5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don’t Feel Like Drinking

The one thing that can bring everyone together is a cocktail. They’re fruity, delicious and amazing. Perfect for this summer heat. But what do you do if you don’t feel like drinking or choose to live a t-total lifestyle but don’t want to miss out on the beverage? Well, that’s where mocktails come in. They have the same punch and flavour as a normal cocktail but without the alcohol. Just for you here are five great mocktail recipes.

1. Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

A fruity twist on the classic mojito that contains delicious pomegranate seeds and juice. Pomegranate is a great choice because it’s packed with antioxidants that protect against cell damage.

If you have the time it is great to divide three tablespoons of the pomegranate seeds into ice cube trays, top up with water and reserve. But if you are not preparing in advance it is fine to add the seeds on their own at the end.

Using a rolling pin bush mint leaves and one quartered lime in order to bring out their flavours. Add to a jug with more mint leaves and one lime sliced to garnish. Add one litre of pomegranate juice and five-hundred milliliters of lemonade into the jug and then serve with ice.

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5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don't Feel Like Drinking

2. Strawberry Fields Mocktail

This mocktail uses some exciting flavours and ingredients. It’s definitely important to check the list first and make sure you have everything but if you do anyone you serve this to will be hugely impressed.

Infuse 4 oz of dried hibiscus flowers into 25 oz room temperature water for at least 6 hours. Trust me the preparation time will be worth it. Afterward, strain and weight. Add the same weight in white superfine sugar and dissolve it. This makes hibiscus syrup.

Prepare two pounds of strawberries and pulse them until they are broken up well. Do not puree but is easier with a food processor. Add two pounds of white sugar and let sit in the refrigerator until the sugar is dissolved and a syrup is formed.

If you don’t want to make the two syrups from scratch you can buy them online and in certain stores. To make the drink combine the syrups with soda and ice cubes and garnish.

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5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don't Feel Like Drinking

3. Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch Mocktails

In a punch bowl combine one can of fruit punch and one can of pineapple juice. Pour in a two litre bottle of lemonade and a two litre bottle of club soda and stir. Add pineapple slices and raspberries and six to eight scoops of raspberry sherbet ice cream. You’ll have a pretty pink colour which you can make even extra by cute garnishes and accessories.

5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don't Feel Like Drinking

4. Grapefruit Citrus Sparkling Mocktail

The ultimate mocktail for any girls night with a unique grapefruit twang.

Add four ounces of grape fruit juice into your glass. The prettier the better! Squeeze in a wedge of lime and a wedge of lemon for a little something extra. Add six ounces of lemonade and a splash of some simple syrup if you want. A fresh grapefruit can be quite on the sour side but an extra dash of sugar would help that.

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5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don't Feel Like Drinking

5. Pina Colada Mocktail

I just had to include an alcohol-free version of my favourite ever! The classic pina colada!

To begin make some coconut water ice cubes. Do this the day before by by putting coconut water in an ice cube mold and freezing it. Now, add one and half a cup of pineapple, the coconut water ice cubes, one can of coconut milk, half a cup of coconut cream, half a cup of pineapple juice and three tablespoons of lime juice into a blender and blend until frosty.

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5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes For When You Don't Feel Like Drinking

Mocktails can be just as good as cocktails and to be honest we can all be thankful for the calories we won’t be consuming and the hangover the next day.

What mocktail is your go-to? Tell us below.

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