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10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

Montreal is a restaurant haven. We have the best of the best poutine, pizza, and comfort food in general. And our desserts? Pretty much the same deal; we have some of the most unique treat spots you’ll ever find. Here’s a list of ten dessert places in Montreal you have to try – at least once!

1. Hoche Glace

Located in the Hochelaga area, Hoche Glace is a vegan ice cream spot. Their specialty is their blizzards, from which you can choose any combination of flavors you so please, and the milk replacement to match. My personal favorite; a banana and almond milk blizzard, with oreo and skors. It’ll change your life, and you’ll avoid the dairy stomach ache that usually comes right after ice cream. A must try for vegans and lactose intolerants’ alike!

2. Rockaberries

A Montreal staple, rockaberries is known for their pies (of course) and their “rockafrappes”, which are basically these enormous milkshakes. Their pies are huge, and always delicious. Choose between the apple crumble cheesecake or their rockafrappe coffee flavor, or simply get both!

3. Juliette Et Chocolat

Every chocolate lovers dream. Juliette et Chocolat has multiple locations around Montreal, and specialize in – you guessed it – chocolate. Go for a nice nutella and banana crepe for breakfast, or pass by after dinner for a decadent brownie. The choice is yours.

4. Ca Lem

You can’t go wrong with good, artisanal ice cream. While they are satisfying to look at (Ca Lem makes the best twirls), it gets even better when you start eating it.

10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

5. La Diperie

Dipping ice cream into melted goodness? I think it’s a great business idea.

La Diperie became extremely well known a few summers ago, and it has really stuck with all of us. Just last year, new locations have been opened and are running for business. With so many dipping flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder why they are such a Montreal success.

10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

6. C’ChoColat

With a similar concept to Juliette et Chocolat, C’ChoColat is a dessert restaurant fully specialized in chocolate. What differentiates them? Their giant exploding chocolate ball. It’s an experience like no other, and I highly recommend paying them a visit.

7. Zenoli

Zenoli, a small cafe located on Notre-Dame street downtown, offers the most authetic zeppoles and cannolis in Montreal. For any italians trying to get a hold on Montreal’s best italian desserts, Zenoli’s is the place to try. They even have multiple flavors to fill your zeppoles with!

10 Dessert Places In Montreal You Have To Try

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8. Gelatos

A local spot for east-enders, Gelatos serves up the best cookie dough blizzard in all of Montreal. It’s a small little ice cream store, and their terrace tends to be filled rather quickly during the summer evenings.

9. Afroditi

Going back to my roots on this one.

Afroditi is a Greek dessert shop. Their specialty is their baclavas, which are a Greek pastry with nuts and honey and all that good stuff. They also have virtually every other Greek dessert known to man. If you want something homemade and authentic, check them out!

10. Cacao 70

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

Cacao 70 is known for their unique platters. You can choose from several varieties of waffles, crepes and other treats. Their huge Belgian waffles come topped with whatever you like; my favorite is with nutella, banana, and a drizzle of english creme. No matter what you choose, your sweet craving will definitely be satisfied.

Will you be trying any of these dessert spots in Montreal? Know of any other great ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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