the islands? Hawaii is the ultimate couple’s vacation destination. Cliff dive into the ocean. Drive with the windows in between the islands. Participate in a traditional laua. Explore the volcanic formations and enjoy the sandy beaches. 

15 Destinations That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Couples Vacation

Finding romance in every location isn’t hard. There are always places to go and explore. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the person you choose to share your experience with. 

Some of the best destinations in the world can also be some of the romantic places in the world. Comment below on some of your favorite couple destinations. 

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