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15 Signs You Went To Delphi Community High School

15 Signs You Went To Delphi Community High School

From "drive your tractor to school day" to pizza Fridays, these are 15 relatable signs you went to Delphie Community High School!

Little ole Delphi High is a school attended by a miniscule amount of the Indiana population. Whether you are an alumni or a current student, these are 15 relatable signs you went to Delphi Community High School!

1. You’ve wore a Purdue shirt to a football game.

The theme is Oracle Pride? Don’t have a clean and ready-to-go Delphi shirt at hand? Well, Purdue has the same school colors so why not?

2. Whenever your class went to the LMC you made a mad dash to the seats by the pond.

Those were the comfiest seats in the house and were secluded from the rest of the library by bookcases, so why wouldn’t you?


3. You missed the first three days of school because of state fair.

School starts the tenth, but the swine show is the eleventh. Weighing the options, most choose the fair.

4. Pizza Fridays

You look forward to Friday not because of weekend plans, but because Fridays are pizza days.

5. Best day of the year was drive your tractor to school day.

All the farm boys fire up their engines and toot on down to school once a year for drive your tractor to school day. A much anticipated occasion.


6. Two words you dread seeing near each other: Oracle and Literacy.

The much hated assignment you’ll complete nearly one-hundred times before you graduate. Writing an essay for every subject is taxing to say the least.

7. You’ve borrowed a Hawaiian shirt from the class dad to wear for a basketball game.

There’s always one guy amongst every class that owns too many dad shirts and he passes them around for every Hawaiian home game night.

8. Your Homecoming week didn’t end with a dance.

Delphi is different than most schools and typically doesn’t end Homecoming week with a dance filled with sparkly dresses and sweaty ball players. Semiformal is always around the corner though (minus the sweat).


9. You’ve snuck off during class to meet up with your SO in the Little Theater.

*wink wink*

10. FFA was the biggest club at your school.

The Future Farmers of America held a large population of club members at DCHS.

11. There was always talk of who was “hooking chains” next.

If there isn’t an argument going down, you bet “hooking chains” after school will be brought up.

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To my high school bff, you know who you are. Who else was there for coffee runs before class, boy crushes, prom, graduation? All I can say is, thank you.

12. Your school’s mascot cannot be worn.

Who actually knows what an oracle is if you didn’t grow up in Delphi, Indiana?

13. “Where’s Delphi?”

Absolutely no one knows where Delphi is. Period.


14. You refer to your principal as “Momma”.

Every student body email is signed “Momma Circle”.

15. One person can function as your student body and National Honor Society president and also as your tutor, lifeguard, and salutatorian.

Small school = reasonably easy to maintain a busy, wide-ranging schedule.

Do you have any other signs you went to Delphi Community High School!? Share in the comments below!

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