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10 Dessert Instagrams You Should Follow ASAP

10 Dessert Instagrams You Should Follow ASAP

Are you a dessert junkie? Here are just a few mouthwatering dessert Instagrams that will make you both jealous and inspired!

Whether you’re a foodie at heart or just want some aesthetic eye candy in your feed, we all need to satisfy our sweet tooth visually at times. If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own yummy treats, check out some of these dessert Instagrams whose contents will definitely make you drool!

1. @vickiee_yo

Melbourne-based baker Vickie Liu is one of my favorite foodies out there; her posts are bright, adorable and most importantly, insanely delicious. She specializes in cookies and baked goods inspired by characters or cute objects. She’s made everything from smiling avocado cookies, koala bear donuts and fruit, to characters such as Totoro and Winnie the Pooh. Occasionally, she’ll throw in an aesthetic travel shot as well.

2. @wendykou

Wendy Kou’s specializes in large baked treats, often stuffed with a surprise. She bakes just about any type of cookie you can think of, and posts videos of her breaking up the cookies to show you what’s inside. She’s made cookies for every occasion, including Pride Month, Fourth of July, and the Superbowl. Her giant concoctions are usually consumed by her friends, but you’ll want to take a bite too, after watching her videos!


Jose definitely wins in terms of aesthetics in this game! His pictures are always set against a muted gray background, with pastel colors that will soothe your soul and make your mouth water at the same time. Everything, from character-based smoothie bowls to jars of milkshakes are neatly placed. Not a single ingredient is out of place, which is what makes his pictures so satisfying to look at. One can only wonder how he gets those aesthetics right every single time.

4. @hol_fox

Another extremely aesthetic page, @hol_fox presents followers her colorful creations against solid color backgrounds. Sometimes, she drops a video or two showing you how she precisely pipes the designs on small sugar cookies. She strives to create patterns and aesthetics using color, and her cookies range from fruits to cakes to even cacti and mixers.

5. @bakingwithblondie

Mandy is a baker who specializes in cakes and cupcakes, and while her feed is not as aesthetic as some of the other accounts, her creations are sure to blow your mind. She also posts videos of how she decorates her cakes, but for the most part, prepare to be in awe at her tall, multilayer cakes and exquisitely decorated cupcakes.

6. @cakelust_cupcake

Here’s a cake page with the aesthetics; based in Australia, the owner of @cakelust_cupcake specializes in small cupcakes decorated like roses. She makes sure to photograph her creations against simple, pale backgrounds to bring out the colors in the cakes. Occasionally, she throws in a bigger cake or some cookies, but her usual flowery cupcakes are sure to whet your appetite.

7. @littlemissbento

So I’m cheating a bit, because this Japanese food blogger technically posts all sorts of food, not only desserts, but her content was too cute not to share. From adorable bento boxes to character-based sweets, @littlemissbento is sure to captivate you. Her creations are always so exquisite and look too cute to eat, and sometimes she’ll throw in an update to where she’s traveling. You’ll want to try your hand at making these Japanese style snacks and treats after scrolling through her page.

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8. @hgsy430

Speaking of Japan, here’s another Japanese-based page specializing in baked sweets. All of Yuka’s creations have two eyes and a little mouth, and they are definitely too cute to eat. With a soft muted feed, she draws attention to the fine details of her work, whether they be stuffed buns made to look like bears or cookies shaped like popular Japanese characters.

9. @christinascupcakes

Philadelphia-based baker Christina doesn’t just create cute cupcakes. She displays everything from cakes, cookies, popsicles and more on her page. She uses a pastel theme and draws inspiration from cute cartoon characters, plants, and fruit. Or she’ll combine two ideas and surprise you with a prickly cactus Pusheen. The possibilities are endless with dessert Instagrams like this!

10. @hanse____

Last but not least, we have some food ASMR; if you’ve ever ventured into the world of ASMR, you’ve likely gone down a wormhole of videos on YouTube or Instagram. I know I have, and I discovered Hanse, a Korean food ASMR channel on YouTube. Hanse’s videos are aesthetically satisfying and even more pleasing to the ear. You’ll find more videos on Instagram, mostly documenting his making delicious drinks. His content is best enjoyed with headphones. This is one of the best dessert Instagrams!

What are some of your favorite dessert Instagrams? Share them below!
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