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10 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes Worth Trying

10 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes Worth Trying

Fall is here and so are the pumpkin recipes. Here are 10 easy pumpkin recipes to make this fall. Forget about pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin is everywhere!

Happy Fall, Y’all ! It’s officially Pumpkin Season and everyone is rushing to their local grocery stores to buy up all of the pumpkin-flavored treats they can find. Here are 10 delicious pumpkin recipes that you can make at home in your own kitchen. These are definitely worth trying!

1. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

It may not be the same as a slice of pie, but this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is definitely a good way to kick off your fall mornings! The instructions are simple: throw all of the ingredients into a blender and pulse until smooth.


1/2 Cup of Pure Pumpkin Puree

1 Large Banana

6-8 Ice Cubes

6 oz Vanilla Yogurt

1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 tsp Agave Nectar, or Honey (add more to sweeten)

3 tbsp Milk

[Pinch of Nutmeg and a Swirl of Whipped Cream as the optional garnish]

Yields: 1 Serving


2. Thai Pumpkin Soup

Healthy, tasty, and easy to make, this pumpkin-based soup is the perfect addition to your fall dinners.


2 tsp Coconut Oil

2 Cans of Pumpkin Puree (15 oz can)

1 Can of Light Coconut Milk (14 oz can)

2 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup (dark or amber)

2 tbsp Lime Juice

1 1/4 tsp Salt

2 Cloves Garlic, Minced

[1/4 Cup Chopped Cilantro and 1/4 Cup Chopped Scallions for garnish]

2 Cups Vegetable Broth

2 tsp Thai Red Curry Paste

The instructions are as followed:

“Heat oil in a large, heavy-bottomed soup pot, over medium-high heat. Add garlic, and cook, stirring until the garlic is fragrant, but not starting to turn brown. Stir in curry paste until hot and then immediately add broth to stop the garlic from toasting too much. Add pumpkin, coconut milk, maple, lime juice, and salt and whisk until smooth. Increase heat to high and bring to a simmer, stirring often. Serve hot, garnished with cilantro and scallions.” – Katie Webster, Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Yields: 4 Servings

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 2.51.28 PM



3. Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

These little pumpkin cookies are sweet, delicious, and are so soft that they literally melt in your mouth. After eating one, you’ll find yourself coming back for more!


2 Cups of Butter, Softened

1 tsp Salt

2 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

2 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Ground Nutmeg

2 Eggs

1 Can of Pumpkin (15 oz can)

2 tsp Vanilla

4 Cups of All-Purpose Flour

2 Cups Granulated Sugar

Baking Instructions:

“Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, beat the 2 cups of butter with an electric mixer on medium speed for 30 seconds. Add granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, the cinnamon, and the nutmeg. Beat until combined. Then beat in the eggs and vanilla until combined. Mix in pumpkin. Beat in as much of the four as you can with the mixer. Stir in remaining flour with a wooden spoon. Drop dough by heaping teaspoons 2 inches apart on un-greased cookie sheets. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until tops are set. Transfer to wire racks to cool.” – Crissy, Dear Crissy

Yields: 60 Cookies

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.06.08 PM


4. Slow Cooker Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

Skip the coffee, skip the tea, give me hot chocolate! Even better, give me PUMPKIN hot chocolate!


1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz can)

2 Cups of Heavy Cream

1 Can of Pumpkin Puree (15 oz can)

6 Cups of Milk

1 Package of Hugh Quality White Chocolate Chips (12 oz package)

1 tbs Pumpkin Pie Spice

Whip Cream

Recipe Instructions:

“In 5qt slow cooker mix your sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, chocolate chips, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice and stir well to combine. Heat on low for 3 hours or high for 1.5 hours stirring frequently. Pour desired amount in glass and top with whip cream and pumpkin pie spice if desired.” – Alli Miller, Tornadough Alli

Yields: Unknown

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.25.03 PM



5. Pumpkin Alfredo

Pasta is an easy thing to make in any kitchen for any meal. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, pumpkin was added, in a rich Alfredo sauce! (And, it is vegan, too!)


1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 Cup Vegetable Broth

2-3 Leaves Fresh Sage, Chopped

1 Cup Pumpkin Puree

1/4 tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Garlic, Minced

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Nutmeg

1/2 Cup Vegan Parmesan Cheese

1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

2-3 Cups Gluten-free Barilla Spaghetti, Cooked

How To Cook:

“Cook pasta according to package. [Place] skillet on medium heat, add olive oil and garlic. Add vegetable broth, sage, pumpkin puree, sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, vegan cheese. Simmer on low 5-8 minutes. Add almond milk. Carefully pour into a blender OR use an immersion blender. Blending on high for 2-4 minutes or until sauce becomes creamy texture. Toss cooked pasta with sauce and serve with fresh chopped sage.” -Lindsay, VeggieBalance

Yields: 3 Cups (Sauce)

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.44.26 PM


6. Whole Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin

In this awesome recipe, the pumpkin is not only edible, but also acts as the cooking vessel and the serving bowl! Serving this at a fall meal is bound to impress your guests.


3 tbsp Olive Oil, Divided

4 Pork Italian Sausages (12 oz)

12 oz Cremini Mushrooms, Quartered

1 tbsp Butter

6 Garlic Cloves, Chopped

2 Celery Stalks, chopped (around 1 Cup)

1 Large Red Onion, Chopped (around 2 Cups)

1 1/2 tsp Berbere Spice Blend (Optional)

1/4 tsp Ground Cardamom

2 1/2 Cups Unsalted Chicken Stock

1 3/4 Cups Frozen Black-Eyed Peas

3/4 tsp Kosher Salt

1 Cup Uncooked Farro

1/2 Pound Baby Red Potatoes, Quartered

2 Large Carrots, Cut Into 1/2-in.-Thick Slices

1 (10-to-12-lb.) Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

1 Can Unsalted Whole Tomatoes (28oz can)

1/4 Cup Chopped, Fresh Flat-Leaf Parsley

How To Make It:

“Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large saucepan or Dutch oven over medium heat; swirl to coat. Add sausages; cook 6 minutes or until browned on all sides. Remove to a large plate; when cool enough to handle, cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Increase heat to medium-high; add 1 tablespoon olive oil to pan. Add mushrooms; sauté 7 minutes. Transfer mushrooms to plate with sausage. Add butter and remaining 1 tablespoon oil to pan. Add garlic, celery, and onion; cook 5 minutes. Add berbere and cardamom; sauté 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add stock, peas, and salt; simmer 10 minutes. Add farro, potatoes, and carrots; simmer 20 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350°F. While stew mixture simmers, cut out top of pumpkin, and reserve; remove strings and seeds. Wrap pumpkin in foil; place in a large roasting pan or baking dish.

Drain tomatoes in a colander over a bowl (reserve juices for another use). Break up tomatoes with hands, allowing juices to drain. Stir tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, and parsley into stew. Ladle stew into prepared pumpkin. Place pumpkin top next to pumpkin on the pan. Bake at 350°F for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until pumpkin flesh is tender and easily scooped from the sides. Serve stew along with spoonfuls of pumpkin.” – Cheryl Slocum, CookingLight

Yields: 14 Servings



7. Pumpkin Pancakes

Regular pancakes are already fantastic; however, now that there’s pumpkin involved, they just got more delicious!


2 Cups Pancake Mix (Packaged)

1 1/2 Cups Water

3/4 Cup Pumpkin (Canned)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Powdered Sugar (Optional Garnish)

To Make The Pumpkin Pancakes:

“Spray non-stick cooking spray onto a griddle or frying pan and preheat it on medium-high heat; preheat the oven to 200 F and set an oven-proof platter in it. In a large bowl, mix dry pancake mix and water until well blended. Add pumpkin and cinnamon and continue to mix until thoroughly blended. Add water, one tablespoon at a time, as necessary to thin the batter. To bulk up a thin batter, add dry pancake mix, one tablespoon at a time until it reaches the desired consistency.

Pour 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup of batter onto the griddle or frying pan, depending on how big you want the pancakes. When bubbles form on the surface, flip the pancake and continue to cook it until it turns golden brown on the other side. Set the pancake on the platter in the oven to stay warm while you make the rest. Sprinkle the pancakes with powdered sugar, if desired, or use the syrup of your choice.” – Saad Fayed, TheSpruce.Com

Yields: 4 Servings


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8. Pumpkin Pie Bombs

This fall desert is the bomb! Literally, they’re little bombs… Terrible pun, but I couldn’t help myself. These little Pumpkin Pie Bombs are the perfect finger bites for your autumn-themed meal.


1 Tube of Crescent Rolls

1 Can of Pumpkin Puree

3 oz Cream Cheese, Softened to Room Temperature

1 Egg

2/3 Cups Sugar, Divided

2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice, Divided

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Pinch of Kosher Salt

2 tbsp Melted Butter

1/2 Cup of Powdered Sugar

1 tbsp Milk

Instructions for Pumpkin Pie Bombs:

“Preheat oven to 375 degrees and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. In a large bowl using a hand mixer, mix pumpkin, cream cheese, egg, 1/3 c sugar, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice and vanilla. Mix until smooth and season with a pinch of salt. Unroll crescent rolls and pinch the perforations together to create one solid sheet. Cut into 8 squares. Dollop a rounded tablespoon of pumpkin mixture onto each square. Pinch all corners together and seal to create a ball.

In a small bowl, mix sugar with 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice. Brush balls with melted butter and roll in the sugar mixture. Place balls on a baking sheet, leaving about 2” space between each ball. Bake until balls are golden and puffy, about 10-15 minutes. While the balls are baking, make glaze: in a medium bowl, mix powdered sugar and milk until smooth, adding more powdered sugar or milk for desired consistency. Serve slightly cooled balls with glaze for dipping.” – Lena Abraham, Delish.Com

Yields: 8 Servings


9. Lebanese Pumpkin Hummus

This tasty, gluten-free treat takes a twist on the classic chickpea hummus you can purchase at your local grocery store.


1 Small, Firm Eating Pumpkin

2-4 tbsp Lemon Juice

1 Garlic Clove, Pressed

5 tbsp tahini, hulled

1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Hot Chili Powder (Optional)

Olive Oil

Fresh Parsley, or Coriander, and 2 tsp Chili Oil (Garnish)


“Heat up the oven to 220° C / 425° F and line a baking tray with a piece of baking paper. Cut your pumpkin into evenly sized pieces and coat in a little olive oil. Bake for about 30 minutes – until soft and lightly caramelized. Alternatively, you can steam your pumpkin instead. Transfer pumpkin to a food processor. Add tahini, pressed garlic, salt, chili, and lemon juice to taste. Whiz until smooth. If the paste is too thick, trickle in 1-2 tbsp of water to thin it out. Transfer the hummus onto a plate, smooth it with the back of a spoon. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil or chili oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds and fresh herbs. Serve with toasted pita or sourdough bread and a selection of Mezze dishes.” – Ania, Lazy Cat Kitchen

Yields: 4 Servings



10.  The Classic Pumpkin Pie

Of course, let us not forget the grand, the beautiful, the super yummy, PUMPKIN PIE!


2 Pie Crusts

1 Can Pumpkin Puree (15oz can)

3 Large Eggs

1 1/4 Cups Packed Light or Dark Brown Sugar

1 tbsp Cornstarch

1/2 tsp Salt

1 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Ground Ginger

1/4 tsp Ground or Freshly Grated Nutmeg

1/8 tsp Ground Cloves

1/8 tsp Fresh Ground Pepper

1 Cup Heavy Cream

1/4 Cup Milk

1 Large Egg Beaten with 1 tbsp Milk [for the Eggwash]

1 Cup Fresh Cranberries

2 Cups Granulated Sugar

1 Cup Water [Cranberry Garnish; with cranberries and granulated sugar]

“Whisk the pumpkin, 3 eggs, and brown sugar together until combined. Add the cornstarch, salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, cream, and milk. Vigorously whisk until everything is combined. Filling will be a little thick. Preheat oven to 375°F. Remove 1 disc of pie dough from the refrigerator. On a lightly floured work surface, roll the dough out into a 12-inch circle. Make sure to turn the dough about a quarter turn after every few rolls. Carefully place the dough into a 9-inch pie dish. Tuck it in with your fingers, making sure it is smooth. With a small and sharp knife, trim the extra overhang of crust and discard.

Crimp the edges with your fingers, if desired. Brush edges lightly with egg wash mixture. Using pie weights, pre-bake the crust for 10 minutes. Pour pumpkin pie filling into the warm pre-baked crust. Only fill the crust about 3/4 of the way up. (Use extra to make mini pies with leftover pie dough scraps if you’d like.) Bake the pie until the center is almost set, about 55-60 minutes give or take. A small part of the center will be wobbly – that’s okay.

After 25 minutes of baking, be sure to cover the edges of the crust with aluminum foil or use a pie crust shield to prevent the edges from getting too brown. Check if it is done at minute 50, and then 55, and then 60, etc. Once done, transfer the pie to a wire rack and allow to cool completely for at least 3 hours. Decorate with sugared cranberries and pie crust leaves. You’ll definitely have leftover cranberries – they’re tasty for snacking. Serve pie with whipped cream if desired. Cover leftovers tightly and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Pie Crust Leaves Garnish: On a floured work surface, roll out one of the balls of chilled dough (keep the other one in the refrigerator). Roll out into any shape you really want (doesn’t matter) and 1/8 inch thickness. Using leaf cookie cutters, cut into shapes. Brush each lightly with the beaten egg + milk mixture. Cut leaf veins into leaves using a sharp knife, if desired. Place onto a parchment paper or silicone baking mat-lined baking sheet and bake at 350°F (177°C) for 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove and set aside to cool before decorating pie.

Cranberry Garnish: Place cranberries in a large bowl; set aside. In a medium saucepan, bring 1 cup of sugar and the water to a boil and whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Remove pan from the heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Pour sugar syrup over the cranberries and stir. Let the cranberries sit at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight (ideal). You’ll notice the sugar syrup is quite thick after this amount of time. Drain the cranberries from the syrup and pour 1 cup of sugar on top. Toss the cranberries, coating them all the way around. Pour the sugared cranberries on a parchment paper or silicone baking mat-lined baking sheet and let them dry for at least 2 hours.” -Sally, Sally’s Baking Addiction 

Yields: 8-10 Servings

Let us know what you think about these pumpkin recipes! Have you tried any? Drop us a line!!
These pumpkin recipes are so yummy and worth trying out!
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