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5 Dessert Instagram Pages Every Dessert Lover Needs To Check Out

Dessert; there’s always room for it and if you’re a true sweet tooth, let’s be honest dessert is the main meal. Calling out to all my dessert enthusiasts who love a picture perfect dessert, here are my top five dessert Instagram pages a dessert lover, like you, needs to get following right now!

1. Screaming For Ice-Cream

If your dream dessert is scoop upon, a scoop of ice-cream then you need to get following icecreambae Instagram page. This, Instagram page features post after post of jaw-dropping ice-cream pictures, that will get you wanting to lick the screen. So, if you want to be melted away with endless ice-cream pictures capturing this glorious dessert in all kinds of forms, from piled up ice-cream scoops in waffle cones, delicate soft serve to ice-cream sandwiches, then what are you waiting for?

2. Did Someone Say Doughnuts?

Who doesn’t love a well-iced doughnut as an ideal sugary dessert? Well, if doughnuts are your thing, then you need to get following donuts Instagram page. This page has you covered when it comes to doughnut dessert cravings that’s for sure; from the classic hazelnut spread filled doughnut to rum and pineapple glaze; this Instagram page is a doughnut lovers dream! weather you just want to stare at the screen drooling or if you are on the hunt for another doughnut dessert, donuts Instagram page is sure to have you covered.

3. Theres Always Room For Cake

If you’re already dreaming about your next cake slice for dessert then you need to get following cake Instagram page. With “feeding your guilty pleasure!” stated on their Instagram bio, they surely live up to this expectation. Featuring eye-popping cakes that are sure to make your mouth water are surfacing throughout the page, you will literally be in a cake lovers dream. Not, only will this page get you dreaming about your next cake dessert feast, but let me tell you, it will even spark your imagination too, with many creative cakes making their way throughout the page. So, who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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4. Chocolate Dreams

Now, who doesn’t love some good old chocolaty chocolate to top off their dessert? For all my chocolate lovers who love a chocolate inspired dessert you need to get following chocolate.everday1 an Instagram page dedicated to, you guessed it, CHOCOLATE! This page is heaven for every chocolate lover out there and captures the glorious chocolate in all its finest forms. From different variations of the iconic chocolate cake to chocolate pizza, this page is just dripping in chocolate. so, craving a chocolate dessert, but don’t know which one to have I’m sure this page will give you all the chocolate dessert inspiration you need to make that crucial dessert choice.

5. Cant Decide What You Want For Dessert?

If your indecisive when it comes to dessert because you are a super sweet tooth and just want to eat every dessert that meets the eye. Then you seriously need to get following melbourne_desserts Instagram page, a page dedicated to featuring delicious dessert gems found around Melbourne city.   What I love most about this page is it doesn’t just showcase the iconic desserts but brings a fresh flare through Melbourne’s foodie scene; offering a wide range of unique desserts Melbourne has to offer, they even feature vegan desserts. So when in doubt go for a unique dessert right?

There, you have it my dessert lovers, the top five dessert Instagram pages every sweet tooth needs to get following ASAP. If you know of any other mouthwatering, eye-popping, lip licking dessert Instagram pages, I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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Taylah Borg

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