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Designer Shoes You’ll Be Obsessed With

Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with adding one designer piece to my outfits. Although luxury brands are expensive, they often are amazing quality products that really can tie your whole outfit together. I recommend getting designer shoes or an accessory item that can be worn with anything. With that being said, here are some designer shoes you’ll want to purchase immediately.

1. Gucci Slides

There are plenty of rap songs referencing Gucci’s famous flip-flops. They have tons of different designs offered, but the most famous of the bunch is just the red, green, and black stripes on the band. Getting a classic pair of designer shoes such as the Gucci slide is a great way to own something designer that will never really go out of style. They add a luxury look to any athleisure outfit or are perfect on-the-go shoes for when you need to slip something on and run out of the house. A good hack for these: look up your size in men’s and order a pair of men’s Gucci slides. No one will be able to tell the difference and you can have your pick of designer shoes whether it be men’s or women’s.

Buy them here:

2. Tory Burch Sandals

I learned how popular these sandals were when I went to college. First of all, they are perfect for nicer outfits such as brunch or opportunities where you are day drinking. They are simple and come in almost every color under the sun, so you have your options when it comes to picking the perfect pair for you out. Getting a neutral pair is great for matching any outfit, and the Tory Burch logo makes them that much more elegant. Designer shoes don’t have to be crazy or avant-garde, and these Tory Burch sandals prove just that. They give off a very Hamptons, country club vibe without overpowering the rest of your outfit. Pair these with a bra top and a pair of linen pants and you have a great summerey outfit complete with a pair of designer shoes.

Buy them here:

3. Comme des Garcons Sneakers

Comme des Garcons is known for its signature heart design, where the hearts are all different sizes and have little eyes on them. The design is super adorable and a cute way to add some flare to your designer shoes. The label has been creating Converse-style sneakers that display the hearts, which is a great way to spice up your shoe collection. They come in both low and high-top versions, as well as a myriad of colors, so you have your options. These sneakers are the perfect shoe that doesn’t scream a designer name at you and doesn’t have too much going on. You can wear sneakers like these ones at any function or even to class and they will work with anything. Dress them down, dress them up, either way, these are the ultimate staple designer shoes to have in your closet.

Buy them here:

4. Burberry White Logo Sneakers

Since white sneakers have been all the rage for well over a year now, it’s time to elevate your style a bit. While Air Force 1’s have been the most popular of white sneakers, having a pair of designer shoes can be a nice change of pace. These white Burberry sneakers are just what you need to set yourself apart from the crowd without trying too hard. They are plain white, but with the signature Burberry brown plaid as the lettering for “BURBERRY” displayed on the side. It also has a bit of that same plaid detailing at the top of the tongue of the sneaker, which is the perfect accent to pull everything together.

Buy them here:

5. Gucci Open Toe Logo Mules

Chunky-heeled mules circa 1960 are back and better than ever, so it’s only right that you enter this trend with a pair of designer shoes. With a rubber material and tons of pastel options, you will feel just like Jackie O when you slip these on. Pair with a cute little shift dress or with palazzo pants and a blazer and you have a very trendy, fashion-forward look on your hands. The top of the shoe says Gucci, but in the same color as the shoe so it is a more muted statement. It’s a simple, but equally gorgeous shoe that you just won’t want to pass up. These designer shoes will make you feel like you’re in Hollywood about to go to brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is what every woman wants right?

Buy them here:

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6. Gucci Accent Mules

If you’re going for a more business professional mule, here is the classic. A Gucci loafer is imperative for anyone who wants a more put-together shoe that they can wear to nicer occasions or to work. Their classic loafer has been morphed into a mule, so you get the front part of the loafer and an open back. These designer shoes are perfect for the warmer months, and they are easy to just slip on and complete any outfit of your choosing. It’s a classy twist on a shoe that not everyone has, but they are becoming more and more popular with the ever-evolving style.

Buy them here:

7. Balenciaga Sneakers

As the great Cardi B once said, “I like those Balenciaga’s, the ones that look like socks” and we live by that. Balenciaga has made a name for themselves selling sneakers that are outrageous and also to die for. Whether you prefer their chunky, Fila-esque sneaker or their sock-style shoe that pulls all the way above your ankle, Balenciagas are designer shoes you won’t want to miss out on. These in particular have a white base with hot pink accents around the edges and throughout the laces. Since white and hot pink go so well together, these are the sneakers you are going to want for your everyday style. Set yourself apart from the others wearing Nikes or Converse and get yourself a nice pair of Balenciagas instead. Worth the investment.

Buy them here:

Designer shoes can be a great investment for those who want to elevate their shoe game. Let me know your go-to pair in the comments below.

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