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10 Designers You Did Not Know That Show At Fashion Week

Fashion designers from all over the world show at Fashion Week each year. They come from Australia, the US, Europe, and Asia, just to show their latest designs to garner interest, customer and industry support. These designers have all shown their designs at least once but continue to make a name for themselves within the industry, creating beautiful works of art through garment design and brand exposure. 


Zimmermann is a brand based out of Australia that has recently begun to show its styles at New York Fashion Week. Zimmermann creates custom pieces and has a ready-to-wear line. Their clothing is beautiful, elegant, and vacation-ready. The brand creates comfortable, elegant pieces that are perfect for a day at the office or a life of travel and luxury. They utilize intricate patterns, bright colors, and bold accents to create their line of eye-catching clothing. 

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen is a graduate of the Danish School of Design and worked as a freelancing employee at Christian Dior. Cecilie originally launched her first collection in Spring/Summer 2016 and has since then enhanced her line into a leader in women’s wear design. Designing flowing, elegant creations her line attracts the fashion It girl- the girl who wants to show off every detail in her outfit. Her clothing line is stocked exclusively at Dover Street Market. Her garment designs are bohemian, soft, flattering, and eloquent. 

Monika Silva & Gauge81

Gauge81 takes the classic ‘90s aesthetic and makes it sexy and chic. Monika Silva, founder of Gauge81 uses inspiration from her love for the ‘90s decade, inspiration from Sex and the City styles, and the importance of comfort and wearability when it comes to their designs. Their designs are crisp, fresh, and beautiful and are created with every woman in mind. 

Monse Maison

Monse Maison takes their designs and gives an edge to every element of today’s most trending fashions. This spring they are showing bold, dark button-downs, plaid jackets, and bold colors. Pairing turtleneck sweaters with deconstructed trench coats and crooked tail pullovers, these designs are dapper. Monse Maison creates designs for the unique, punk rocker with excellent fashion taste.

Ulla Johnson

Born and raised in Manhattan, Ulla Johnson designed her first clothing line in 1998 and began growing a handful of boutiques and gaining attention from the fashion industry. Ulla has sense began showing her line throughout fashion weeks and gaining retailer support throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.

She bases all of her collections off of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and versatility in fit and form. Her collection is bohemian styled and beautifully thought out. 

Patricia Bonaldi- PatBo

This brand is eccentric, tropical, and lively. Combining natural elements with floral arrangements, this lines clothing brand is perfect for a relaxing beach house vacation or a fun night on the town with the girls. Showcasing delicate seashells and intricate beadwork, Patricia’s pieces are romantic, beautifully made, and worth every penny. Patricia’s brand, PatBo designs women’s wear and luxury swimsuits. They are designed to fit many different body shapes, making their clothing more inclusive and versatile. 

Claude Kameni- Lavie Ck

Claude Kameni, founder of Lavie CK began the brand with a specific value in mind, to cater to all body types and skin tones. Inspired by the fashions of Cameroon, she creates garments for women and men, merging her roots with today’s modern styles. Claude is a master of patterns, specifically a master of African Print. Claude uses her unique talents to create beautiful, quality garments. Claude began showing her designs at fashion week in 2018, creating a name for herself within the luxury fashion industry. Claude is now designing clothing for A-list celebrities, continuing to rise within the industry. 

Macgraw Love

Macgraw Love is an Australian fashion label created by Beth and Tessa Macgraw out of Syndey. The Macgraw sisters create feminine, free-flowing clothing with detailed, ornate elements and beautiful silhouettes. The sisters are inspired by the essence of the free spirit and unique fabrications. This has allowed them to create unique, feminine pieces that showcase the brand’s colorful personality and make every woman feel free, beautiful, and unique. 

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Bubble sleeves, tapered tops, and billowing dresses make up many of Macgraw Loves designs. Their clothing uses bohemian aspects and fuses them with edgy details to create a look all their own, allowing their customers to pick and choose between dark and light elements to cater to their individuality. 

LaQuan Smith

Laquan Smith creates drastic, bold looks that empower women and allow them to embrace their femininity and sexuality. He learned to create garments by watching his mother and grandmother. LaQuan made his way into the fashion industry when he formed his LLC and created “LaQuan Smith 3D Legging” which transformed him into the legging guy. 

Since then he has transformed his brand into one that embraces details, creates distinctive, unique garments. LaQuan has since shown many of his lines throughout New York Fashion Week, with his latest show being in 2019. LaQuan is a visionary when it comes to design and strives to create works of art for every individual client. 

Kate And Laura Mulleavy- RODARTE

Kate and Laura Mulleavy design high fashion, luxury clothing that is romantic and conceptual. They approach their inspirations through the landscape, romance, art, film, music and culture, and their pursuit of storytelling. Their clothing is bohemian, romantic, and free feeling. It is intricate and detailed, full of life and volume. In 2008 the pair launched RODARTE after their casual T line, Radarte, a homage to their California lifestyle. RODARTE is shown throughout fashion week in New York, attracting fashion forward celebrities and fans every year. 

Fashion designers work their entire lives to produce a line worthy of being shown at Fashion week. These designers did just that and continue to grow and thrive within the industry. They continue to work to make a greater name for their brands, creating fashion garments that other designers, celebrities, and the masses will all love and want to wear.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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