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6 Destinations for Affordable Travel in your 20s

6 Destinations for Affordable Travel in your 20s

The years of your twenties, while overflowing with thrill and opportunity, is not a time period most would describe to be bursting with financial stability. Between academics, social conflicts, and a probable lack of funds, travel during your twenties is in most cases, no easy task. Whether you are still hitting the books and looking to plan an exhilarating getaway, or are fresh out of college and looking to get a taste of seeing the world, travel is a possibility for you even if your wallet is looking a little dry. From exploring the exotic rainforests in Sri Lanka to strolling cobblestone streets in livey city of Naples, Italy, affordable travel exists and these 6 locations are calling your name. 

Kos, Greece

Extensive sandy beaches stretch along the water line, towering palm trees, and historic architecture. Do I have your attention yet? Kos or Kos Town is the third largest island of the Dodecanese Islands and has received the deserving title of being a young city filled with a rich history. Kos is unique in that it truly is a destination that can accommodate the needs of every style of traveler. Looking for adventure? Try your hand at windsurfing and sail across crystal clear waves of the Mediterranean Sea or maybe set off on a hike to Asklepieion and get your own look at this majestic Ancient Greek temple. If putting your feet up with a drink in hand is more your speed, Kos has your back. Amongst its many natural wonders, the island of Kos is known for its majestic hot springs. Start your day off soaking in the Thermal Springs on Kos’s rocky shore and finish with a relaxing sunset cruise, letting the unmatched scenery enrapture your mind. The options at Kos are endless and the best part about it is that you can do it all while effortlessly sticking to your budget. When it comes to living costs, hotel accommodation in Kos is remarkably almost 70% less expensive than that in the United States. When it comes to a combination of affordable travel and unbeatable destinations, Kos is the place for you. 

Bali, Indonesia 

In the past decade, Bali has taken off in terms of it being a financially friendly, remarkable travel destination. Set in the heart of Indonesia, Bali is nothing less than a gem bursting with natural beauty and rich with culture and life. The cost of life in Bali is nothing in comparison to what we experience in the United States. From meals to living to transportation, the truth of the matter is, day-to-day expenses within Bali are simply just set at a lower price. In fact, Bali is so affordable that you may even be able to make your stay something of a luxury. With typical local food costing just around 1 to 2 American dollars and hotel rooms ranging from 20 to 30 American dollars a night, Bali will most defiantly not be a trip where feelings of financial stress are lingering in the back of your mind. Take some of that unused cash and put it towards a surfing lesson and spend a day riding the gentle waves up onto the banks of soft white sand beaches. Spend a morning relaxing in a Yoga Barn and channel the inner peace that flows throughout the island or maybe go for a more adventurous activity and strap on a water jet pack and take in Balis magnificence at over 30 feet into the air. Take to the tropics without breaking the bank and explore the magical essence that lives within Bali.  


Naples, Italy

For anyone seeking an authentic experience of a bustling historic city and birthplace of pizza while maintaining great affordability, Naples should be top on the list for your next travel excursion. Typically, travel to Italy is not necessarily known for being the most cost friendly of options, from Rome to Florence and many other parts of Northern Europe, you may want to have a little more stored away in the bank before taking this trip on. Naples, however, stands out as an exception from these other costly destinations and can be counted on for being accommodating to all ranges of budget. Beyond being widely known for its fresh dining options and historical charm, Naples offers countless things to do that will keep you on your feet as you explore the open stone-cut streets. Start off your trip with a free walking tour and sparing no cash while getting introduced to the wonders of Naples. Get an inside look at all the hidden, must-see spots within the city while gazing upon some of the country’s most magnificent architecture. A day in Naples including eating, living, and transportation will only cost on average under 80 American dollars, which if you know travel, you’ll recognize the great reasonability behind this price. If you are a self-acclaimed Foodie, this news will be music to your ears, though all aspects of travel in Naples remain affordable, it is dining prices that seem to lead the charge in being low cost. Sip on fine wine and finish a long day looking over the charming, sleepy city of Naples, Italy. 



When it comes to affordable travel, Bolivia has taken a consistent spot as a top-ranked destination. Compared to its bordering countries within South America, such as Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, Bolivia blows them away when it comes to spending less during a full day of travel. Bolivia is lined with majestic mountains so if you are looking for a good backpacking trek this might be your type of travel destination. Take advantage of the towering peaks and go on the world rebound bike across North Yungas road. While this excursion is calling out to more of the daredevils out there, the treacherous roads are worth it as you will be exposed to 360 views of the wondrous natural environment that makes Bolivia. Want to save your energy for the exotic nightlife in the cities of Bolivia, still get the opportunity to sightsee as you take a trip on the Mi teleferico and soar up above La Paz, looking down on the little red rooftops of the quaint local homes. With all of this adventuring, those hungry stomachs are going to have to be cared for.  When it comes to food expenses, keeping a low budget for dining in Bolivia is easy. Save up while treating yourself to delicious authentic Bolivian dining, enjoy the delicious option of local street food, and feast on chorizo sandwiches and fresh fruit juice. Bolivia is a paradise for outdoor lovers and its low-cost environment makes it easy to focus on the country’s beauty rather than the money coming out of your pocket. Pack some hiking boots and head off to see for yourself what makes Bolivia a leading destination in affordable travel. 

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New Orleans, United States of America

Flight tickets are getting pricier by the day and sometimes leaving the country can seem like too hefty of a task. I get it, New Orleans gets it. Currently, New Orleans has been ranked one of the most affordable destinations for affordable travel in the United States of America. A fairly surprising ranking considering many would also deem it as one of the most thrilling, desirable travel locations in the country. The Crescent City provides everything a twenty-year-old is seeking while sparing any dents to the wallet. Though New Orleans is known for how its streets come alive as the sun goes down, its art district is arguably even more impressive. The city offers an array of museums such as the New Orleans museum of art and for just a mere 15$ can be accessed directly by the public. When it comes to transportation, New Orleans offers a certain style that just may be a little different than the buses or taxis that you are used to. Coming in at a far more reasonable price than other American cities, Street Cars can be utilized for just 1.25$, and riding one is an experience in itself. While you will effortlessly enjoy yourself just strolling around the lively city streets of New Orleans, your day won’t truly start until it is technically coming to an end. What truly makes this destination perfect for those in their twenties is the thrills that begin as the moon comes out. As night falls, the lights in the bars turn on, and the club floods with people taking to the dance floors and sipping on delightful cocktails. Despite being in the United States, once your day begins in New Orleans you will forget you’re still in the country. Take advantage of a trip that allows you to experience an amazing city atmosphere while maintaining that goal of affordable travel!

Sri Lanka

Lush. Majestic. Untouched. Sri Lanka is the tropical travel destination that you have been waiting for your entire life, Sinharaja Rainforest covers almost 35 square miles of Sri Lanka and every inch of it seems to contain a beauty just as dumbfounding as the next. Put forward the best 80$ you will ever spend and during your stay take a one-day guided rainforest tour of the Sinharaja rainforest. This slightly pricier activity won’t seem so unappealing after you spend almost nothing compared to average food and board prices inside the United States. The only potentially high price you will see in Sri Lanka would be from flights due to the location of Sri Lanka, this however still does not deter or prevent the island from being amongst Asia’s best affordable travel destinations. Sri Lanka arguably has some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the entire world and at its generally affordable travel price, it simply is not worth it to miss out on such a spectacular location. 


Don’t let that preconceived notion that associations travel with monumental expenses get in the way of you seeing reality and of you seeing the world for that matter. Travel in your twenties has long been drawn out to seem as if it breaks the bank but the truth is, it all lies in where you travel. With your newfound knowledge of these 6 spectacular locations, book that flight and plan your next trip of affordable travel.