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10 Design Trends To be On Point With Your Home Deco

10 Design Trends To be On Point With Your Home Deco

This year has not only brought us big trends in the fashion industry, but in the home deco area where there have also been a lot of changes. If you are looking to make a house renovation just keep on reading to get to know the most iconic design trends that would make your house seem just as if it had come out of a magazine.

1. Nordic Retreat

This design trend embraces natural looking textures and patterns that send you into that cozy feeling right away. It is a super stylish trend and it can be used almost anywhere in your house, from your room to your living room and even on your kitchen. Nordic retreat is full of warming neutral colors such as natural whites, soft browns, warm golds and some greys. It also includes textures like wood, wicker, sheepskin and wool. Decorate your house with this trend and we promise you are going to be spending look of time inside!


2. Retro Fusion

Retro fusion is a huge throwback that celebrates and re-invents Mid-Century interiors and designs from the bygone era. The color pallet from this design trend evokes such a 70s vibe with tones such as tan, mustard and night watch green and a few other jewel tones that match perfectly with the sandy ones. The trend offers a variety of textures mixed up such as velvet, wood or buff leather. It’s also a trend full of rich wooden furniture pieces, perfect for those who aren’t afraid of mixing textures, colors and shapes in the same place.

3. Soft Tropics

Your house will be looking is it was taken out of a wellness retreat at the most paradisiac beach if you follow this design trend! A joyful celebration of nature, the soft tropics trend offers lots of tropical inspired patterns such as botanical ones, leaves in vibrant tones and tropical palms. The colors for this trend involve leaf green, mustard, nude pink and blue, a calming combination to be match with unique textures such as buff leather, velvet and wood. Try this design trend if what your house needs is a little bit of a tropical vibe!


4. Global Essence

Take inspiration from the world around you to implement this design trend at your house. Global essence brings a fusion of decorative Ikats, paisleys and quiet intricate Indian blocks, follow by earthenware, woven textiles and rope as its main textures. It’s also a trend full of rich tones including terracotta, umber and spice red. This trend is definitely the one you are looking for to renovate your house if you are a craftsmanship enthusiast!



5. Refined Glamour

With just the name of this design trend you can have an idea of what is going on with it. Refined glamour has brought a new view of glam design which has turned from sheen to a more sophisticated style. With luxury materials that include velvet, marble, brass, smoked glass and even some fringe. The main colors of the trend involve dusky rose and pewter which are an awesome combination to give a luxury feeling to any room. There is also a hint of iridescence and metallic touches to this trend which goes perfectly if you want to add a glamorous vibe to your house deco!


6. Luxe Revival

In the home décor world of design trends luxe its what best describes fabrics and furniture pieces that ooze a touch of decadence. And this trend is no indifferent to that meaning! Full of statement minimalist lightning on one side and lots of maximalist where more is indeed more on the other hand this trend is a must if you like evolving spaces. Be sure to add touches of dusty rose, ochre and burnished gold as your main color schemes and some key materials of the trend like velvet, marble, brass and detailed or smoked glass to complement everything together.

7. Woodland Retreat

This design trend seems as if it had gotten out straight of a fairytale! Woodland retreat has a autumn vibe to it full of textures such as woolen chunky knits, rustic country linens and hewn wood. It also has a sense of coziness to it, like you just want to take a big blanket curl up on your favorite sofa with a hot beverage in hand and get lost in thought. The highlight colors of this trend involve russet, plum and damson. Woodland retreat also features prints with woodland animals on it including rabbits, hares, birds and mice. Definitely a trend that brings out the warmest feelings in us!

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8. Modern Maker

This design trend searches to embrace everything that’s is natural, or hand crafted including imperfect finishes that make things look effortlessly stylish. With warming colors like oatmeal neutrals, charcoal black, oxidized red and pale greys this trend sends a comforting vibe. It also includes textures such as earthenware, wool, wicker and rattan. A trend that celebrates things as they come without pushing them to perfection, embracing more the imperfections of things, is what we need on this rushed world!


9. Global Nomad

Full of patterns that have been inspired from the outside world, including cultural traditions, plants and animals, global nomad is for those who like to feel outside while at home. This trend sets really rich tones including ochre, umber and spiced red that have a warmth when used. And some key materials that involved earthenware, woven textiles and rope to finish with that natural vibe. Add this style to your house if you want to feel transported to a warmer setting even during the cold weathers.


10. New Nordic

A design trend that wants to create a big impact on the first sight or maybe make lots of us fall in love with just one look at it. New Nordic involves deep colors full of meaning such as lavender, sage, blush pink and white canvas and some texture that evoke that sense of matching the darkness to the light and natural such as ash, bleached wood, buff leather and earthenware. This trend can help your house go from dark and formal on one side to soft and bright by just crossing to another room.

Which one was your favorite one of these design trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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