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10 Delicious Korean Snacks That will Blow You Away

10 Delicious Korean Snacks That will Blow You Away


Everyone likes trying new things. And with the local Asian market becoming more popular than ever, I thought what would be better than to offer a helpful guide full of insanely yummy munchies that you can try out! So here are ten amazingly tantalizing Korean snacks that you can pick up for your next haul when you get the urge to try something a bit new.

Seaweed Chips

One of the most popular Korean snack is the seaweed chip. They come in a variety of flavors such as sweet, savory, spicy, even matcha! And all of them are absolutely delicious. Kind of like the stuff sushi is wrapped in, but far better and more snackable. With a slightly briny and salt taste to them and often accompanied by a delectable crunchy and gentle fried side, they are sure to make your taste buds sigh in delight. You can find this delicious snack at your local Asian grocery store within the snacks section, or you can buy them on amazon. So remember: the next time you’re looking for something delicious and new to try, but sure to keep this snack in mind.

10 Delicious Korean Snacks That will Blow You Away


Waffle Mate

Like tiny little snackable Belgian waffles, this sweet little temptation is undoubtedly something that you don’t want to pass up on. Sort of like your standard Belgian waffles that you would get at IHOP, but a bit smaller and more cookie-like, this waffle cookie Korean snack is an excellent snack to accompany your daily tea of coffee. Not only that, but even better is that they are made from honey, giving the sweets lover in you and an extra layer of flavor that is irresistible. While they may not be available on Amazon right now, I’m sure if you looked around, they would be easy enough to find at your local grocery store.

Crab Chips

Seafood might not be the first thing that we in the western half of the world associate with things like snacks or quick meals, however, do not be discouraged by this Korean snack. These crab chips are simply amazing. Crispy yet fluffy, a little tangy, and just a hint of spice all given to you in the cutest small crab-shaped snack. Kinda like the loveable snack that smiles back in goldfish. Perhaps not available in an Asian grocery store since I’ve yet to find any local to me (though you might get lucky in your area who knows!), your best bet for getting these is online through amazon.

Ghana Milk Chocolate

This name might give you some pause when you see the name. You’ll think, wait a minute, isn’t Ghana an African country? Why is it the branding for Korean chocolate? The reason behind this is actually compelling! The name is actually an homage to the country being one of the largest exporters of cocoa beans in which chocolate is made from! But you didn’t come here for a historical fact, you want to know how it tastes. Unlike the Japanese brand under a similar name (confusing I know), their chocolate bars are slightly sweeter and creamy taste. Once again, Amazon was sold out last time the listing for this was checked, so your best bet to try and get your hands on this confectionary is probably your local Asian grocery store.


Honey Butter Chips

These chips have a lot of hype behind them in Korean. Known for their rise to popularity in 2014, they are also known colloquially as “Happiness butter chips.” It was even known to have been sold out in store for so long that people who coveted this magical snack turned to online markets to buy bags for triple the original price, so you know it has to be at least a little bit good. Some stores even had to go on a waiting list when manufacturing surplus ran out, and the demand was still so high. Now though? You can easily find a bag online or in stores, so give it a try!

Orion Choco Pie

If you like s’mores, then you’re going to love this Korean snack. Mainly think of it as chocolate-dipped pair of graham crackers with a fluffy and deliciously succulent marshmallow between the two of them. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the treatment for you. Once again, these are easy enough to find in most Korean or Asian style grocery stores, but if you’re really pressed, amazon will also do just fine.

Shin Ramyun

This is a little less of a snack and more of a staple when it comes to a Korean snack. Shin Ramyun is one of the most well known instant ramen companies in all of Asia and is even starting to come into popularity within the US. Beware, though, these noodles are not for the faint of heart. These noodles, with its iconic mascot of a fire breathing chicken, are known for being mouth scorching hot. Even so, if you don’t use the flavor packet that comes with it, or only uses a little bit of it, it’s still worth it since the noodles are just so good compared to your standard radioactive ramen.


10 Delicious Korean Snacks That will Blow You Away

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Crown Butter Waffles

Much like the waffle mates but a bit chewier, this treat is the perfect Korean snack for if you’re looking for a nice break as you go on through your day. My personal recommendation has to be that you should try it with ice cream. Matcha or vanilla would do best to bring out its flavor, but almost any kind will do. It’s also good if you crumble it onto a parfait or some sort of fruit cocktail.


Shrimp Cracker

Much like the name suggests, this particular Korean snack is much like those of the crab chips listed earlier in this article. Now you may be thinking to yourself that crab chips are weird enough, but shrimp crackers? Really? Well, I can personally assure you that they are not as odd as they sound. Savory and slightly sweet with a good crunch, this satisfying snack will leave you wanting more.

Grape Candy

This final one seriously isn’t a Korean snack to miss. Grape candy gets a bit of a bad rep in America if we’re honest. Often associated with grape-flavored medicine, which really tastes quite awful, it sometimes feels like grape just isn’t a great flavor to go into candy. Well, this changes everything. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a grape-flavored candy out there that can delight your taste buds without getting that terrible medicine after taste, then this is the snack for you. This one can be found both in stores online and at your local market.

10 Delicious Korean Snacks That will Blow You Away


Do you have any favorite Korean snacks? Is there any that we left out? Comment down below to let us know!