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5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

If you have followed famous celebrities or scrolled onto pages of social media influencers, you may notice that they all have a lot in common. Within the world of consumerism, luxury fashion brands have been dominating the world. It is no surprise that certain brands will stick around for decades to come regardless of price. It is all about the quality and usage of such items. For years some brands specifically, manage to change the look or stitching of their infamous handbags and other goods but still continuously receive the love they deserve. Here you will find the 5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After as of 2019.

1. Gucci

This designer brand is undoubtedly familiar. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, this Italian brand with have you staring at its phenomenal double G logo. Inspired by Italian leather goods and his leather shop owning father and horse racing, Gucci began to invent with the highest level of craftsmanship. From a luggage, to handbags, and jewelry, Gucci became a household name. In 1953, the death of Gucci prompted to build boutiques all around Italy and soon across the world. Throughout the years, stores were closed then reopened to present the newest and most popular ideas. Today, Gucci handbags have become the to-die-for items for its authentic leather and unique style approaches.’

5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

2. Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel is a fashion designer who kept her eye on entrepreneurship intensively. Being the first woman to popularize the black dress trend, Chanel in the 1950s knew she was gifted. Releasing perfumes and handbags, she was on her way to stardom. In continuation after her death, Chanel’s designer brand company was handed over to designer Karl Lagerfeld. A few things to note such as the double C logo and handbag turn lock, leather, and chair purse straps were invented by Lagerfeld in the 1980s. Today, Chanel is most known for their clothing, makeup, perfume, and accessories.

5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

3. Louis Vuitton

Next on this list, quite often compared to Gucci is the designer brand Louis Vuitton. With its sleek brown leather and clear initials logo, Louis Vuitton handbags are frequently desired. Founded in 1854, the very first item made was a trunk case used in the early twentieth century. In 1989, the company rose to more fame opening stores worldwide. Collaborations with other fashion designers and famous persons boosted the company’s reputation as it grabs onto ongoing ideas to appeal to modern consumers. The brand’s logo, second to Gucci is arguably noticed by anyone anywhere.

5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

4. Hermès

If you have heard of the word “Birkin”, chances are, people are talking about the Hermès Birkin handbag. Although, Thierry Hèrmes of France originally intended to create leather goods for horses he had looked after. From saddles to boots, and leather bags for grooming accessories, these horses and riders were well taken care of. In 1922, Hèrmes and Evelyne Bertrand who managed his riding department invented handbags for people to use. The Birkin in particular, was not invented until 1983 when Hèrmes met Jane Birkin, dropping her items and exclaimed in irritation about not having a bag big enough to hold her items. People around the world now, love such an invention even though it takes the highest reputation to obtain the luxury.

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5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

5. Rolex

If you are someone who likes watches or knows someone who wears a watch often, you may have heard of Rolex being a champion. As early as 24 years old, Hans Wilsdorf in London alongside his brother-in-law Alfred Davis founded a watch invention which would soon be called the Rolex SA. With hundreds of watch models and styles sold, the company Rolex has become the most sought after. It has been so valuable that some may take great lengths to get one. Today, there are several Rolex counterfeits and unusual cases involving a Rolex. Regardless, this designer brand watch is one that won’t be going away any time soon.

5 Designer Brands People Are Currently Going After

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