The 20 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Manhattan

Foodies you need to go eat in Manhattan at these places. They are the best places to eat in Manhattan and are instaworthy spots to eat in NYC.

Going to school in Manhattan basically means you’re constantly surrounded by different types of food from all over the world. From quick delicious bites to more of a sit down location, you’re going to want to try one of these 20 different places to Eat In Manhattan.

1. Soft Pretzel From Any Hot Dog Cart

I know that the hot dog carts might seem a little sketchy to a first timer but trust me, it’s an amazing quick tasty snack for very little price.

2. Bacon, Egg and Cheese from Tompkins Square Bagels

There are bacon, egg and cheeses sold all over the place, but this is one of my favorites. Located on Avenue A in the East Village. In addition to sandwiches they have 25 different flavor cream cheeses from chocolate chip cookie dough or pear to bacon herb, chipotle avocado to tofu options.

3. Dumplings and Sesame Pancakes from Vanessa’s Dumpling House

With 3 different locations, one in Brooklyn, Chinatown and on 14th street (between 2nd and 3rd ave) these dumplings and sesame pancakes, in my opinion, can’t be beat.

4. Cookies from Schmackary’s

A hot spot for a treat after a Broadway show. Located at 362 W 45th St this tiny little bakery offers a rating variety of 45+ flavors. 2 cookies for $5 will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Bonus: Every year in May they have Broadway Bakesa fundraising program that helps to raise money for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. 

5. Macrons from Bouchon Bakery

With a location at Columbus Circle and Rockefeller Center, this bakery is sure to curb your craving for a macron without busting your budget at a fancy tea house.

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6. 8th Ave Burger From Iron Bar & Lounge

If you’re anything like me, this will be your dinner spot before seeing Kinky Boots. Located right next to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on 45th and 8th, this bar and lounge is a great spot for an amazing juicy burger. With caramelized onions and cheddar cheese oozing out from every corner of the burger. Note: This establishment serves alcohol. 

7. Cannoli from Carlos Bakery

If you can’t make it to the shop in Hoboken, then your next best bet is the shop located in Times Square on 8th Ave. There plenty of places to get a cannoli anywhere in Manhattan, but nothing beats these.

8. “Mac Attack” from Cafeteria

Located at 7th ave in the heart of Chelsea, this 24/7 restaurant is serving up comfort food with a “contemporary twist”. The “Mac Attack” is a tasting of their Cheddar and Fontina mac, Truffle Oil mac, and their Smoked Gouda and Bacon mac. Note: This establishment serves alcohol. 

9. Lobster Roll from Lukes Lobster

If you’re at all interested in Lobster rolls this is the best place to go. No it’s not Boston but to try a roll at least once, it’s completely worth it. With a whopping 13 different locations across NYC, 9 other cities plus Japan, this is the place to go to get a decent Lobster roll for under $20. Note: This establishment does indeed serve alcohol. 

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10. #4 Jumbo Sausage from Papaya King

If hot dog vendors aren’t your thing and you can’t make it out to Nathan’s in Coney Island, your next best option is Papaya King. With a couple locations in NYC, this fast-food option is your fix for a classic hotdog and a tropical drink.

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11. Grilled Mexican Corn from Cafe Habana

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican street corn then this is the place for you. Served with mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder and lime this place can’t be beat. If corn isn’t for you check out their tacos, sandwiches and burger. Even come by for some breakfast or brunch. Note: This establishment serves alcohol. 

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12. Fries from Pommes Frites

This place located on Macdougal St is all about the fries! With about 30 different sauces to choose from this will be one of your favorite fry places for sure. They also have poutine if you’re in the mood for some Canadian cuisine.

13. Panko Portabello from L.E.S Kitchen

Just another burger place right? This tiny little counter place is located in the lower east side at 15 Essex Street. A great vegetarian option and a more sophisticated version of Shake Shack’s shroom burger. Try out a side of the kitchen sink fries for the whole table.

14. Build Your Own from OatMeals

I know this might sound a little strange. Who chooses to go out and get oatmeal for a meal? But when you have a build your own option with over 80 different toppings, this cozy little cafe on 3rd and Macdougal is the place to be.

15. Any Popsicle from Popbar

If you’re tired of getting ice cream in a cone or cup check out this gelato, sorbet and yogurt place located on Carmine St. Pick a pop, then dress it up in toppings of your choice.

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16. Margherita from John’s of Time Square

New York is well known for their pizza but it’s hard to actually find great slice in the city. Located in Times Square of 44th street this famous 1929 traditional pizza place is serving up thin crust pies in the heart of Midtown.

17. Yeeros from GRK Fresh Greek

With 3 different locations throughout Manhattan, if you’re a Pace University student you’re probably a little familiar with the location if FiDi. If you’re in the mood for a little fast food greek style this is the place to go.

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18. Matcha Green Tea From Soft Swerve

If you’re not really into Matcha or any of their other flavors then you can skip over this one. This trendy and popular ice cream shop on Allen St in the Lower East Side is serving up asian inspired flavors that are super Instagram worthy.

19. Quinoa Taco Salad from by CHLOE.

With 5+ locations in and out of Manhattan this is one of the most popular vegetarian/vegan places around. Full of food ranging from salads and fries to pasta and burgers this place is one to check out.

20. Avocado Smash From Bluestone Lane

Now it wouldn’t be a trendy food article if I didn’t include avocado toast from somewhere. This Australian style cafe, with 4 different locations in Manhattan, is serving up amazing avocado toast with on Balthazar toast with tahini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts & olive oil. If you’re more in the mood to explore other flavors try the Balthazar toast with Vegemite and avocado. Don’t be too intimated!

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