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10 Deliciously Boozy Halloween Punch Recipes

10 Deliciously Boozy Halloween Punch Recipes

Halloween is upon us and as adults that means throwing one of two things: wild parties with people dressed in a variety of interesting costumes OR calmer parties consisting of lots of Halloween movies. But there’s one thing both of these types of parties have in common; the need for drinks. you are going to need an awesome idea for drinks. No fear, I have you all set, here are 10 deliciously boozy Halloween punch recipes that are sure to be a hit.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Punch

A smoking pumpkin and cinnamon sticks, need I say more? This is the perfect drink for your next Halloween party. It is a classic seasonal pumpkin tasting drink that has spiced rum for that kick you will need. You can even add some flare by using dry ice for that extra effect. I personally am excited to try this drink out since I am a pumpkin spiced girl.

2. Halloween Sangria

Wine lovers unite! This one is for all the red wine lovers out there. To make this sangria, you will need your favorite red wine, red apples, green apples, oranges and cherries; if you want to go the frozen route, you definitely can! Then you let that chill in the fridge for several hours or overnight. When you are ready to serve, add 2 cups of club soda and three bottles of mikes hard Black Cherry Lemonade. For a “bloody” effect, mix corn syrup and some food coloring and drip it down the outside of the punch bowl.


3. Hocus Pocus Fizz

Who doesn’t love that classic Halloween movie of three witches seeking eternal life? Whether you’re having a viewing party of Hocus Pocus, or will just have it playing in the background during your epic Halloween bash, this is the drink you’ll want to accompany it. All you will need is pineapple juice, rum, coconut extract, food coloring, sparkling white wine and a little sugar.

4. Vampire’s Dream

I’m talking about those classic, blood sucking monsters (and not the nicer, Twilight variety). I’m pretty sure if Dracula wanted a drink, this is the one he would chose (after real blood, of course). I don’t blame him thought, it sounds delicious!

5. Caramel Apple Sangria

Another sangria Halloween punch recipe, this one is for all you white wine lovers. What says fall more than apples and caramel? I think this drink is probably better for movie night with your besties – nothing is better than pizza, wine and Halloween movies…right? All you will need is a bottle of white wine, apples, unflavored or caramel vodka, apple cider and caramel syrup! Too easy!


6. Witch’s Wicked Punch

This would be the perfect center piece for your Halloween party! All you need is lemon-lime seltzer and lime sherbet! To make this drink R rated, just add some lime flavored alcohol (or even an unflavored one). Mix up this drink in a witch’s cauldron to give it that full Halloween effect.

7. Blood Red Rum Punch

It’s not Halloween until you see blood, which makes this drink absolutely ideal for any party! Find some spooky glassware and top it off with cherries for a creepy feel.

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8. Eyeball Halloween Punch

Eyeballs in your drink? That doesn’t sound too appetizing. But no need to worry, the eyeballs are just made from lychees (a fruit) and blueberries. Combine your “eyeballs” with some lemon lime seltzer, rum, grand marnier and a few other ingredients for a frightfully tasty cocktail!

9. Spiked Jolly Rancher Punch

Everyone loves Jolly Ranchers, from trick-or-treaters to adults alike!! Having this Halloween punch at your party will definitely bring back some memories. To make this recipe even better, it’s exceptionally easy punch to make, which is perfect if you need to refill the bowl!

10. Polyjuice Potion

Calling all Harry Potter fans, this is the perfect drink for you (I think you know why). This is made similar to the witches punch; lime sherbet, vodka and the lemon-lime soda.


So there you have it, 10 Halloween punch recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next festive gathering. If you have any other awesome drink ideas, comment below! I hope you give these drinks a try this Halloween because I know I will!

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