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20 Delicious Things To Eat In Knoxville Before You Die

20 Delicious Things To Eat In Knoxville Before You Die

Things to eat in Knoxville are delicious. Here is what to eat near University of Tennessee. These are the best places to eat in Knoxville that will have you drooling. Find out the best places to eat at University of Tennessee.

The University of Tennessee is located in the beautiful town of Knoxville. This is amazing for multiple reasons but one of those reasons being all the incredible restaurant choices we have here. SO many choices and so many hidden gems!! Here are the best things to eat in Knoxville.

What To Eat in Knoxville Before Leaving

Cruze farms

is a local dairy farm and right when you walk in you feel right at home. You cannot go wrong with ANY of their ice cream flavors and their sprinkles are free.. need I say anything else?

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Hard Knox

If you are a pizza lover than you will love Hard Knox only about five minutes from campus this local pizza place that makes their dough handmade everyday is to die for.


Being at UTK we are a very southern school so you have to love sweet tea. Litton’s is known for their famous sweet tea that you should not leave Knoxville without drinking at least once.

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The Stock & Barrel

If you are a burger lover then head over to Stock & Barrel, local to Knoxville they are known for their gourmet burgers which are delicious.

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Long’s drugstore

Do not let the name fool you, Long’s has been a drugstore and a diner since the 1950s. Everyone in there is as friendly and southern as they come. There shakes come in all sorts of flavors and there fries are cooked perfectly.


Tupelo Honey

Is located on the corner of market square and is so close to campus. Go there anytime to get their biscuits because they serve them as appetizers with their homemade jelly. Just absolutely delicious.

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Ducks donuts

Recently Knoxville has become a popular place for donuts. Ducks being one of these places. Ducks is cute and small but you get to make your own donuts by picking everything about your donuts and they make them right there in front of you.


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Every college girls go to sushi place. Fairly close to campus it is a really cozy Knoxville sushi place that has all the best rolls you could ever want.

Pete’s Coffee Shop

Don’t let the name fool you this is not just a coffee shop but one of the most popular breakfast places in downtown Knoxville. You cannot go wrong at Pete’s on the corner in downtown it is a quaint little place that is always packed Saturday mornings. If you are a breakfast lover go to Pete’s ASAP!!!


Dead End BBQ

Another southern thing that is a must try is Dead end. Started by a local Knoxville family this barbecue place is one for the books. They make their own sauces and have all your southern needs. Their barbecue is the best in town. Not to mention their pimento Mac & cheese!

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Ham & Goody’s

One of my go to lunch places. It is a tiny little place in Knoxville where most of the sweet old lady’s eat lunch and gossip together. Not only do they have lunch but they are known for their sweets. Especially their lemon cookies which are Amazing.


Cook out

Every single person who goes to the University of Tennessee has 99.9% been to Cook out. Cook out is right on the strip which means everyone can walk there and it is opens 24 hours so it is the perfect late night snack after a night out. Especially their shakes.

K Brew

A new hip coffee shop in the old city in downtown where you get to reside in hammocks to drink your coffee and study with friends.

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Juice box

100% recommend for a healthy meal or snack. The açaí bowls that you get to choose what gets put in them or even fresh smoothies, and even avocado toast. Another new hip Knoxville place;

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Petro’s chilis & chips

Petro’s was started in Knoxville during the World’s fair. It is in Neyland and Thompson boiling arena so you can have it during games. But their chili and orange tea is a combo you do not want to leave Knox without having. Especially on a game day there is nothing better.


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Buttermilk Sky Pie shop

A rustic pie shop that makes fresh pies daily. If you just want one for a sweet treat they even have mini pies they are known for their buttermilk but all of their flavors are too good. Go try the buttermilk though it is a special treat.

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Calhoun’s on the River

One of my favorite places to go because of the atmosphere especially on the river. A local place that is known for their barbecue, grilled steaks, and southern fried catfish. Even grab a Shirley temple with dinner

The French Market

If you want to feel like you are in France in a coffee shop get your backpack and go spend a Sunday afternoon in here drinking coffee and eating delicious crepes.

Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

A sweet little place that embodies the community of Knoxville. An actual pharmacy but also specialty desserts and soda fountain delicacies.


Insomnia cookies

Every college students late night pick me up while studying or after a night of going out. They always have deals for students and they deliver.

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There are SO many cool and unique places that are delicious and fun to try before you graduate UTK and leave Knoxville. Make it a challenge with you and your friends to keep trying places in Knoxville that you haven’t yet! Be open, you will not regret it. Seriously – these are some of the best things to eat in Knoxville!

Let us know what you think about these things to eat in Knoxville in the comments below!
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