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12 Delicious Mug Meals You Won’t Believe

For mug meals that are quick and easy, look no further! It’s never been quicker, easier or cheaper to indulge your craving without cleaning up a big mess or packing away leftovers. This list of our 12 favorite single-serving recipes will have your mouth watering in seconds!

1. Omelet in A Cup

The omelet is the most versatile breakfast food to make, and now it is also the quickest. Spinach, cheddar, peppers, mushrooms – you name it, there’s an omelet for it. If you’re running late in the morning, don’t skip breakfast. Crack a couple of eggs into your favorite mug, shake some salt and pepper on it, and get that morning boost with your favorite flavor combinations. Trying to keep it lean? Ditch the yolks and just use egg whites. Add some kale and avocado to make it extra nutritious.

2. French Toast Mug

If you have a sugar tooth, then this is the perfect start to your day. Using brioche or cinnamon-raisin bread adds to the sweetness of this dish. If that isn’t enough, try to imagine the endless choices there are when it comes to toppings: maple syrup, chocolate chips, tart berries, bananas, pecans, peanut butter…the list goes on. For those who would rather enjoy a savory version, try tossing in some diced ham and cheddar cheese. It’s a quick, easy single-serving breakfast to treat yourself with.

3. Red Velvet Mug Cake

This might be a single serving dessert, but who says you can’t make it for two? Impress him or her this Valentine’s Day with a scrumptious dessert date. This rich, chocolatey treat has a tangy twist to each bite. A dollop of whipped cream or cream cheese on top (or in the batter) and powdered sugar gives it a flirty touch. To make it extra sweet, add white chocolate chips. This cake is moist, fluffy and egg-free. Whether it is a late-night snack, girl’s night or a couch-date, this one will hit the spot.

4. Microwave Mug Pizza

Not all mug meals are sweet. Some are melty, cheesy and savory. When you’re in between craving a few bites and a whole pie, try this out. Add mini pepperonis for a spicy twist. It’s doughy, chewy goodness from start to finish. For a few daring ideas, try combinations like pesto and goat cheese, bacon and jalapenos, ham and pineapple chunks or ground beef, cheddar, and salsa for taco night edition. If you’re more of a breakfast type, throw some sausage, apples and smoked gouda into your mug. Life is just better with pizza.

5. Avocado Mac and Cheese in A Mug

You read that right. This recipe is taking the web over by storm. Turn a classic mac and cheese dish into the ultimate single serving of yummy, colorful, umami goodness. There’s not much to it besides mashing up a ripe, hearty avocado and adding it to a creamy cheese sauce to smother your macaroni in. The avocado adds a rich, buttery texture that will make your mouth water. If you want to give this dish an even bigger twist, use pepper jack cheese and top your mug meal with chives.

6. Cinnamon Roll Mug

This ooey-gooey treat only takes three minutes to make and seconds to devour. Prepare a whole batch for the week to skip the extra work (if any) during those nights where you just want to reach into the fridge and grab something. It’s like having a Cinnabon order ready at any time. Drizzle on a warm glaze or toss a handful of hearty nuts on top to jazz it up. Or if you are a plant-based eater, just switch to soymilk and have yourself a vegan microwave dessert.

7. Burrito Mug

Burrito? More like burrito mug. Start with a rice and beans base, then mix in some sour cream and grated cheese. Use Greek yogurt to skip a few calories. Spices take this mug meal a long way, but what brings it home is a spoonful of Pico de Gallo and crushed tortilla chips for a salty crunch. Try this recipe to use up leftovers from Taco Night. To give it the burrito feel, tuck a flour tortilla in the bottom of the mug before stuffing it with deliciousness.

8. Mug Chicken Pot Pie

This comfort food staple will warm your soul. Take a creamy base of milk and chicken stock, fill it to the brim with chunky chicken and vegetables, and top it with a fluffy, buttery dinner biscuit for a mouth-watering dinner. It will make you curl your toes. I always add shredded cheese to mine, but for something more traditional, try carrots, potatoes, and peas. Corn and black beans give it a southwestern spin. For extra presentation points, use oven-safe mugs and bake it to get a golden-brown crust.

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9. Nutella Mug Cake

The perfect snack for Nutella lovers everywhere. This cake gives you the richness of a brownie with less than half the work. Depending on your taste buds, you could sweeten this up with chocolate chips or give it a zing with a dash of espresso powder. A spoonful of this gooey, chocolate-hazelnut indulgence will satisfy any midnight sweet tooth. You can never go wrong shaking up a bottle of whipped cream or dusting it with cocoa powder. Take a dollop of Nutella and plop it right on top. No one’s watching. This is all you.

10. Mexican Street Corn Cup

You don’t have to hit the street for this street corn. You can make it at home! One bag or can of corn will do for this mug dish. Cotija cheese or the more popular queso fresco work perfectly here to win you a salty, crumbly snack. Stir in sour cream and mayo to satisfy your creamy craving and then top it off with chives, cherry tomatoes, avocado, or even some spicy peppers if you are feeling brave. Make things extra festive by using brightly patterned cups.

11. Risotto Cups

When the moon hits your eye like a big mug of rice that’s amore. Trade cozy for classy with a sumptuous herb-infused risotto. This simple version gives you a single serving of Italian soul food without sticking to tradition. Mix in bacon and kale or cheddar and onion. Cream of mushroom or chicken soup works splendidly here as well. Like most mug meals, this recipe is so basic you could go anywhere with it! If you want to get fancy, try diced radicchio and pancetta.

12. Jelly Donut in A Mug

Skip the line at the cafe and make this treat in a pinch. A cinnamon-sugar glaze on top and tangy jelly-filled center go great with a strong cup of coffee. The key is to spoon the middle of your cake batter with a generous helping of your favorite jelly and then top the mug off with the rest of the cake batter. The best part is you will be ditching all the calories of fried dough and keeping all the warm, sugary goodness of a classic donut.

What are your favorite mug meals? Let us know in the comments below!

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