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Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Who doesn’t enjoy a great drink every now and again, right? Drinking is one of the many flattering forms of indulgement for adults. Have a happy hour at home with your friends and create the most delightful and sweetest drinks straight from your kitchen. Check out these delicious and delectable drinks to serve to you and your friends for a fun night at home.

Berry Vodka Sunrise

There’s never anything wrong with starting off the night with a drink as strong as vodka, but add a fruity and sweet twist to your drink by making a berry vodka sunrise. This drink will give you the tough kick of something strong while consisting of an element that exudes sweetness. With a combination of vodka, orange juice, and sparkling water, you’re mixing that in with a blend of mixed berries, tart cherry juice, and maraschino cherry liquid to further emphasize a bitter yet lush and fruity taste. Top your glass off with a slice of lemon and drop a cherry into your glass, and you and your friends will most definitely taste every aspect of this delicious drink.

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Snicker’s Hot Chocolate

Not every drink you have necessarily needs to be an alcoholic beverage to enjoy. Having the right flavor and the right taste to any drink is what really counts the most. You and your friends will definitely get a kick out of this Snicker’s hot chocolate recipe. The yummy and delightful sensation of chocolate will run all over your tongue along with a mix of some peanut butter to add in an extra creamy taste. But if you really need that touch of alcohol for this drink, add in a touch of Bailey’s Salted Caramel Liqueur for that extra delicious taste of caramel and chocolate! Rim the top of your glass with some chocolate and chopped peanuts to provide the theme for your drinks, which is the love for Snicker’s of course, for your finishing touch, and voila! Add in some whipped cream and some caramel drizzle on top and you and your friends will definitely be in for a mouth-watering and scrumptious treat!

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Peach Iced Tea Whiskey

Going back to strong drinks, add a little bit of a sweet, delish taste that’ll leave a mark on your taste buds with this peach iced tea whiskey drink. For those who love having something strong for a drink all of the time, you can still enjoy this element while also satisfying a craving for something sweet and nice. You’ll be adding in a syrup with a taste of some cooked, sugary peaches with some drops of lemon and then adding that into your mixture of tea and whiskey. Add in some additional peaches and lemon along with a mint sprig, and you and your friends will have a drink that will fulfill your drink cravings.

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Pepsi MAX Espresso Martini Cafetiere

For anybody who doesn’t mind trying out new drinks and experimenting with different flavors, this is definitely the drink that you’ll want to go for. This Pepsi MAX espresso martini cafetière will be sure to give you a different, yet gratifying taste. With a mixture of some hot water, coffee liqueur, ground coffee, and vodka add in some Pepsi MAX and then blend all of the contents together in a cafetière to create a strong, coffee-martini mix with a touch of a classic soda to provide an amazing taste.

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Spiced Wine Fire Punch

When it comes to indulging in the world’s most common drinks, you’ve never seen anything like this before. Spiced wine fire punch will most certainly give that fiery, delicious spice with a divine taste that will linger on your taste buds. The red wine will consist of a mixture of orange juice, cider, cloves, and cinnamon sticks that will be brought to a simmer. Cut up some apples and leave the center with the peel and the star in the middle to the side. Add the center apple piece into the spicy wine with the star middle cut off to add a cube of sugar dipped in rum. Then light a match on the sugar cube topped in the drink to have it melt into the drink and mix the apple piece to add more of its sugary content. Add in a cinnamon stick once the contents have been mixed to give off a cinnamon sweet taste.

No other drink recipe says something as mind-blowing as this fiery wine drink to get you and your friends off on a good night!

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

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Virgin Hawaiian Margarita (Strawberry & Pineapple Slush)

Everybody enjoys a good cocktail every now and again, right? Try adding in a different twist with these cocktails by adding in DOLE Pineapple Juice to create this mocktail recipe of a virgin Hawaiian margarita with some strawberry and pineapple slush. This drink consists of a mixture of various delicious ingredients that include pineapple and orange juice, strawberries, lime juice, and agave syrup. Once all of these have been combined, garnish the drinks with some pineapple leaves and prepare to feel the vibes of Hawaii and all of its heavenly glory!

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Citrus Tequila Sangria

Choose to keep things simple for a night in with your friends by making a classic drink for everyone to enjoy with this citrus tequila sangria. Get the perfect vibes of citrus when you feel the taste of lemons, lime, and oranges running down your throat mixed in together as a fruity, tangy drink. Then add in some wine, club soda, and the tequila to give it a spike of something strong yet tropical. Throw in some slices of oranges and limes into your pitcher and then prepare to serve it amongst your guests. Add in some slices of orange and lime into their drinks and garnish with ice to give the perfect taste of tropical paradise that you and everyone will love!

Delicious, Delectable Drinks To Make For A Night With Your Friends

Having any one of these drinks will be sure to end the night in the best way possible: by indulging in your favorite drinks with a tasty twist! So you and your friends pick up your glasses and cheers to a great night with a great ending!

What other drinks would you suggest for a night in with your friends? Are there any recipes of your own that you would like to share? Please leave your comments below!

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