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20 Delicious Things To Eat In Fayetteville Before You Die

20 Delicious Things To Eat In Fayetteville Before You Die

Hello fellow foodies  If you are going to school at the University of Arkansas then you better be prepared to graduate with a whole new palate for taste and know where to eat in Fayetteville. Here are the best places to eat in Fayetteville that you can't miss.

Hello fellow foodies  If you are going to school at the University of Arkansas then you better be prepared to graduate with a whole new palate for taste and know where to eat in Fayetteville. Fayetteville is home to dozens of original restaurants and they are all infamously known for their own unique spin on food. Here’s a list to help you get started on finding these delicious oddities. Here are the things you need to eat in Fayetteville.

1. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Kream

As amazing and calorie filled as this sounds, your imagination is only the beginning. Go to Kream in person and you will be amazed. As small of a place as it is it is very centrally located just off of Dickson and they have all kinds of flavors and toppings for your ice cream creation.

2. Los Cabos Tacos at Con Quesos

You may think that after you have tried a few different tacos, they all taste the same, right? Wrong. This place adds a spin to what you have known up to this point as Mexican food. Some tacos available on their menu feature a Greek or Indian twist. As a sit down or to go place it is the perfect addition to any college town and Fayetteville is thankful for its presence.


3. Fire in the Hole Dip from Mojos Pints and Pies

This place may not be known for its fast service but the people here are so cute and friendly it’s hard to be bothered. They often show live music and comedy routines from the locals and it is a really fun environment to just go and hang out for a couple hours. But if you go you must get the Fire in the Hole dip, this take on regular queso is such a perfect combination of chicken, green peppers, an assortment of cheeses, and their own specialty mojo sauce. You’re in for a treat with this one! This is one of my favorite places to eat in Fayetteville.

4. Chicken Marsala from Pesto Cafe

Classic Italian food is the move for me at least twice a week because who doesn’t love carbs? This place is really the only one of its kind around but that’s totally okay because their food is delicious. Especially the Chicken Marsala, a complete meal (usually with leftovers to spare) comes with delicious garlic knots and a complimentary Caesar salad.


5. Pig Sooie from Hammontrees

Grilled cheese is such a staple food so how could you go wrong with anything on this menu? The answer is you really can’t. They have everything from vegan and vegetarian options to breakfast sandwiches to drinks and fries. This place is perfect for a dinner outing when your family comes to town because this place seriously encompasses the best of Fayetteville’s culture.

6. The Townie from Arsagas

Did somebody say brunch? I know I did! The Townie is a vegan breakfast plate but trust me when I say you won’t even notice the absence of eggs or meat on your plate. They are sure to fill you up with vegan sausage and tofu scramble, which are both to die for. With indoor and outdoor porch seating, you can go eat by yourself or with 12 of your closest friends – Arsagas has you covered for anything and everything. If you are going to eat in Fayetteville for brunch – this is your spot.


7. Tempura Avocado Tacos from Theo’s

Served as an appetizer, these little tortillas pack a punch of flavor. They are so good and are even better when paired with a drink from their specialty kitchen and bar. Theo’s is slightly on the fancier side which makes it a fun place to go grab dinner all dressed up with your girl gang.

8. Beef Brisket Sandwich from Sassy’s

The ultimate barbecue joint around. Here you get the most bang for your buck and on a college budget that is the next best thing to getting a refund on your textbooks. Eating here will not disappoint your taste buds or your eyes because the atmosphere is so fun just to hang out at.

9. The Asparagus Risotto from Greenhouse Grille

From, brunch to dinner, this place has got you covered. You could even stay all day if you wanted to. However, being a little bit on the healthier and fancier side you can feel good about pigging out at this place (no pun intended there, woo pig).


10. Chicken Tikka Masala from Khana Grill

Getting your fix of Indian food is easy here. Anything on their menu is delicious but a personal favorite is the Chicken Tikka Masala. Scared to branch out to a different food group than your taste buds are used to? Not to worry they have some more mainstream Indian food as well, but I suggest taking a trip to the wild side with some of their dishes. It’s worth the risk!

11. Prelude Breakfast Bar

Here you can go healthy or you can go sugar crazy but no matter what it’s going to be delicious. This is your one-stop brunch destination and it never disappoints.

12. Regular Cheese from Eureka Pizza

Their pizza gets lots of mixed opinions but it is honestly my favorite ever. Ok, except maybe for Domino’s but come on what is better than their garlic dusted crust. Anyways, regardless of whether you think Eureka’s pizza is absolute trash or you love it as much as I do, eating here is a rite of passage for all Razorback students. Supporting that college budget is essential and this place doesn’t break your bank like other pizza places may. Definitely check it out and report back! This is one of those places to eat in Fayetteville that you can’t miss.


13. The Big Boss Roll at Tokyo Sushi and Bar

Ok, I was skeptical at first too, at seafood restaurant in the middle of LANDLOCKED Northwest Arkansas, but every single time I have gone here it has been nothing short of spectacular. Any meal comes with free appetizers and the environment of the restaurant is very authentic.

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14. The Classic Cuban from the Green Goat Food Truck

A hidden gem located just off of College Avenue is yet another food truck park. Complete with cute and comfy picnic tables, you will come here and just never want to leave. Oh, and did I mention they have an actual green goat. Yeah, go check it out and see for yourself. *Disclaimer* Their cilantro sauce is to die for so make sure you ask for a truckload of extra. You’re welcome.

15. The Traditional Gyro Platter from Emelia’s

You will not want to let anybody else have a taste of this delicious plate full of assorted hummus and gyro meat. If you’re looking for a traditional mediterranean staple food then you have found the right place. Once again super centrally located and impossible to go wrong with everything on their menu from breakfast to dinner to cocktail hour. You didn’t really eat in Fayetteville if you don’t go here.

16. Turkey Bacon Club from Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe

Yet another solid go-to. This place is known for its sandwiches and they deliver so it doesn’t get much better than that!


17. The Duff from Burton’s Creamery

Not only do they serve the best tasting ice cream around but they also make it picture perfect. Covered in creative topping combinations, you can pick from one of their signature cones or create your own. This place is a town favorite for sure. It is located inside food truck alley just off of Dickson Street, you can’t miss it!

18. Puritan Coffee and Beer

The deluxe study spot for when the library is too full for your liking. Sit back and relax here with one of their classic lattes or enjoy some social time with one of their many beers on tap.

19. Turtle from Alchemy Macaroons

If the aesthetic of this place doesn’t make you happy then these adorable and not to mention, yummy macaroons sure will. Their unique flavors add an inspired touch to this store front and I have yet to try a macaroon that I didn’t like. Spend some time on the wild side with Honey Lavender or go for a classic like Pistachio, or just pick based off of your favorite color. 🙂


20. Anything from Newk’s

A very Panera-like establishment for those of you that are familiar. Newk’s is the ideal place to go when no one in your party can decide what they want to eat, they just know that they are hungry! With their diverse American style menu, you order right away and then take a number to a table of your choice. But Newk’s wouldn’t be Newk’s without their signature collectible cups and their round table of free toppings and appetizers. Eating at Newk’s is definitely a razorback rite of passage.

The best thing about Fayetteville is how diverse it is. Just off of Dickson you can find just about any type of food you are craving and even some you probably didn’t even know existed. The University of Arkansas is a land of rich opportunity, and I’m just talking about the food department here. Be sure to try out all these delicious foods and any others that may catch your eye along the way, you’ll definitely be left satisfied.

Let us know what you think about what to  eat In Fayetteville in the comments below!
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