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10 Desserts You Can Make In the Microwave

10 Desserts You Can Make In the Microwave

When is it ever practical to bake an entire pan of brownies, a whole cake, or batch of cookies just for yourself? It takes a lot of time and effort when in reality, you could have just made a single serving! Knowing which recipes to trust can be difficult.

Here are some microwave recipes you can try for perfect single-serving sweets!

1. You can never go wrong with brownies!

Yes, brownies are amazing, and we have all been tempted to eat the entire pan more than once. Perhaps you have given in to this temptation and felt satisfied or sick. If you do not feel like baking a whole box’s worth of brownies, try making smaller servings in the microwave! Coffee mugs make the perfect “pan” for a perfect portion of easy microwave brownies. 

10 Desserts You Can Make In The Microwave

2. When life gives you mug cake, you throw in some sprinkles to go with it!

The more ingredients the better when it comes to making microwave treats! Simply put, no one needs to go through the effort of baking a whole cake and frosting one when you can just make a smaller portion for yourself! Why limit yourself to birthday cake on just your birthday when you can whip it up whenever you like? Give this fun vanilla mug cake a try for something sweet! It will taste much better than any box cake you can buy from the store. 

3. Blueberry muffins definitely count as dessert…right?

Muffins are perfect for any time of day! While they are fun to make, the end result means you are stuck with either eating or giving away two or three dozen muffins. Few people want to eat that many by themself and the odds that they finish them before they go stale are low. The solution for your sweet and fruity cravings are blueberry muffins! Give this eggless blueberry microwave mug cake a shot instead of letting all your hard work go to waste on a whole batch of regular muffins!

10 Desserts You Can Make In The Microwave

4. Keep it simple and stress-free with a delicious cheesecake!

Not only is this cheesecake easy to make and the perfect size for you, the price of making it will not break the bank! People are willing to spend money on quality slices that are often overpriced and so sweet they make some feel sick. This easy four-ingredient cheesecake allows you to customize it however you like and will satisfy your craving. Plus, this keto microwave cheesecake is only 200 calories! It is a win-win all around! 

5. Wanting some comfort food? Give this fun apple crisp a try for an apple pie substitute!

This recipe takes a little more prep work but the end result will be so worth it. No one has room in their refrigerator for a whole pie. The thought of trying to finish a pie by yourself can be intimidating or even sickening. Keep it simple, and reduce the amount you make by trying this apple crisp recipe! Who doesn’t love the idea of apple pie in a mug? This is a recipe you have to try at some point!

10 Desserts You Can Make In The Microwave

6. Cinnamon rolls are perfect for any time of day and all year long!

Anyone who has experience with making cinnamon rolls from scratch knows it is incredibly time-consuming. While pre-made cinnamon rolls and store-bought are always an option, they do not taste as good as homemade ones do and the calories add up quickly! For something more satisfying, and simple to make, try this cinnamon nut swirl mug cake! Eat it while it is still warm for the best and most delicious experience.

7. If you want something different, make some chocolate pudding!

While not every person is a fan of pudding, those that love it know that it satisfied every time. Maybe your only experience with this dessert is in a pudding cup from the store or making it from a small box mix. If you are feeling up to trying something new or making a dessert favorite from scratch, go ahead and make this chocolate pudding recipe to treat yourself! Top it off with some cream or eat some vanilla ice cream on the side for something really special.

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10 Desserts You Can Make In The Microwave

8. Snickerdoodles always hit the spot without being too overwhelmingly sweet!

Almost everyone is a fan of cinnamon and sugar. What better way to celebrate that than with a delicious dessert? Whether you are used to baking snickerdoodles in a pan or on a cookie sheet, making them in mugs is a great option if you just want a little bit of something sweet! Try this great snickerdoodle mug cake for yourself and treat your taste buds! It might even become your new favorite version of snickerdoodles. Who knows! Make sure you add plenty of cinnamon and sugar to get the best results!

9. You can never go wrong with the classic chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk.

While anyone could certainly eat a batch of these amazing cookies in one sitting, if you feel like treating yourself but limiting your intake and calories, try making a single serving! These are super easy to make in the microwave plus if you have friends over, just whip up another cup or two for them. Mug cookies are a safer alternative to the usual raw cookie dough! You cannot go wrong with eating a scoop (or more) of your favorite ice cream with your cookie!

10 Desserts You Can Make In The Microwave

10. Finally, you have to give this amazing red velvet molten lava cake a try!

Just because you are using your microwave instead of your oven does not mean you have to sacrifice the desserts you adore! Yes, you can make a perfectly portioned lava cake in your microwave inside your favorite coffee mug. Make sure you follow the directions and be patient for the best red velvet lava mug cake you have ever tasted!

What are your favorite microwave desserts to make for yourself and your friends? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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